Eliminate Kitchen Grease to Improve Your Restaurant Hygiene Rating

Oct 22, 2021 08:43 AM EDT | By David Thompson

Eliminate Kitchen Grease to Improve Your Restaurant Hygiene Rating

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Long before COVID19 and our necessarily obsessive use of hand sanitisers and health regulations, restaurants were rated on hygiene. Food Hygiene Certificates rate cleanliness of a kitchen, safety, and act as a notification of hygiene standards to potential customers.

A no-star venue is not safe to eat at, while a place with 4 or 5 stars may want to shout about it in their marketing. Even though the certificate does not indicate food quality, it does show the care the venue's management puts into their food handling and storage, meaning customers are less likely to be exposed to bacteria and viruses. If an establishment's hygiene is proven to be a risk, the inspecting officer can restrict business, or worse, close it down entirely until the issues have been fixed. For these reasons and to ensure business continuity, regular cleaning services are critical.

The Grease Problem

A big problem in all of this is grease, as it is a challenging substance to remove entirely and ends up coating ducts, all kitchen surfaces, and fittings throughout a commercial kitchen. This is primarily because the grease splashes during cooking, or is accidentally transferred from surface to surface, or can even become airborne, which means it coats everything it comes in contact with.

When it condenses on worktops, units, walls, and anything else it touches, where it becomes a bacterial breeding ground. Plus, it can create a terrible odour, which can be absorbed into the food prepared in the space, affecting the taste and smell, negatively affecting business. The surface grease is also a terrible fire hazard that can set the entire kitchen ablaze. These are all reasons an inspector will mark your establishment down and give you a lower rating.

How to Eliminate the Issue?

Ensure your kitchen cleaning programme uses grease cleaners.

Any kitchen worth its salt will have a regular restaurant cleaning program, but be sure that the schedule also focuses on grease removal by using appropriate cleaning agents that dissolve it.

Do a regular deep clean for grease. Additional focus a few days a week in the cleaning schedule to specifically clean grease from those hard to reach places will dramatically improve your chances of a good inspection.

Get a regular professional kitchen clean. No matter how well your staff are trained or how hard they work, they are not cleaners. So it's beneficial - and we would say vital - to have a specialised cleaning team in regularly to give your kitchen a full in-depth clean to keep the space in tip-top condition to breeze through the cleanliness inspection. A complete kitchen clean can help you pass checks while also essential to maintaining a hygienic environment. After all, isn't the health and safety of your team and customers the most important thing?

J&I Grease Gone is your trustworthy and professional cleaning company, specialising in deep cleaning to breeze through inspections. Our experienced team delivers exceptional service while complying with regulations. For more information on how we can help, contact our team.

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