Herbalife Personal Protein Review: Anywhere Anytime Soy Protein

Apr 22, 2021 05:45 PM EDT | By Ernest Hamilton

Herbalife Personal Protein Review: Anywhere Anytime Soy Protein

(Photo : Herbalife Personal Protein Review: Anywhere Anytime Soy Protein )

Depending on how you're keeping score, you could consider soy to be the most versatile ingredient on the planet. This has a lot to do with the bean's mild flavor. Raw, it tastes like a white bean. Cooked, refined, or processed, that flavor is usually very subdued.

This allows soy to take on the qualities of whatever ingredients you pair it with. So if you slice up a piece of tofu, fry it, and drop it in a bowl of ramen, it soaks up the flavor of the chicken or beef broth, and it winds up having a nice meaty flavor.

Or, you can use soy as a protein supplement in a power shake, and it will take on the chocolate or vanilla, or fruit flavors it shares the blender with.

Or you can put that same protein powder in your mashed potatoes, mix it in with your morning cereal, stir it into your oatmeal as a thickener or... do just about anything you like with it.

The trick to Personalized Protein from Herbalife is that it's one of the most simplified, stripped-down Herbalife products available. It's not loaded with flavorings, but you can add the flavorings yourself, whether you want a vanilla breakfast shake, or you want to use it to get some extra protein by adding it to your soup. Read the Herbalife reviews, and you'll find more ways to use Personal Protein than people are using it.

Soybeans contain protein, as well as calcium, fiber, iron, and omega-3, along with other vitamins, and it has been shown that soy protein can lead to the same muscle gains as animal protein. If you are on a vegan or vegetarian diet, or if you're just trying to mix your diet up a bit, soy is generally thought to be nature's best meat replacement.

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