5 Simple Ways to Elevate the Look of Your Kitchen

Apr 21, 2021 06:22 PM EDT | By Ernest Hamilton

5 Simple Ways to Elevate the Look of Your Kitchen

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Want a kitchen that looks expensive without actually investing all your life's savings? Remodeling a kitchen can easily cost thousands of dollars, especially when elegance is your preferred style. Many homeowners think they cannot afford to elevate their kitchen style, but this simply isn't true. Rather than spend your entire life savings to create a fantastic kitchen, incorporate one or more ideas from the list below into your redesign strategy. These ideas create warmth, comfort, and style in your kitchen without depleting your bank account. Best of all, most of these kitchen updates are tasks you can DIY, further keeping the costs low.

1- Elegant Appliances

Kitchen appliances make preparing foods faster and easier. Most families use several small appliances in addition to the refrigerator, stove, oven, etc. Some appliances do not benefit the appearance of the kitchen, but rather complete their intended job. Replace one or two appliances with more elegant, sophisticated versions that give your counter space an eye-catching style. For example, a French press coffee maker looks as good as the coffee tastes, giving ambiance to your kitchen style. A French press is also inexpensive, making it an affordable way to add charm to your kitchen space.

2- Replace Hardware

Replacing the hardware on your kitchen cabinetry is one of the least expensive ways to make a dramatic aesthetic difference in your kitchen. And, replacing the hardware is so much fun! Even the kids can help complete this project. You can replace hardware yourself on any Saturday afternoon. Many hardware options revive your space with the appeal and flair of your choosing. Hardware replacement is among the top kitchen renovations homeowners complete. Jump on that bandwagon and re-create your kitchen.

3- Lighting

Natural lighting is best, but since updating your lighting or the kitchen windows can be an expensive investment, use other strategies to bring in more natural lighting and ambiance. Chandeliers and pendants are two great kitchen lighting options. Both add magnificent lighting to the kitchen and change the ambiance of the room. You can find chandeliers, pendants, and other lighting options in many price ranges. Determine your budget and make this update right away!

4- Add Window Treatments

Bare windows are boring and dull. Bring the kitchen to life with window treatments. Whether you prefer drapery, blinds, or other window treatments, you'll find them available in endless designs and styles. Matching the window treatments to your appliances or other décor is fairly simple and makes a big difference in the overall appeal of your room.

5- Paint the Walls

A fresh coat of paint brings any space to life. Choose cheerful colors that add happiness to the kitchen or deeper reds for a more powerful design. Wallpaper made a comeback a few years back. It works wonders for your kitchen design, whether or not you choose to paint the walls.

Elevate Your Kitchen Style

Your kitchen has plenty of potential for elegance and style, even when spending a fortune on remodels is out of the question. Little things like terry cloth instead of paper towels or bamboo kitchen products can add some sophistication to your daily bowl of cereal. The above ideas are among the many ways to elevate your kitchen design and create the ambiance and comfort your family craves.

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