Top 6 Food and Cooking Shows To Binge Watch on Netflix

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The Top 6 Food and Cooking Shows To Binge Watch on Netflix
Salt Acid Fat Heat host Samin Nosfrat with Queer Eye's Antoni Porowski at the Netflix FYSEE Food Day in 2019.
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As COVID-19 keeps most of us indoors, binge-watching has become a big part of our recreational activities. Netflix and other streaming services have become our constant companions and saved us from endless months of boredom. While sitcoms, dramas, and whodunits keep us riveted, food and cooking shows bring another level of joy to many. Food travel shows allow us to travel vicariously, while cooking shows teach us new skills and recipes. These types of shows are also great for the whole family; no censorship required. EsquireThe Manual, and Thrillist has compiled the top 6 food, and cooking shows to binge-watch on Netflix. Popcorn, optional.

The Top 6 Food and Cooking Shows on Netflix

Chef's Table

Chef's Table is a series that features one star chef at a time. You'll see how each chef started, their methods, and signature dishes. Viewers will also get intimate details about these chef's lives and how many have overcome challenges like racism, illness, and harsh critics to become masters at their craft. Chef's Table also has a couple of spin-offs on Netflix - Chef's Table France and the must-see Chef's Table: BBQ. 

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Salt Fat Acid Heat

Salt Fat Acid Heat is based on James Beard award-winning author and chef Samin Nosfrat. According to Nosfrat, these are the four essential elements in cooking. She also serves as the host of this show and travels to Japan for the "Salt" episode, Italy for "Fat," Yucatan for "Acid," and back to the Chez Panisse in California for "Heat." Foodies will not regret sitting through the four episodes in this unique food series.

Ugly Delicious

Celebrity chef David Chang blends food and culture ala Anthony Bourdain in Parts Unknown. As the title suggests, Chang explores different foods that aren't the most attractive but sure are delicious. You can spot other famous chefs, including Massimo BotturaDaniel Boulud, and Wolfgang Puck. Celebrities like Jimmy Kimmel and Aziz Ansari make appearances, too.


Rotten is an award-winning documentary series that tackles the dark side of food production. Obviously, this is not a feel-good show. However, it's an eye-opening view of crime, corruption, and unsavory practices in the food industry. Unlike some multi-episode shows, Eater says every episode of Rotten is a must-watch.

Nailed It!

Comedian Nicole Byer and acclaimed French pastry chef and chocolatier Jacques Torres host Nailed It!. It's a wholesome cooking competition for the whole family and follows amateurs as they attempt to recreate beautiful and intricate gourmet desserts. While some manage, others fail spectacularly, which makes Nailed It! an irresistibly funny romp.

Street Food

From the creators of Chef's Table comes Street Food, a food travel show that explores the mouth-watering street foods in different Asian and Latin American countries. This is vicarious traveling at its best as the show takes you to Asian food havens like Thailand, Japan, India, Vietnam, and South Korea, and Brazil, Argentina, and Mexico in Latin America. The list of places goes on, so be sure to stream Street Food on Netflix.
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