8 Energy-Boosting Coffee Drinks To Help You Get Through The Day

Sep 07, 2020 09:10 PM EDT | By Ernest Hamilton

8 Energy-Boosting Coffee Drinks That Would Help You Get Through The Day

(Photo : 8 Energy-Boosting Coffee Drinks That Would Help You Get Through The Day)

Drinking coffee is a part of our daily habits. We sometimes could not get through the day without merely having a cup of one. We are hooked not just to its energy-boosting effects on our mind and body, but also to its strong aromatic smell and specific delicious taste.

A brewed coffee comes in different types, taste, and aroma. The drink could be hot, cold, or iced-depending on your choice for the day. You may already have your favorite type of coffee drink, but trying other types could open a new door of flavor that could become your new favorite. You may want to try numerous choices, but here are a few types to keep you posted:


We can make and brew our daily coffee before going to work but having a taste of specialty coffees like macchiatos is worth trying. Best to drink at any time of the day, a macchiato is an Italian beverage that means "marked." It has two popular variations, including:

Espresso Macchiato

This variety of macchiato contains an espresso shot, marked with a small amount of steamed milk on top. People who love bold and rich flavored coffee would surely love this variety.

Latte Macchiato

Served in a glass, this variety of macchiato is made of hot steamed milk and an espresso shot in the milk's center top part. This variety would suit the taste of those coffee drinkers who love creamy coffee.


Has a balanced taste of sweetness and bold coffee, a cup of cappuccino is made of equal parts of espresso, steamed milk, and frothed milk. It has a foamy texture and is usually drunk in the morning or during breakfast. This type of coffee drink is best paired with sweet cookies or pastries and can be served to children since it is mostly made of milk.

Coffee Frappe

Suitable for hot weather, a glass of refreshing and cold coffee frappe can boost your energy while taking away your thirst. Coffee frappe is a type of creamy iced coffee, mixed with milk and espresso, and is topped with whipped cream. It has a smooth texture and a bittersweet flavor that would surely satisfy your cravings.

Coffee Americano

If you have a taste for pure black coffee, this type of coffee drink will suit your taste. But coffee americano is not just your regular brewed black coffee. It has a different taste and ways of preparation. Coffee americano is richer in flavor and stronger in smell.

Unlike your brewed coffee made by dripping hot water through the coffee grounds, coffee americano is made by adding hot water to your espresso shot, which means that the preparation of this coffee drink has two processes. First, you need to prepare your shot of espresso. Then, add water to it. And voila! Enjoy your cup of coffee americano!

Cafe Mocha

People with sweet-tooth would surely fall in love with this type of coffee drink. Cafe mocha has a balanced blend of sweet chocolate and roasted bitter qualities of coffee. It is made of espresso, hot milk, and chocolate flavorings such as cocoa and sugar. It could be served with ice and topped with whipped cream.

Vietnamese Coffee

If you're in for a strong type of coffee drink, you should explore the Vietnamese coffee. Unlike most coffees extracted from Arabica coffee beans, this type of coffee drink is extracted from Robusta coffee beans. Robusta beans are stronger and more bitter than Arabica beans, so pure Vietnamese coffee has a strong bitter taste.

Vietnamese coffee is usually blended with condensed milk to add balance to its bitter taste. Condensed milk adds milky and creamy flavor to it. Hot Vietnamese coffee is good to drink in the morning during breakfast. But you can also add ice to it to make it cold and drink it during the hot hours of the day.

Double Espresso

For a more intense taste of coffee, try a cup of double espresso. A double espresso is a type of coffee drink served in a small cup, specifically in a two to four ounces cup. Each sip of this coffee drink has a strong and lingering aftertaste in your mouth. 

Coffee Milkshake

Love to drink coffee and milkshake? You can now have them both by preparing a cold and tasty coffee-flavored milkshake. You only need to prepare your favorite brewed coffee and blend it with cold milk, sugar, and vanilla ice cream.


As humans, it is in our nature to explore new tastes and new flavors. We tend to try different types and varieties of the food and beverages that we love only to compare and have a new favorite. Love coffee? Start exploring the different types of coffee drinks mentioned above for your satisfaction and coffee cravings.

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