Three Wedding Food Trends to Watch Out For

Oct 29, 2021 06:10 PM EDT | By Eric Hamilton

Three Wedding Food Trends to Watch Out For

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Weddings are back in a big way, with predictions indicating that around 1.9 million will take place this year and even more (2.5 million) will be happening in 2022. Consumers as a whole are more confident about taking part in social events after so many months of lockdown and they are excited about the chance weddings offer to get dressed, be with friends and family, and of course, enjoy fantastic food. If you are planning your Big Day and you would love to tantalize your guests with a meal to be remembered, the following wedding food trends may inspire you.

Plant-Based Dishes
Top wedding site, Brides,has deemed plant-based options at weddings to be one of the biggest trends dominating the industry and it makes sense. The popularity of vegan and vegetarian cuisines has grown vertiginously over the past few years, with Gallup research indicating that in January 2020, almost a quarter of all Americans reported eating less meat in the year 2019 than they did previously. Recently, Google Trends indicated that the popularity of veganism is at a record high, with top search terms including 'vegan recipes'. Plant-based foods perfectly match another big trend: that of eco-friendly weddings. The latter feature everything from recycled flowers to pre-loved wedding attire, recycled wedding stationery for invitations, and the use of flower pots instead of cut flowers to decorate tables and common areas. Since the meat industry is a major source of carbon emissions, cutting back on meat consumption at your wedding can be seen as your contribution to the sustainability movement.

Barbecue Feasts
The year 2021 has also seen a dramatic rise in the appreciation for nature and the outdoor lifestyle, owing in no small part to the weeks or months spent indoors in 2020. It's all about celebrating the wonder of open-air events, surrounded by the soothing effect of trees, water features, and flowers. Über-trendy couples are opting for barbecue fests in which grills (both standard and Josper) and outdoor woodfired ovens enable guests to enjoy dishes like grilled vegetables and meat and freshly made pizza, Italian-style.

Food Truck Fixation
Food trucks are a fantastic way to try foods from different nations, with have made them particularly attractive to food-loving brides and grooms. These trucks don't have to be the main source of food, of course. They can be used to serve bite-sized delights, sliders, soup and the like, at cocktail hour before guests head to their respective tables. Food trucks are also ideal at the post-reception dance party. Imagine staying up until the early hours of the morning dancing and fuelling up with a burger, hotdog, popcorn, or bagel, sourced directly from your food truck of choice.

Comfort Foods
Weddings were once seen as the ultimate place in which to show one's sophistication and elegance, but the millennial generation has spoken and many traditional foods are being replaced by comfort foods like fried chicken, grilled cheese sandwiches, deviled eggs, and more. Donut stands and walls are also 'in', as are buffet tables featuring an array of comfort foods guests can feel free to munch on as often as they like.

The wedding industry is back in full swing and couples are excited about sharing good times and great food with their guests. Just a few top trends to watch out for include plant-based foods, barbecues, and food trucks. Comfort foods are also at the top of many trend lists so make sure to delight your guests with at least one or two dishes that are impossible not to love, 

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