Hudsonville To Give 25,000 Free Ice Cream, Offers 2 New Surprise Flavors on Pint Day

Mar 03, 2021 06:19 AM EST | By Erika Dee (

Ice Cream

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Pint Day is happening on March 6, and Hudsonville will give away 25,000 pints of free ice cream to celebrate it. The company has also announced two new flavors to its pint lineup.

Hudsonville To Give Free Ice Cream on Pint Day


The company has not revealed the method fans can obtain their free ice cream yet. But fans will certainly find out on that big day itself.

Hudsonville already promised to disclose this information on March 6 on its various social media platforms, such as FacebookInstagram, and Twitter.

If Pint Day seems to sound new to most, though, this is not surprising. It appears it's a celebratory day created by the company itself. 

"We created Pint Day because there needed to be a holiday to celebrate this popular ice cream container, and the special flavors we make that are only available in a pint," Rachel Messingschlager of Hudsonville Ice Cream said.

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Hudsonville Has Two Surprise Flavors Lined Up

Rachel added that launching a massive giveaway of 25,000 pints can naturally cement this new "holiday" in the eyes of many. 

The company also says that Pint Day allows it to interact with its fans, the reason why Hudsonville has maintained its business for 95 years now. 

She added that the company's plan to release two new surprise flavors is "just the cherry on top of the celebration." The two new flavors are described as delicious and highly-requested, but fans have yet to find out what they are. 


The Other Pint Day

If Pint Day does sound familiar, it might be worth noting that this day usually celebrates beer or beer companies and not ice cream. For instance, this year, on April 7, Colorado announced that it would celebrate Colorado Pint Day. 

It was already announced that the Colorado Brewers Guild (CBG), which is a known nonprofit trade organization, will be the host of the event. For each pint glass sold, CBG will get the a correspoding one dollar. 

This year's theme is reportedly called the "Catch a Pint." To celebrate this day, a 16-ounce Libby Willi Becher glass will feature art from Brooks Engel of Nowhere Land Supply, a designer also based in Colorado. 

From the photos released of the glass, Engel's passion for the outdoors and wildlife certainly shines through.

Whether Pint Day for you is ice cream or beer, you are definitely in good hands. 

"On top of the fish being the focal point, I wanted to incorporate beer and other outdoor imagery, so the addition of the tap handles and fishing reels, as well as the mountains, trees and tent, gave it an overall Colorado feel," shares Engel.

The design is certainly a unique one. The artist claimed that the glass would have a day and night side, so it would not be a complete reflection on each side, like normal glasses. 

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