Christmas Dinner Party Drinks: The Best Variety Of Adult Beverages

Dec 24, 2020 03:13 PM EST | By Staff Reporter

Christmas Dinner Party Drinks: The Best Variety Of Adult Beverages

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No Christmas dinner party is complete without a few alcoholic beverages. While most of these decadent drinks can be enjoyed any time of the year, Christmas is widely considered a season to be festive and jolly, and what better way to maximize the Christmas spirit than with a variety of fun adult beverages. Be sure to include a few of these drinks at your dinner party this year. 

Hearty Red Wine

Red wine is not as Christmasy as the iconic egg nog drink, although we could all agree that most red wines are much better tasting than the famous raw egg drink. We've all had quite a rough year considering the viral pandemic and various other shocking news pieces, so if you aren't clued up on all the details about wine, it is a great idea to consider reading through this wine for dummies guide.

There are several health benefits associated with red wine. This alcoholic beverage's general popularity also means that it can serve as a safe option for guests who aren't adventurous enough to sip on extravagant cocktails. 

Classic Hot Toddy

The hot toddy drink may sound familiar to you as it is an alcoholic beverage that has been enjoyed for several decades already. The drink is genuinely perfect for the festive season as a warm whiskey drink that incorporates honey as well as some herbs and spices. There are a few recipes for the hot toddy, although they are generally quite tasty. Guests who love Irish whiskey will enjoy this Christmas dinner addition. The drink is also quite effortless to create.

Festive Egg Nog

Every Christmas needs egg nog as it is the drink most commonly associated with the festive season. Even if you are not a fan of the milk punch drink, you should still pull together a bowl of egg nog for guests who are likely expecting the option. Egg nog is made with egg whites, egg yolks, milk, cream, sugar, and of course, alcohol. It is best to use bourbon, rum, or brandy. Considering this drink is slightly tricky to create, it will be a great idea to read a few egg nog recipes before getting started.

Cocktails That Sparkle

When we think of Christmas, images of bright shiny lights and all things that sparkle come to mind. Therefore, offering sparkly cocktails at your Christmas dinner party will definitely be a winner of an idea. Cocktails don't have to be difficult to make either, as you can pull together a tasty creation using a bit of clear spirit alcohol such as gin or vodka, some fruit juice, edible glitter, and some crushed ice. What's more, you can even switch the alcohol for soda water to create virgin cocktails that youngsters can enjoy.

Offering your guests a variety of drinks is best. It won't be a great idea to assume everyone attending your party will enjoy the same adult drinks. However, you should also avoid going overboard and offering too much of a variety as the festive season intends to spend quality time with your loved ones.

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