The Real Deal with Air Frying: Can It Be Linked to Dementia?

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Fried Food
No one can resist fried foods.
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Unless by some miracle you have already effectively stayed away from fried foods or never tasted anything fried, then you know it is undeniable that fried foods are delicious. Some would say to live without these greasy monsters is not a life well-lived.

The Real Deal with Air Fryers 

But then, it is also as undeniable that eating all the grease and fats that can be found in fried foods can lead to poor cardiovascular and overall health or probably, early death. Air fryers, therefore, for many, are viewed as godsent

Starting out as a quirky appliance that promises to fry veggies, meat, and fish without oil, it has not been elevated to a a must-have home appliance status. After all, who does not like to indulge the idea that they can eat everything deep-fried to their heart's desire without dying of stroke? 

No one. 

Except realistic registered dieticians who have doubts about air fryers and their health benefits. Huff Post spoke to experts all over the United States. It revealed air fryers may have risks as much as there are benefits. 

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 "Air fryers are one of the best ways to get the same texture and taste of fried foods without the unhealthiness that comes along with them," registered dietician nutritionist (RDN) Bansari Acharya explained. "It preserves the nutrients in the food items, as it doesn't expose it to hot oils. It also reduces the amount of trans and saturated fats in foods, reducing the risk for heart disease."  

RDN Morgyn Clair seconded the motion to HuffPost. According to this expert, traditional frying methods are linked to a lot of fat because of the sheer amount of cooking oil required. But if the oil is to be removed or significantly reduced from the equation, then it is no-brainer to note that air-fried foods would be healthier. 

Air Frying Meats and Chees Causes Dementia? 

What they said are what most people know of air fryers. But many more dieticians would reveal that there are also downsides to airfrying.  

According to the dieticians interviewed, airfying can sometimes lead to reduced nutrition of some foods being fried, such as meat and cheeses. 

Registered dietician Karen Smith shared that when foods are exposed to high temperatures as well as dry cooking methods such as air frying, advanced glycation end-products would form. AGEs reportedly can hasten the aging process, leading to scary aging-related diseases such as dementia and many more others. 

She added that meats and cheeses, because they are very rich in protein and fat, can form AGEs the most when air-fried. 

The experts also recommend air-frying plant-based foods instead, such as tofu. Some shared fruits and vegetables actually become even more nutritious when air-fried. 

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