Get the Best Food Processor by Asking These 4 Questions

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How to Get the Best Food Processor

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Having a food processor is every kitchen buff's dream. Someone who wants to toil around the kitchen coming up with all sorts of magical dishes would certainly want a food processor. But not all food processors work alike. Some can make kitchen work a nightmare more than a dream. 

If you have been dreaming of a food processor so far but have just been looking at the aesthetics, you might be doing it wrong. There are certain questions you should ask first to know if the food processor you are eyeing can do the job. 

Can It Carry Out the Most Basic Tasks Like A Pro?

A food processor should do the basic kitchen stuff like a pro. in other words, it should even be doing a much better job than you. Because otherwise, what is the point?

The basic kitchen tasks it has to do like a pro are chopping, blitzing, blending, and even kneading. If the processor cannot do these fast and precisely, it is not likely to be a good buy. 

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Why Are You Buying It in The First Place? 

Although everyone wants a food processor to make food prepping a much more fun and efficient process, not everyone is likely to use one for the same purpose.

You should be buying the processor that can best do that job you are aiming for it to do, not just because it can do so much. It does not matter if it can do 10 different things if you want to use it for 2 to 3. 

If you want it as a replacement for your blender, make sure it can perfectly do that task. If you want something that can chop onions and the like, there is no need to get a supercharged do-it-all model! 

Does it Have a Strong Motor? 

A food processor has to have a strong motor since it has to handle so many kitchen tasks. 

"Before buying a food processor, check out the strength of the motor," says Elizabeth Barbone. "You want a food processor that can handle mixing dough and grinding foods into a nice smooth purée."   

Cookbook author Elizabeth Barbone is the founder of Cook Fast Eat Well, and has the perfect eye for the best food processor. 

Is It Quiet? Can You Afford it to be Loud?

A workhorse is nice and all, but not if it's going to rouse up a whole apartment duplex or your mom when she's taking her afternoon nap. You do not want your kitchen fun to be annoying for others! Seeing others annoyed by what you are prepping can add unnecessary stress on your part and make the whole process of cooking, baking, or juicing extra difficult. 

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