Shay Mitchell Diet: What She Eats in a Day Might Surprise You

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Shay Mitchell
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Shay Mitchell admitted to gaining some weight last year when the COVID-19 pandemic forced people to stay home and entertain themselves with sedentary activities such as watching a lot of movies and eating everything they can get their hands into.

While working out and dieting are options at home, very few had the stamina and discipline to do so when a health crisis is ongoing.

Shay Mitchell Goes Back to Focusing on Self

But, many are changing things around this year, Shay Mitchell included. For the past few months, Mitchell admitted to having transformed her body because she made her health - both mental and physical, a priority.

She added that she needed to do it beyond aesthetic or vanity purposes, but for herself and her child, Atlas. She shared on Instagram that focusing on herself more makes her able to take care of her kid and everyone else better. 

She certainly did not let herself down. In a recent interview with Women's Health (via Eat This!), the former "Pretty Little Liars" star revealed all she eats in a day to achieve her fit and toned body today. This elaborate listing can certainly help those looking to return to their pre-pandemic body or just be healthier without depriving themselves of the good stuff.

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One thing noticeable about Shay's diet is that it is not composed of all foods that you only wish you can eat without feeling deprived or frustrated with the taste (such as all greens and protein shakes). Instead, there are delicious foods included - there's even pizza! 

Shay Mitchell's Breakfast 

Even though Mitchell is all about changing up her workout routine all the time, she is committed to only eating one thing when breaking the fast - eggs!

She shared that she typically works out before eating, and then when she's already feeling the pangs of hunger, she would eat eggs for their healthy protein. She does this daily. 

However, this does not mean she prepares her eggs one way only. 

She shared that she is an avid fan of an egg quesadilla she saw on TikTok. "You scramble the eggs, you put them in a pan, and then you put the tortilla on top of it," Mitchell explained. She added that she even adds some cheese, mushrooms, and spinach to the creation. To wash the egg down, she would down some healthy smoothie. 

Actress Lunches on Pizza! 

Pizzas are not off-limits to those who want to lose weight or achieve their perfect shape after all. Mitchell's lunch is a good evidence. She prepares her own pizza for lunch, though, so she can control what goes in it. 

Mitchell uses a cauliflower or broccoli pizza crust, so her pizza can be healthier. But this does not mean it would no longer have all the deliciousness of a regular pizza. "I'll dump some spinach and arugula on it, and then a little bit of ranch," she reveals. It tastes so good her daughter even wants it for lunch, too. 

Protein for Dinner 

She gets creative during dinner but makes sure to load up on healthy protein. 

While she sometimes goes for fish and vegetables, she is allegedly obsessed with baked sea bass, which she tops with all sorts of healthy flavorings and pairs this dish with salad. She then makes sure her salad is tasty and colorful as well.

"My salads have gotten elaborate for me: I'm cutting up green apples, and a little bit of pomegranate, and fennel," she reveals. "It sounds crazy but it's so good." 

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