Solar-Powered Drive-In: Futuristic Look For Burger King is On The Way For 2021

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A Futuristic Look For Burger King Is On The Way For 2021

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Burger King will have a futuristic makeover for its restaurants that could include food lockers, conveyor belts, and Whoppers delivered to your car.

According to Forbes, the fast-food chain conceptualized a "Restaurant of Tomorrow" plan with the in-house design group, Restaurant Brands International.

With collaborations with their food innovation, input from tech and operations teams, the new restaurants are said to be 60% smaller than traditional Burger King outlets.

With over 7,000 locations nationwide, Burger King has decided to adopt a more forward-thinking approach towards this massive makeover.

The company is said to focus on innovations that will provide efficient service, from the drive-thru, to online ordering and delivery.

Chief Operating Officer for Restaurant Brands International and Owner of Burger King, Josh Kobza, said that going through the global pandemic largely influenced the company's decision to evolve and improve their customer's drive-thru or the delivery experience.

According to Business Wire, in a statement from Global Head of Design at Restaurant Brands International, Rapha Abreu, restaurant functionality and technology are heavily integrated into the designs they have created.

He further details that they have designed the interior and exterior spaces like they have a blank sheet of paper; in that way, there will not be any preconceived notions of how the spaces should look like.

The Future Designs Of Burger King

The two new designs claims provide multiple ordering and delivery options for customers. Food lockers and conveyor belts are just some of the surprisingly additional features that these new stores will have. Several futuristic features unveiled include the following:

Drive-In Feature

The drive-in area will have solar-powered canopies where customers can park their cars, place orders through the Burger King App by scanning a QR code at the parking spot, and have food quickly delivered to their vehicles.

Drive-Thru Feature

Digital menu boards and merchandising will be the focal point of their multi-lane drive-thru. Some store locations will have a designated motorcycle lane, too. Additionally, it will also feature an external walk-up window on the glass facade as an alternative ordering point for take-out.

Curbside Delivery Option

Customers will have the option to place Advance orders through the mobile app that will have a dedicated parking spot for curbside delivery. Customers can also notify the restaurant staff upon their arrival via the app.

Pick Up Locker Feature

The new store designs will have coded food lockers facing the restaurant's exterior as another option for customers to mobile and delivery orders. It is designed to deliver the food from the kitchen straight to the pick-up lockers.

Outdoor Seating Option

Breaking away from the traditional indoor dining space, the new store design showcases a shaded patio area with outdoor seating. This replaces the traditional indoor dining spaces of the current BK stores.

Dining Room and Suspended Kitchen

A suspended kitchen and dining room above the drive-thru lanes is also one of the new store design innovations.

This reduces the building footprint and makes it ideal for urban driving cities. Additionally, customers can enjoy the dining room and covered outdoor seating right above the drive-thru entrance.

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