8 Amazing Gift Ideas for the Coffee Lover in your Life

May 05, 2021 08:49 PM EDT | By Patrick Jones (patrick@easynative.com)

8 Amazing Gift Ideas for the Coffee Lover in your Life

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Coffee is almost a national obsession in the USA.  According to research published in 2019, Americans spend, on average, $1,208.43 per year on their favorite beverage. Chances are you'll have at least one serious coffee aficionado in your life so when it's time to spoil them with a gift they love, there's no shortage of coffee-related accessories to choose from.

1)     Espresso machine

A high-quality espresso machine is a must-have in every contemporary coffee lover's kitchen. Whether you go for one of the many budget models on the market or a top-of-the-range masterpiece such as the Lelit Mara X, it will be a gift with a true 'wow factor'.  

2)     Coffee Grinder

Every coffee professional knows that to get the best flavor, whole beans should be ground just before brewing. Whether you go for a burr grinder, which moves the beans across a pair of cutting surfaces, or a blade grinder, which operates more like a food processor, it will elevate the taste and aroma of the coffee and it's a gift that will be used daily.

3)     Monthly coffee subscription

Looking for a gift that will keep on delighting the recipient over time? Why not offer a year's subscription to a high-quality coffee delivery service, so they can order the type of coffee they prefer?

4)     Single-serve coffee bags

If the person you're gifting loves their coffee but doesn't have time to spend brewing, and cleaning their equipment, consider offering some high-quality single-serve specialty coffee bags. Use them like a tea bag, steep them in boiling water.  Packed with single-origin beans, they combine great flavor with speed and convenience.

5)     Reusable Coffee Filters

If your coffee lover is also concerned about his or her environmental footprint and the sustainable use of resources but uses a drip machine, then reusable filters made in the USA, from organic fabric, can make a great gift. They can be re-used up to 100 times, then recycled in backyard compost.

6)     French Press Coffee Maker

Not hi-tech or ultra-modern, but a timeless classic perfectly designed to produce a couple of excellent cups of coffee, a French-press coffee maker will look good in any kitchen.  Easy to use and clean, it's a thoughtful gift that will be appreciated for years.

7)     Coffee scale

There are some seriously fancy coffee scales on the market - even Bluetooth enabled - so if you want to impress choose one with some extra bells and whistles such as a timer. But if you want something simple and functional, a good quality all-purpose digital scale will find many uses in a kitchen, so can be a better bet.

8)     Milk Frother

Who doesn't love a cappuccino from time to time?  But how to get the milk all creamy and frothy, as they do in Italian cafes when you don't have an espresso maker with attachment? Whether it's a hand-held wand or a device that sits on a countertop, a frother opens up some new choices for that breakfast cup of coffee. Include some stencils so your coffee lover can add their artistic flair to their offering with hearts, leaves, and more!

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