Little Caesars The Healthiest Fast Food Restaurant; McDonald's Healthier than Burger King, Subway

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Little Caesars

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Everyone knows fast food restaurants are not the go-to when craving for something healthy. But there are relatively healthy fast food restaurants out there, especially when all the known fast foods are to be compared with each other. In fact, a recent study shows that among 20 of the known chains out there, Little Caesars is the healthiest fast food today. 

Little Caesars The Healthiest Fast Food Restaurant 

Based on a study conducted by the HealthyBeat website, the pizza restaurant, hailed for its $5 pies, can take home the crown of "America's healthiest fast-food restaurant."

Pizza places do not necessarily have a good rep for having healthy food items, so this result might be a little shocking. But the process of ranking renders the result quite valid enough.

To rank the restaurants, the study chose 10 meals from each of the restaurants; five of the most popular and five random ones. Then the researchers behind the study determined the average calorie count across all the chosen 10 meals from another site, Statista. 

Results showed that Little Caesars only have an average calorie count of 304kcal. Another pizza place can be found on the other side of the spectrum or considered the unhealthiest fast food. This is Pizza Hut, which has an average calorie count of 2000 kcal. 

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Those in the top five apart from Little Caesars just might be as surprising. In the close second is Starbucks, followed by Dairy Queen. McDonald's is actually on the fourth spot, and Subway is on the 5th.

It is important to note, of course, that this does not mean it is already healthy to eat at these five restaurants regularly. The calorie and fat content of their foods are still likely to be very high compared to home-cooked meals or meals from other types of dining establishments.

McDonald's Healthier than Burger King, Subway 

If Pizza Hut is the unhealthiest in all the 20 restaurants evaluated, the second and third unhealthiest restaurants are also known to have a strong following - Chipotle and Burger King. 

HealthyBeat Nutrition Editor Crystal Marcano commented on why this study is timely and insightful. 

"For a lot of people we know that fast-food has become a big part of their weekly diet not just because it's nice, but because it is also extremely convenient," Marcano said.

Marcano even said he was personally surprised to see McDonald's even on the top five and also healthier than Subway. 

 "For me the biggest surprise was to see McDonalds in the top five, and healthier than Subway! Most people I think would agree that Subway seems the healthier choice, however McDonalds obviously has some lower calorie choices than you'd think!," he said about the results.

McDonald's and Subway are two of the largest international fast food chains in the world. The results are surprising given that past health studies have shown that between the two, Subway has more menu choices that are healthier.

On the other hand, because Health Beat only arrived at its conclusions based on calorie content and not anything else, then the ranking should still be looked at with a grain of salt. 

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