Five foods you can grow in an aerogarden

Dec 14, 2020 09:18 AM EST | By Staff Reporter


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In the culinary world, it is all too familiar that you will hear a buzzword all over for a few months or even years, and then suddenly it will vanish. The word 'aerogarden' may seem to you to fit that category. However, there really are some advantages to their use, and you can grow a variety of things in one. Continue reading for our pick of some of the things you could choose to cultivate if you invest in an aerogarden.

1. Herbs

Many of us choose to invest in the potted herbs from the supermarket, believing that it will be a tastier alternative to dried or frozen ones. Unfortunately, nine times out of ten, the plant withers and dies before you have used it more than once or twice. Growing your own herbs in your aerogarden is both easy and quick - up to five times faster than using regular soil and pots. In one of the numerous aerogarden reviews, basil is mentioned as being great to grow, so, adding some extra freshness and flavor to your pasta dishes, for example, is achievable using this method. 

2. Tomatoes

Fresh really is best when it comes to these delicious balls of juiciness. They have a unique smell and flavor when you grown your own. Imagine having your own supply all year round. Cherry tomatoes work brilliantly because of their size. They are straightforward to grow and fairly speedy, too. A versatile fruit perfect for salads, quiches, pasta dishes, and sandwiches, you will wonder why you didn't invest sooner once you taste these.

3. Peppers

Similar to tomatoes, these grow brilliantly within an aerogarden and are simple to master. So whether it's bell peppers or chili peppers that take your fancy, both are achievable. There are so many varieties that you will never get bored of them. What's more, the fact that you can grow them all year round in your own home means that you are not choosing out of season crops and having a negative impact on the environment by doing so. Of course, an aerogarden does require energy. However, the best are both energy efficient and made from materials that minimize the effects on the world around us. 

4. Salad leaves

As with supermarket herbs, buying lettuces or bags of leaves from the store can be disappointing to say the least. With an aerogarden, the process of growing salad leaves can be fairly quick. What's more, you know that whatever you take from it will be fresh and not tainted by pesky insects. Having easy access to this could be a game-changer for you, meaning that meals will be cheaper, quicker and easier. 

5. Green beans

Whether you enjoy green beans as an accompaniment to a roast dinner or you chuck a handful into a Thai green curry, having a supply of them grown simply within your own home will be a lovely treat. These delightfully crunchy vegetables have a wonderful flavor and are so versatile. What's stopping you from giving them a try?

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