March 7 is National Cereal Day: 3 Ways to Celebrate!

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National Cereal Day

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There's no better day than March 7 to enjoy a bowl of rice krispies or apple jacks for breakfast. It's the National Cereal Day after all! 

Since the end of the 19th Century, cereal has become almost a staple in American household's breakfast table. For some, not only has cereal become their go-to food to jumpstart their day, they reach for a bowl of cereal too whenever they feel like eating something but cannot pinpoint exactly what. 

Some people love cereal so much they can even substitute it for their lunch or dinner. It's a truly versatile food so it's found in almost everyone's pantry. This is probably why it has a special day reserved for it. 

Apart from having a hefty bowl of cereal in your house while watching television, for breakfast, lunch and dinner, there are so many ways for you to celebrate this day. Some companies have promos you can tap on to make this day extra special. 

Look For New Cereal Flavors

Cereal are so much fun to eat because through the years, different flavors have bombarded the market. If you have been stuck eating corn flakes for years now, you should try some new ones offered just ahead of National Cereal Day. There's something for everyone in the crazy big cereal market - even Keto dieters have cereals made especially for them.

Are you a on a Keto diet? Celebrate National Cereal Day with Kashi Go Keto Cereal. They come in two interesting flavors, and according to those who have tried it, the taste did not disappoint.

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The two flavors are Kashi Go Keto Cinnamon Vanilla Cereal and Kashi Go Keto Dark Cocoa Cereal, and by their names alone, you can already feel that either of them would be perfect to start the day with. 

Check Out What Fun Events Your State/City Offers 

Because cereal is so well-loved all over the nation, there is a high chance that wherever you live, there would be some cereal-devoted events you can check out. If you live in Buffalo, the Cereal Spot - a cereal-focused eatery at the heart of Hertel Ave. - is inviting Buffalo-area businesses to be part of the big day.

"National Cereal Day gives us a chance to celebrate something that hasn't really been celebrated and embraced in Buffalo," said the Cereal Spot co-owner, Eric Dacey.  The Cereal Spot carries over 170 variations of cereal, so if you are in a lookout for new flavors to try, this is the place to be. On March 7, it will host a range of activities the whole day to celebrate the National Cereal Day.

Learn About Cereal's History  

March 7 is also the perfect day to understand where cereal came from too. Ferdinand Schumacher, who is a German immigrant, can be credited for this.

He allegedly started the cereal revolution in 1854 using a hand oats grinder in the back room of a tiny store based in Akron, Ohio. It was his German Mills American Oatmeal Company that served as America's first ever commercial oatmeal manufacturer, and in 1877, he adopted the Quaker symbol, the first ever trademark registered for a breakfast cereal.  

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