Adding This To Oatmeal Can Cancel Out Its Many Benefits, Expert Warns

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Add fruits to your oatmeal instead of sugar.
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By now, everyone knows that oatmeal is one of the healthiest foods out there. It's good for everything - the heart, the gut, the blood, and many more. It can reduce inflammation, and it can aid in weight loss. 

Say Goodbye to Oatmeal Benefits If You Add This

Technically, it's truly a wonder food unless you add this to it, which we are actually all quite guilty of doing.

What is the "this" we are being warned against? The the sweet, processed stuff, one expert warned, as reported by Eat This! 

Aren't we all guilty of adding a tablespoon of refined sugar to our oatmeal to make it easier to eat? After all, who wants a bland oatmeal? Or if not refined sugar, a spoonful of honey, chocolate chips, or even brown sugar, justifying in our heads that we are eating healthy anyway but eating oats in the first place.

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Experts warn that doing so can just make eating oats for a healthier lifestyle useless. "Oatmeal is a [source] of soluble fiber that is good for our hearts," says Amber Pankonin, a registered dietitian and the proud owner of the Stirlist. However, preparing oats by eating all these sweet stuff is unhealthy. 

How unhealthy this practice is cannot be undermined. A tablespoon of sugar is still a tablespoon full of sugar.

Adding excess sugar to the oatmeal can instantly transform it to being harmful, instead of beneficial to heart health. 

Oatmeal No Longer Heart-Healthy if Sugary

A 15-year study published in JAMA Internal Medicine revealed that those who have 25% more of the recommended intake of sugar in their diet are likelier to die from heart disease. It's apparent that sugar intake is linked to diabetes, but this is concrete evidence that it is also linked to heart failure. 

The expert is not saying to eat your oats plain and bland, though. Even among the most health conscious, the idea of eating something without taste is not palatable.

The expert claimed that instead of adding sugar (no matter if brown or refined), it is better to add fresh fruits for some taste.

According to Pankonin, "even though these fruits provide natural sugars," they are still better for the heart.

These fruits have their own unique benefits to the heart and other parts of the body so eating them while consuming your oats is a win-win. 

An earlier Everyday Health article also pointed out that eating excessive amount of oats mindlessly, as well as adding all sort of sweet toppings to eat can lead to weight gain. Even oatmeal is generally good, mindless eating is one of the reason why all the pounds can come creeping in. It's best to trust the benefits of oatmeal without ruining them yourself - keep the toppings healthy by sticking to fresh fruit, nuts, or just low-fat milk. 

The public is also warned against preferring packets of flavored instant oatmeal rather than the steel oats they have to meticulously cook because the packets already have added sugar. Imagine adding more sugar to it!

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