All The Latest Starbucks News

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All The Latest Starbucks News
Starbucks celebrates its 25th anniversary in Japan.
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Coffee giant Starbucks has always been visible, but more so lately. From racial discrimination issues to more positive developments like their experimental reusable cup program, Starbucks remains newsworthy. All over the world, Starbucks is also sticking to its mission of equity, inclusion, and diversity. For the latest Starbucks news, this update comes all the way from Japan. To promote diversity, Hypebeast reports that Starbucks Japan just launched color-changing cups.

Starbucks Japan Promotes Diversity

The reusable cups are made with temperature-sensitive materials. So much like mood rings, their colors change dramatically depending on their contents. There are four cups in total in different colors - blue, green, pink, and yellow. Each cup is, of course, emblazoned with the iconic Starbucks logo, and customers can purchase them as a set. There may be a chance that these cups will be sold individually, so loyal Starbucks customers in Japan should check at the nearest branch from time to time. These rainbow cups will be available in Japan starting on April 15 for ¥2,860 (approximately $26). Ten percent of the proceeds will be donated to the "Rainbow School Project," an initiative that teaches high school students in Japan about diversity and the LGBTQ community. Fans can also check out new merchandise in Japan for Starbucks' 25th anniversary in the country.

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Starbucks U.S. Experiments with Reusable Cups

Speaking of reusable cups, Fast Company reports that some Starbucks stores in Seattle are testing reusable takeout cups. Customers in selected Seattle branches can opt for a reusable cup and will pay a deposit of $1. Once they return the cup, a self-service kiosk will scan a code and give the customer their deposit back. The customer will also receive rewards points for this option. This pilot started on March 30 and will end by the end of May. While this practice may or may not be continued in the U.S., Starbucks Korea will be conducting a similar program in the summer, and by 2025, they'll be removing the option of disposable cups.

Starbucks RTD

For those who missed this news last month, Food Business News reported that Starbucks is launching a new line of ready-to-drink (RTD) beverages. Based on their research, Starbucks found out the consumers are looking for a "smooth coffee taste," small amounts of milk and flavor, lower sugar and calorie content, and no preservatives. Feedback also showed that cold brew is the most appealing. Consumers are also looking for an accessible price point.

To answer these consumer demands, Starbucks has unveiled its new "Cold and Crafted" ready-to-drink line. This line features three flavors: Coffee Sweetened Black, Coffee with a Splash of Milk & Vanilla, and Coffee with a Splash of Milk & Mocha. The first coffee drink contains 50 calories and 10 grams of sugar, while the other two options both contain 90 calories and 15 grams of sugar. According to The Spruce Eats, some Starbucks concoctions can have a much as 500 calories and over 70 grams of sugar, so this will be a welcome change for the health-conscious. In addition, the ready-to-drink options are great for those who want their regular Starbucks fix but would prefer avoiding crowds in this time of COVID-19. Stocking up on RTD drinks is a convenient, safe, and delicious option.

Stay tuned for more Starbucks updates.

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