4 Things (Aside From Waffles) You Didn't Know You Could Make With Waffle Makers

Mar 04, 2021 09:00 AM EST | By Erika Dee (staff@foodworldnews.com)


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Waffle makers are not necessarily meant only for making waffles. It's in reality a very multi-functional tool that can make all sorts of things, so it is a worthy investment. Below are four things you could try making with your waffle maker:

Try Scrambled Eggs 

Given how a key ingredient of waffles is egg, it must not be surprising to note that you can make scrambled eggs from your waffle maker too. If you have the smaller, more nifty version, then voila, you technically can cook your scrambled eggs just about anywhere! Going for a quick trip, skip paying those hefty breakfast packages and just cook your own scrambled eggs. 

Just whisk your eggs in a bowl and pour the mixture into the mini waffle maker. It's that easy.

Or if you want to spruce things up, you can add bits of ham, cheese, or whatever you ordinarily put in an omelette into the waffle maker alongside the whisked eggs, and you'll have a ready-to-eat omelette! 

Some Heavy-Duty Oatmeal?

If you need your oatmeal anywhere you go and do not like the taste of instant oatmeal (the one where you just pour hot water), then cook your oats using your handy-dandy waffle maker.

If you usually put your oats in the microwave or on the stove top, pour it into the mini waffle maker instead. You can even add peanut butter, blueberries, pork or chicken floss, and many, many more! 

Your Waffle Maker Can Make Brownies

Who would have thought you can make brownies using a waffle maker? But it turns out you really could! In fact, some experts would say brownies made through waffle makers are crispier outside, moister inside. Most importantly, they do not stick at the bottom of the pan! 

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According to The News Advance, making brownies using the waffle maker takes so much less time.

Unlike cooking brownies in the pan, you can whip up brownies and bake the perfect serving size in less than five minutes! 

Fancy Some Quesadillas? 

Why buy a quesadilla maker, when you already have a waffle maker that can make all sorts of things? Even quesadillas!

Using your waffle iron to make quesadillas is actually a genius move, as Delish claimed. It will just take seconds to make some extra crispy tortilla in no time flat with the waffle maker. In addition, you do not even have to flip your over-stuffed quesadilla, so you can add as many toppings (cooked ham, cooked beef, cooked tuna, cheese, chicken!) as you want! 

Why Not Hash Brown? 

Hash browns reportedly come out better when made by waffle makers, some experts say. 

The even direct heat of the waffle maker can crisp up the outside of the potatoes without ruining the inside. In particular, the waffle maker can squeeze out liquid from the potatoes so much quicker.

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