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Cake is Prepared for Prince William and Kate Middleton's Wedding

Floral Bakes Invade the Dessert Industry: Learn More About These Cakes Infused With Real Flowers

Photos of elegantly designed cakes are flooding Pinterest feeds, all of them claiming to have flower petals or flower oils in their recipes. Curious, we researched more on this trending style of floral bakes.

Congress Allows Pizza To Be Considered Vegetable In School Lunches

How to Transform Cold Pizza into Hot New Meals

Gone are your days of eating leftover pizza from your fridge rather taste your favorite pizza the following day with these simple tricks.

Insects: Our Food Of The Future?

26-Pound Python Gummy Candy and other Extremely Unusual Candy You Never Thought Existed

Candy Warehouse offers a candy theme called "Extremely, Gross and Funny" candy line which includes all the weirdest candy shapes and sizes imaginable. Have you heard of the life-sized 26-pound python made up entirely of gummy? It is made of gummy gel used to make gummy bears.

Study Reports Low-Fat Diet Does Not Cut Health Risks

Food That Make You Look Older Than Your Age

During a time where food truly matters, there are particular sorts of foods that contain particular ingredients that will do harm on your body if you keep on consuming them on regular basis. We can no more overlook what we eat as it endangers our health and ages us faster. By eliminating these foods or conveying the intake to a minimum we will have the capacity to see the waistlines contracting as well as feeling a lot better.

Cold Snap Endangers California Crops

The Truth About Drinking Lemon Water

Drinking lemon water is viewed by numerous expert nutritionists as having genuine and substantial weight reduction powers. A long way from a weight reduction myth, rather a weight loss reality, drinking lemon water speeds up weight reduction.

Wood fired gourmet pizza

Svenson Couple’s Midas Touch: Cheap Food But Better Pay at MOD Pizza

“Charging customers as little as possible while paying the team as much as possible.” This is MOD’s Pizza concept. This is the kind of brand MOD would like to establish when it started the business in 2008.

Drinkers Visit The London Beer And Cider Festival

Countries Where Alcohol is Prohibited

The nations that presently prohibit liquor are situated in Africa, the Middle East, and South Asia. Not the majority of the laws and the attending punishments for breaking them are similar. Actually, they shift generally; a few nations allow foreigners to drink with a permit, for case, while others have a zero-tolerance arrangement and disciplines that incorporate such hindrances as flogging.

New U.S. Government Eating Guidlines Issued

Pre-peeled Avocado is Making Rounds Online

People were left astounded at seeing pre-peeled and boxed avocados on a grocery store shelf. Now, it's making rounds on the Internet.

Doughnut Ladies

The Evolution of Doughnuts: From Beet, Jalapeno and Black Pepper Flavors to Oddly Shaped Doughnut Cones

Gone were the days when people are easily satisfied by the simple sugar-glazed doughnuts. From Krispy Kreme to Croughnuts, today, doughnut makers are presenting bolder versions of the humble snack like the Beet, Pineapple-Jalapeno and Black Pepper glazed doughnuts.

International Green Week Agricultural Trade Fair

Honor Easter With Cheese: How to Celebrate the Slovenian Way

In Slovania, Easter celebration is greeted with what they call a Cheese Sunday where traditional recipes made up of special cheeses are prepared and enjoyed by the family to jump-start their celebration.

Donald Trump

Donald Trump Sells Too Expensive Food: It is All About Mind Setting

Ever wonder why Trump Food Empire charges you more than you should pay? It’s all about mindsetting.

In this photo illustration glasses of clear and cloudy apple juice are displayed on January 14, 2007 in London. A Society of Chemical Industry report reveals that cloudy juice contains four times the concentration of polyphenols, also found in dark chocol

Is Juicing Good For Your Health?

Few years back, juicing was a sort of fad and mostly used by people who were more conscious about their health. Today, juicing much more popular, as more and more people are juicing to lose weight, cleanse their system and for more nutrients intake. While juicers are easily found in department stores, several juice bars have come up not in trendy California neighborhoods but also in the Midwest.

Paris Marks a Week Since Terror Attacks

Parisians Get Meat Vending Machine

24-hour meat access is now available for the Parisians, thanks to the newly installed meat vending machine in L’Ami Txulette, Paris.

New Covent Garden Flower Market Gears Up For Valentines Day : News Photo CompEmbedShareAdd to Board New Covent Garden Flower Market Gears Up For Valentines Day

What is Pink Milk?

Although drinking pure white milk is definely healthy, it doesn't hurt to try naturally flavored milk drink. According to Heathy Eating "All milk, including flavored milk, contains a unique combination of nutrients important for growth and development in kids, and for optimal health and disease prevention in adults". That's why people are getting more interested with flavored milk drink including Pink Milk or the Rose-Cardamom Almond Milk..

China Opens First Cultural Festival For Autumn Harvests In Jiangxi

Spice It Up: Effects of Eating Spicy Food on Your Health

Here are some of the health effects of eating spicy food and regularly adding spice to your meals.

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Attitudes to food waste in Russia

Throwing out food: Attitudes to food waste in Russia

Throwing out food: Attitudes to food waste in Russia

5 Foods That Will Help Detoxing From Alcohol

5 Foods That Will Help Detoxing From Alcohol

5 Foods That Will Help Detoxing From Alcohol

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WineCrisp Apples

Disease-resistant apples perform better than old favorites

Disease-resistant apples perform better than old favorites

New tool could help maintain quality during cheese production

New tool could help maintain quality during cheese production

New tool could help maintain quality during cheese production

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