Meat-Free: Pros & Cons from a Business Viewpoint

Jan 20, 2021 04:10 PM EST | By Staff Reporter

Meat-Free: Pros & Cons from a Business Viewpoint

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Going meat-free has been an increasingly popular trend in recent years. But what are the pros and cons of adopting a meat-free approach from a business point of view? As veganism and vegan food become more accepted in society, more people are aware of the facts. Previously common misconceptions, such as health concerns associated with a meat-free existence. More entrepreneurs are grasping the opportunity to take advantage of the vegan market.

Wider Consumer Base

If a business embraces the meat-free revolution, it will open itself up to new customers. And may not need to lose existing ones if they choose to change to veganism. Often the type of customer interested in a meat-free diet is not principally concerned with the cheapest possible option. Embracing this quality over price ethos allows freedom to create high-quality products with a price-point to match. The downside of going all-in on the vegan scene is that, although gathering pace, the meat-free sector is still a minority. If you acquire a reputation as a vegan place, you may lose the more general customers. Ensure your area has the market to support this before you make such changes.

Environmental Reasons

Being kind to the environment is a factor in many consumers' food choices. But how true is this? Often large areas of rainforest are used for farming, but this is not always cattle farming. Crops such as palm oil, a cheap product used in many meat-free products, are often farmed in these locations. If you are farming any product, livestock, or crops your methods are key, high-quality poultry feed can breed healthier birds that produce less waste meaning animal produce is not always evil.

Cheaper to Produce.

Highly processed cheap foods are often cited as evidence that a diet including animal products is a cheap cop-out and the cause of much of our health issues today. Surprisingly, many vegan options are cheaper to produce than their meat alternatives. The cost of rearing and slaughtering animals has a cost attached to it, even when done in a high volume, factory farm. The argument goes, why bother? If you can eliminate the cost and the cruelty at the same time, then it's surely a winner?

Leather: How far to go?

Food and drink are not the only areas that the meat-free industry touches. If you consider yourself a strict vegan, then it's not allowed to use any animal product. If you follow this ethos to the letter then that means no leather. Eliminating animal skins makes sense, as the animal must first be slaughtered. Surprisingly for some, other items such as wool are off-limits to many serious vegans. If you are meat-free in terms of diet, then it has no impact on you. But if you intend to market your business to a vegan audience, these are things you must do.

Every business must listen to its customers and make business decisions on this basis. Best of luck with the new direction.

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