Cameron Diaz Shares Coolest Instant Ramen Recipe We Can All Try

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Cameron Diaz
SANTA MONICA, CALIFORNIA - MAY 19: Cameron Diaz speaks onstage at EEEEEatscon 2019 at Barker Hangar on May 19, 2019 in Santa Monica, California.
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Cameron Diaz's no-fuss attitude seems to carry over into how she prepares her instant ramen. She transformed her instant ramen from instant to gourmet without even doing some fancy handiwork. 

This is good, because it just means we can all try to make her ramen recipe at home without lamenting the fact that we do not have what she has in her fridge or what she can buy. Or that we just have instant ramen packets laying around and some days-old vegetables in the fridge. 

Cameron Diaz Instagram: The 'Whatever You Got Ramen"

On March 15, Diaz blessed her fans with an instant ramen tutorial, which she shared to Instagram in an IGTV. At first glance, it seems tedious and too disheartening to pull off, because Diaz has plenty of ingredients lined up in front of her.

But as she explained in her caption, this is what she calls the "whatever-you-got-ramen" because you can technically just put in what you have. It just so happens that Diaz' has plenty that needs to be disposed of already.

Still, Diaz made the tutorial for a reason and not just to announce that you can make ramen based off on everything you have left in the fridge. There are several tips she imparted that we can all benefit from when we make ramen. 

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Plus, it's also nice to see the actress (who is described as taking break from acting) cooking up a storm and if you have the exact ingredients she has, then you can also taste what she must have tasted - amazing, right? 



Cameron Diaz's Instant Ramen Recipe: Step-by-Step

The award-winning actress began her cooking session by preparing her vegetables and seasonings. One noticeable thing about the whole process is how she took the time and effort to cut them uniformly in size.

Next, she sautéed what she cut into pieces, adding in sesame oil and butter as she went. 

While those are cooking, Cameron placed the noodles in chicken stock to boil them. She then mixed in the seasoning packets of lemongrass ginger and garlic pepper, respectively, that came with the ramen. 

Afterwards, she cracked up an egg and mixed it (or scrambled it) while everything is still boiling. 
She then put in all her nicely-cut sautéed veggies and amped up the flavor with some lime juice and chopped cilantro. 

And then she's done.

Since we can only take her word for it, we can only trust that the outcome tasted as good as it looked. She described the final result as a warm, spicy ramen meal that she was able to prepare in approximately half an hour. In this busy world of ours, that's sounds golden.

The most important tip she shared, though, was in the last part of her video, when she said cooking should be treated as a love service to your loved ones. So if you are doing that, your dish is bound to taste good. 

According to the Zoe Report, one way to describe Cameron Diaz's instant ramen is that it is the perfect "clean-out-the-fridge" recipe. That said, it just means you can just throw in whatever you have in your fridge and voila, you can enjoy some Cameron Diaz-inspired dish.

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