How to Make Your Bakery More Sustainable

Mar 15, 2021 09:35 PM EDT | By Ernest Hamilton

How to Make Your Bakery More Sustainable

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Sustainability is an important factor for all businesses and companies to consider, however, not all businesses have done everything that they can to reduce their carbon footprint and have a more beneficial impact on the environment. What's more, certain businesses such as bakeries may not have considered how their business operations could impact the environment and how adapting their business models could help them become more eco-friendly. 

If you have a bakery and wish to become 'greener' and more sustainable, here are a few tips on how you can refine your business operations and reduce your carbon footprint. 

Source Ingredients Locally

Rather than buying your ingredients from far and wide, why not look closer to home and source them locally? By sourcing ingredients locally, you are reducing the amount of carbon emissions needed to transport the ingredients to your bakery; you are also helping support local businesses and farmers. This can be incredibly rewarding in itself, plus it can be a huge marketing method for your business. After all, many of us are now looking to eat at cafes and restaurants or purchase our baked goods from bakeries that support local businesses but are also more ethically and environmentally friendly inclined. 

Remember to research the farmers and other small businesses you wish to 'partner' with as you will also want to ensure that they are eco-friendly with their practices. It can be beneficial to work with other 'green' suppliers who are also driven by sustainability, as you can help one another have a positive impact on the environment. 

Invest in Eco-Friendly Packaging

Packaging is a huge factor that you need to consider when it comes to making your business operations more eco-friendly. For instance, is your packaging recyclable? Are you using too much of it? Do you need to invest in different packaging types that don't use an excessive amount of greenhouse gases to make it? Luckily, there are many packaging options available that can help your bakery been more sustainable. For example, why not look for custom food packaging that is environmentally friendly, so you can continue to safeguard the environment while also remaining on brand with your baked goods that are packaged for customers? Find out more about flexible packaging and its benefits at

Decrease Water Usage

Food service establishments, such as bakeries, cafes, and restaurants, use a lot of water. Water wastage is incredibly damaging to the environment as it uses a lot of energy, therefore, you need to minimize water usage as much as possible. How can you minimize water usage? Well, you can invest in low flow valves for taps for when you wash your bakery equipment. You can also teach your workers how to reduce water consumption by using the plug in the sink and turning off the tap when it is not being used. It really can be that simple!

All businesses need to do their part. But the bakery industry can also make a world of difference. Invest in packaging that is good for the environment, source your ingredients locally, and try to reduce the amount of water used and wasted on the premises.

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