Chili's Selling Gallon Margarita To-Go (You Can Make 32 Cocktails WIth It!)

Mar 10, 2021 04:24 AM EST | By Erika Dee (

Chili’s Is Selling Margaritas To-Go and By-The-Gallon
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Chili's Grill & Bar is carrying margaritas by the gallon. If you have been missing happy hours with your friends because of the unrelenting pandemic, get them over your house and enjoy a gallon of margarita already! 

Chili's Selling Margaritas-to-Go, by The Gallon! 

Turns out one gallon of Chili's margarita can make a total of 32 cocktails. Just observe the proper safety measures and you can have a mini-reunion going, as reported by Taste of Home.

At select Chili's locations, fans can get margaritas by the gallon and to-go. The drink comes in big plastic bags with handles for convenience (think 1 gallon of cooking oil), but with a screw-off cap so you can pour the sweet gold with precision. 

All you and your friends should do is rim a glass with salt, add ice, and pour the margarita away. If you rather have the gallon for yourself though, you are going to be set for a long time. 

The average serving size of a margarita is just 4 ounces. If you usually have two shots to be set, or 3, there's going to be plenty of days to finish the whole gallon. One gallon can probably make 32 cocktails, so you can finish the whole gallon for two weeks to a month. That is if you decide to have a drink on the daily or every two days. 

Chili's To Celebrate 46th Anniversary 

What makes this news even more exciting is that Chili's will be offering the gallon for a discount on March 13. Chili's will be celebrating its 46th anniversary on this day, so it will be offering its one-gallon margaritas for just $30. Usually, the gallon of goodness is being sold for $40. A $10 dollars off is nothing to be scoffed at.   

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On this date also, Chili's will serve a $3.13 Presidente Margarita for on-site customers, whether they be dining outdoors or inside in socially distanced manner. Fans can also order the cocktail and get this through curbside pickup and takeout. 

Sad to say however, Massachusetts people would not be able to enjoy these gallons of margaritas-to-go. According to Thrillist, In Massachusetts, the law only allows that customers to only buy 64 fluid ounces of a mixed drink along with food when making to-go orders. 

Ever since the pandemic broke out and relatively secure establishments were forced to close down, many are returning to the scene with more innovative ways to attract customers, majority of which would not risk going out if not completely necessary. By offering gallon sizes of margaritas-to-go, one would never need to go out to buy cocktails for a while. 

If for example, you are one of those who cannot get the gallon-sized margaritas-to-go, there are many recipes online that can help you make your own.

A recipe worth checking out is from bartender Jeffrey Morgenthaler. For a gallon-sized margarita, all you need are 6 cups of tequila and 2.5 cups of triple sec. You just need to add lime juice, lemon juice and simple syrup to have your very own margarita.

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