Anita Valensia
Roast Beef

What Ingredient You Serve Best With Beef?

Your imagination is the limit; but when it comes to beef, there are classic ingredients that becomes a tradition and creates ever-delicious meals in the kitchen.

88th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals

Sam Smith Oscar Speech, Diet Get Social Media Buzz: Original Song Winner Vows to Never Eat Like A Horse

Oscar night wasn't the only thing that the media buzzed about. Award-winning British singer, Sam Smith, made a huge transformation of his look.

Advertising Week 2015 Rings The NASDAQ Closing Bell

Cheetos Flavors: Mexican Janitor Turned Millionaire After Giving Cheetos an Extra Kick

If you think only American Idols are living their dream, you're wrong. Behind that Flamin' Hot Cheetos, there's a man who worked as a janitor.

2016 ESSENCE Black Women In Hollywood Awards Luncheon - Inside

Oprah Winfrey Life Hacks: Host's 'Eat Bread, Lose Weight' Tweet Earns $3 Million an Hour

Only if you are Oprah Winfrey that a single tweet could possibly earn you $3 million in just one hour.

88th Annual Academy Awards - Show

Oscars 2016 Best Moments: Morgan Freeman Steals Girl Scout Cookies From Chris Rock

Spotlight may win the Best Picture in the 88th Academy Awards but it's Morgan Freeman who managed to steal the spotlight after getting on stage just to steal Girl Scout Cookies from Chris Rock!

Milk Prices Could Rise Dramatically With Fiscal Cliff Failure

Incredibly Delicious Ways to Stuff Your Oreos

Feed your Oreo addiction with some of these delicious and surprising ways to hide your Oreos! If you are used to eat them whole, this few bliss can take Oreos to the next level.

Rising Energy And Food Prices Cause Wholesale Prices To Spike Upwards

You Don’t Have To Try Hard To Cook Healthy Meals

Common foods can actually be healthy, only if you know how. These effortless methods of processing everyday nutrition can help you lose weight and reduce risks of diseases.

2016 amfAR New York Gala - Arrivals

Blake Lively, Taylor Swift & Other Hollywood A-Listers Make These in their Own Kitchens!

Little did we know that these famous people don't just dine in 5-star Michelin restaurants. In their spare times, they actually make their own dishes!

88th Annual Academy Awards - Governors Ball

Brie Larson Net Worth Soars: How Diet and Isolation Helped 'Room' Star Bag 2016 Oscars for Best Actress

Her hectic days of shooting "Room" finally pay off. Brie Larsen, who received her first Oscar for Best Actress in the 88th annual Academy Awards 2016, thanked her co-worker, 8-year-old, Jacob Tremblay and all the crew she's worked with. She also made a sweet shoutout to her real partner, Alex Greenwald.

San Francisco Approves Ordinance For Health Warnings For Sugary Soda Ads

Top 5 Secrets Food Manufacturers Don't Want You To Know

What are the deep pocketed secrets that the insiders don't want consumers to know?

Milk Prices Rise 7.5 Percent To Highest Price In 2.5 Years

Lactose-intolerant People Can Opt for These Foods for Calcium Boost

Dairy milk is healthy for the body but if you're lactose intolerant, you can opt for these calcium-boosts as an alternative for a more stomach-comforting.

Yahoo Set To Invest $20 Million In Snapchat

Mouthwatering Snapchat Accounts to Add As Friend

If you want to know what's everyone's snapping about, let's start with these mouthwatering accounts!

Brazil Faces New Health Epidemic As Mosquito-Borne Zika Virus Spreads Rapidly

Zika Virus Fact Sheet: What You Really Need To Know

Zika - a new mosquito-borne virus - has caused worldwide concern. It's an alarming condition with rapid speed. What is Zika? How does it affect your health? Why should you be worried?

Grazia Magazine Produces Issue From New Shopping Centre

Research Found Surprising Facts How Desk Job is Sabotaging Your Sleep

A recent research found that spending hours on your desk could disrupt your sleep. How's that possible?

New York City Board Of Health Approves Bloomberg's Over Sized Sugary Drink Ban

Sugary Drink Does This To Your Body After A Year

What actually happen right after we digest sugar, and what happen a decade after?

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