Raw Garlic Benefits: 4 Reasons Why You Should Chew Half a Clove a Day

Mar 06, 2021 10:02 PM EST | By Erika Dee (staff@foodworldnews.com)

Raw Garlic

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Garlic is fine - a nice garnish for any dish, but some people have sworn you should try it raw. If you have not yet, here are four reasons why you should add raw garlic to your daily diet, even if you run the risk of getting bad breathe. Just make sure to practice your oral hygiene properly and you are so good to go. 

Get all the Benefits of the Garlic 100%

Garlic is so full of flavor that you can transform any dish into a tasty one, but that means not getting all of its benefits. This is not to say that garlic loses its nutrition and potency in cooked form, though. But its potency is so much higher in its raw form. 

The only reason why some people would rather cook it than eat it raw is the fear of pungent breath when eating garlic raw, but that is a small price to pay in exchange of all the health benefits you can get from eating garlic raw, without doing anything to lessen or mix up its nutritional value when you cook it. 

In fact, the reason why garlic causes bad breathe is the same reason why it is so healthy for you. The same organic sulfur compounds, more known as allium compounds that make garlic so smelly is why garlic is packed with powers.

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Raw Garlic Lowers Cholesterol and Prevents Hypertension

So what exactly are the benefits that you are likely to gain from chewing raw garlic?

Studies have shown that garlic can lower cholesterol, the number one reason why people have different types of cardiovascular disease. If you have a diet comprising highly of fats and grease, then garlic can play the great balancer. Nothing is better than actually cutting down some oily and fatty foods though. One particular research even showed that chewing only on half a clove of garlic a day can already lower LDL cholesterol levels. 

2019 meta-analysis from Australia revealed just how powerful raw garlic can be in protecting against cardiovascular issues. Based on the finding, daily consumption of garlic can lower both systolic and diastolic blood pressure in hypertensive patients. 

Fight the Common Cold

With the COVID-19 pandemic raging on, common colds now look suspicious and scary. It's harder than ever to feel woozy because of some common cold for fear of being tagged as infected. Garlic is great at fighting the common cold. One scientific study back in 2014 showed that people who ate raw garlic daily for 90 days experienced far fewer colds than those who did not. 

It's not right to think of garlic as a miracle drug though, but there is no denying that it conains some effective immune-boosting and anti-inflammatory properties. 

No More Need for Expensive Supplements! 

Another reason why you should eat garlic in the raw if you want its full benefits is because garlic oil supplements cost money. Spending that amount when you can just pop some raw garlic into your mouth and drown it water does not make a lot of sense. 

It's like a multivitamin in just a clove, too. If you rather not shell out a lot of money for vitamins or supplements just yet, studies showed that garlic is packed with a big dosage of vitamin B, C, as manganese, selenium, iron, copper and potassium - essentially all the goodies our body need. 

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