7 Secrets to Bake the Perfect Homemade Brownies

Jan 13, 2021 10:17 AM EST | By Josh Summers (staff@foodworldnews.com)

Keep in Mind these Brownie Hacks to perfect one of the Most Awesome Desserts
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Chef Patricia Helding of Fat Witch Bakery presents Brownies at Chelsea Market Live hosted by Haylie Duff, Tia Mowry and Tiffani Thiessen at Chelsea Market on October 13, 2016 in New York City

Comfort foods come to the rescue when you feel sad or blue from something like the coronavirus, the quarantine, and the fact that you can't bake the perfect brownies for you to eat while watching your favorite tv show.

When the quarantine made its way, baking was one of the hobbies people get into while discovering the magic and happiness baking brings.

But for beginners, baking even the brownies may be challenging. That is why you might be searching for the useful brownie hacks to help you improve your dessert.

Although brownie is known to be made as an accident, perfecting the brownie per how you like it will give you so much joy and the feeling of accomplishment.

To help you master that brownie that you and your family want, here are some of the brownie hacks you need to keep in mind every time you bake.

Butter it up

When you bake, butter might always be present in any recipe. And in the case of brownies, you need to put more butter when you want your brownies to be fudgier.

According to Love Foods, Some of the fat comes from the chocolate, but they note that most of the fat is supplied by butter. They also recommend using unsalted butter to control the saltiness you will add to the mixture.

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Brown Sugar vs Light Brown Sugar

Buzzfeed notes that the molasses in brown sugar is better when making brownies. Handle the Heat points out that using brown sugar may add moisture to the mixture to result from soft, rich, and ultra-soft brownies. They also add that you can replace brown sugar with your regular sugar if you want to make your brownies slightly thicker and darker in color.

Quality Chocolate

MSN notes starting with quality chocolate that you will incorporate in your ultimate recipe will be a great help. They add that if you want an intense flavor of the chocolate, you should add 70% dark chocolate, but if you want it to taste milder, then you may add milk chocolate instead. You should add Dutch-processed cocoa to enhance the flavor to richer and have more depth to up the texture.

Eggs and sugar combo

Love Foods notes that you can beat the eggs and sugar together for a crisp top. They add that winning them together until the mixture is foamy, pale, and doubled will give you a crackly top to add texture apart from the fudginess and tenderness of your concoction.

Fruity Twist

Spoon University notes that adding a ½ cup of your favorite raspberry jam to the batter will make an excellent and fruity twist to your traditional brownie, in case you want another layer of flavor and not just pure chocolate.


Love Foods adds that seasoning your batter with your favorite espresso or coffee will deepen the flavor of your brownie. They add that the coffee will not be tasted but will enhance the flavor of the chocolate.

With these brownie hacks, you may be an expert on one of the most awesome desserts the quarantine has to offer the people. Looking for hacks like these will enhance your skills in the league of baking and will add to your credibility in your kitchen.

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