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Taco Bell testing out new burritos at $1

Taco Bell Testing Out Different Exciting $1 Burritos

Taco Bell Taco Bell is now testing out new $1 items that will have mind-blowing taste at a very affordable price point.

Central Perk

'Friends' Inspired Ice Cream Is Finally Here

"Friends" fans rejoice. There's a new ice cream inspired by the NBC sitcom and it comes in a rare coffee flavor.

Try These 3 New Lumpia Recipes With a Twist

Try These 3 New Lumpia Recipes With a Twist

People saw in TikTok a lumpia filled with both cream and boba, drizzled with brown sugar sesame glaze.

Meghan Markle

Meghan Markle Effect: Yogurt Shop Boomed After Oprah Winfrey Interview

When Meghan Markle talked about her humble beginnings and shared that she once worked for a frozen yogurt shop called Humphrey Yogart, the shop saw a massive boost in its sales.

Does coffee contain cockroaches?

Coffee Contains Cockroaches, One Doctor in TikTok Says

Coffee contains cockroaches, alleges a doctor on TikTok.

Air Fryer 2021

Top 3 Multi-Purpose Air Fryers for 2021

Choose wise and well, or at least trust the experts. Below are five models/brads that have passed the stringent standards of experts.

Krispy Kreme Prepares for St. Patrick's Day

Krispy Kreme Launches Green Donuts for St. Patrick's Day

Krispy Kreme introduces its green donuts, just in time for St. Patrick's Day. They certainly prepared for this holiday.

Veggie Burger

Here are 5 Best Veggie Burgers in PH, According to PETA

Veggie burgers can hold their own against standard, meat-based burgers. If you are a vegan visiting or living in the Philippines, do not think veggie burgers can only be found in other countries.


Taco Bell Brings Back the 2016 Limited Edition Quesalupa

After announcing the Crunchwrap Supreme, which had some avid fans jumping up and down, the famous chain now said it's bringing one of the fans' favorites - the Quesalupa.

Gordon Ramsey

Gordon Ramsay Launches Own Wine Brand

The wines are called Gordon Ramsay Signature Wines. The famous chef crafted by the wines in collaboration with winemaker and Master Sommelier Chris Miller at Seabold Cellars located in Monterey, California


3 Benefits to Eating Raisins You Might Not Know About

Raisins are so easy to eat. You can just eat them from the box or sprinkle them on top of your oats, which are also known to be rich in fiber, for that extra digestion boost.

Leonardo Di Caprio

Leonardo DiCaprio Implores Fans to Stop Eating This Food

He wants his fans to drop meat too, not because he wants them to become vegans, but he believes doing so will save the planet from its impending ruin due to climate change.

Marshmallow cake

Peeps Easter Cake Kit Returns for Easter With New Flavor

The Peeps Easter Cake Kit includes one sunny yellow mug that is actually microwavable and at the same time, adorned with the cutests of Peeps chicks and bunnies, and then one marshmallow flavored cake mix that has mini marshmallows in it.

Starbucks' Secret Menu

Starbucks' Cinnamon Toast Crunch Drink Is the Latest Secret Menu Drink You Must Try

Note that Starbucks' Cinnamon Toast Crunch cannot be ordered using this name exactly, or else you would be met with some raised eyebrows.


Chili's Selling Gallon Margarita To-Go

At select Chili's locations, fans can get margaritas by the gallon and to-go.

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