LeBron James Is the Face of Mtn Dew Rise Energy

Mar 19, 2021 06:36 AM EDT | By Zyanya James (staff@foodworldnews.com)

LeBron James Is The Face of Mtn Dew Rise Energy
NBA superstar LeBron James is the face of the new Mountain Dew energy drink.
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LeBron James has just signed a multi-year endorsement contract with PepsiCo as the face of their new Mtn Dew Rise Energy. 

In a press release, the NBA superstar says, "It's important to me that I believe in the brands and products where I invest my time."

That said, energy drinks are almost a no-brainer for athletes. Michael Jordan was an iconic endorser for Gatorade and the "Be Like Mike" Gatorade commercial inspired a generation of kids around the world.

James adds that the message behind Mtn Dew Rise Energy is motivating."The fact that every day is a chance to rise for all of us - that really resonated with me," he said.

Prior to this partnership, Fox Business recalls that James was an endorser for PepsiCo's rival Coca-Cola. For almost two decades, James was the face of Sprite and its commercials. However, choosing to endorse an energy drink instead of a soft drink is probably a wiser choice for an elite athlete.

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Mtn Dew Rise Energy

Food Business News reveals that Mtn Dew Rise Energy has no added sugar and has more than double the caffeine (180mg) compared to the original Mtn Dew soda. CNBC says this amount is already equivalent to the caffeine content of two cups of coffee. CNBC adds that Mtn Dew Rise Energy also contains zinc and vitamins A and C for immune system support. In addition, citicoline was added to boost memory and mental clarity. One can of Mtn Dew Rise Energy has 25 calories.

Mtn Dew Rise Energy comes in 16-ounce cans and is available in six flavors - Berry Blitz, Orange Breeze, Peach Mango Dawn, Pomegranate Blue Burst, Strawberry Melon Spark, and Tropical Sunrise.

Lower Soda Consumption Levels

As CNCB reports, soda consumption has declined in the US, but energy drink numbers have risen. An estimated $13.5 billion were attributed to energy drink sales last year, and companies like PepsiCo are gambling on these numbers.

Before Mtn Dew Rise Energy, PepsiCo launched Mtn Dew Amp Game Fuel. Mtn Dew Amp Game Fuel was the first beverage designed for gamers. It contained caffeine and theanine to help gamers stay alert and accurate as they played hours on end.

Red Bull and Monster Energy remain the two biggest players in the energy drinks field, so Mtn Dew Rise Energy is up for some tough competition. However, with King James leading the way, the future of Mtn Dew energy drinks looks good.

Top Energy Drinks in the US

Energy drink sales have been steadily on the rise since 2013. The rates continue to grow at about five percent yearly. According to Caffeine Informer, here are the top energy drinks in the US last year:

Red Bull - 80 mg caffeine, 117 calories

Monster Energy - 160 mg caffeine, 210 calories

Bang Energy - 300 mg caffeine, 0 calories

Red Bull Sugarfree - 80 mg caffeine, 10 calories

Monster Ultra - 50 mg caffeine, 10 calories

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