Peeps Easter Cake Kit Returns for Easter With New Flavor

Mar 10, 2021 06:18 AM EST | By Erika Dee (

Marshmallow cake
Peeps “Cake in a Cup” comes in marshmallow flavor.
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Marshmallow Peeps are returning this Easter, and it comes with all-new exciting flavors. The usual Easter favorite, so much so that there was even a shortage back in 2020, has plenty of nice spinoffs for the upcoming holiday. One of the most exciting ones must be the Peeps Easter Cake Kit.  

Peeps Easter Cake Kit Comes in Marshmallow Flavor

The Peeps Easter Cake Kit includes one microwavable sunny yellow mug and, at the same time, adorned with the cutest of Peeps chicks and bunnies, and then one marshmallow flavored cake mix that has mini marshmallows in it.

You just have to mix up the Peeps cake batter and place it in the microwave quickly - voila! You have your own single-serve cake you can enjoy with your little ones or all by yourself. 

You can get the kits at Walmart. A shopper, @the210onfood, posted a huge haul of Peeps treats on Instagram and showed just how amazing these kits are. 


If you rather not eat some microwaveable cake, you can give the mix to those who want (and there are plenty!), and keep the adorable Peeps mug because this alone can make the purchase worth it. The Peeps pancake skillet is worth checking out too. 

If you cannot go to Walmart stores and snag a kit, these are available at Walmart's website, too. With Easter around the corner, these kits certainly make great content inside the usually fun baskets for kids.

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More Peeps and Cakes For Easter

Recently, it was announced that Duncan Hines and Peeps have teamed up to create a whole box filled with everything you need to make Easter fun and sweet. 

The Duncan Hines and Peeps Spring Baking Kit offer the perfect way for families nationwide to celebrate the Holy season in a sugar-packed manner. After all that the families went through since the last Easter, to have something sweet this year feels even more meaningful.

Not only does the Duncan Hines and Peeps kit contain the nicest ingredients to make Easter-themed cakes, but the kit is also being sold at a very friendly price. 

This so much bigger kit contains all sorts of Duncan Hines and Peeps goodies. Duncan Hines goodies include:

  1. one whole box of Classic Whites cakes mix
  2. one whole box of Classic Fudge Brownie Mix
  3. one whole container of Classic Vanilla frosting
  4. one whole container of Classic chocolate frosting.

Peeps goodies include:

  • 3 4-count packs of marshmallow bunnies
  • 2 5-count packs of marshmallow chicks

Inside each kit is also a nice inspiration card with decorating and activity tips. 

Needless to say, each massive kit is a pure baker's bliss, even frustrated bakers who want to bake something quick, easy, but still colorful and tasty for this Easter. 

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