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Overcoming Inflammation with Food

Eliminating inflammation the natural way is possible with these 10 foods that are known to have anti-inflammatory properties.

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A Diet Heavy on High Glycemic Index Foods Increases Lung Cancer Risk

Researcher discovered an alarming 49 percent increase in lung cancer risk for those who eat a diet heavy in high glycemic index foods.

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Turning Surplus Bread to Beer: A Delicious Solution to the Food Waste Problem

A new, more compelling reason not to waste surplus bread; turns out it could be transformed into something even more delicious and thirst-quenching - beer. A brewing company solves UK's bread waste problem by turning bread into beer.

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Gourmet Food in the Workplace: One more Reason to Work at Google and Apple

Tech companies are offering gourmet meals as part of employees perks. When you come to think of it, a career in IT does look promising.

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Chef Jean-Christophe Novelli's Low Sugar Desserts: Indulge Without Guilt

Indulging one's sweet cravings need not be unhealthy with Celebrity Chef Jean-Christophe Novelli's low sugar, low calorie desserts.

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Healthier Cooking With Cast Iron Pans

People are switching back to good-old cast iron pans due to health risks posed by teflon-coated ones.


Protein-Packed Cereals: The New Breakfast Trend

Cereals have undergone a metamorphosis lately, some are no longer the sugary and carbohydrate-dense options they once were. Major brands are now offering protein-enhanced, low glycemic and fiber-rich variants the health conscious crowd would surely love.

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Lose Weight and Fight Diabetes Using this High Fat Diet

There is a resurgence in the ketogenic diet as it has been shown to lower blood glucose levels, improve insulin resistance and promote weight loss. This high-fat low carb diet might be the ideal diet for diabetes management as well as for people trying to lose excess weight.


Men Can Cut Prostate Cancer Risk by Going Vegan

A recent study shows that vegetarian men have a 35 percent lower prostate cancer risk compared to meateaters.


Fruits and Vegetables Declining in Nutrients

Did you know that fruits and vegetables today contains lesser nutrients than previous decade? Numerous studies have already revealed this trend.


Tea Reduces Both Heart Disease Risk and Calcium Buildup Says Study

Tea reduces heart disease risk as well as calcium buildup in the arteries, according to a new study.


Can Cholesterol Problems be Inherited?

A U.S. study links a mother's high LDL level to a higher risk of her children developing high LDL levels later in adulthood.


Think Your Latte Costs an Arm and A Leg? Check Out This Latest Starbucks Price Compilation

The list, compiled by Thrillist writer Matt Meltzer, shows the latte’s prices in 30 different countries as of February 19, 2016 converted into US dollars of course. It has generated some buzz lately which just goes to show how much people love anything Starbucks maybe because it’s the perfect place for that almost obligatory morning coffee selfies.

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Lower-Priced Fruits and Vegetables and Higher-Priced Sodas, Can the Combination Beat Obesity?

After decades of preaching good nutrition with no result, is pricing structure the way to beat the obesity problem?

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Cholesterol Problems? Here is What you Need to Know

Cholesterol is a dreaded word these days. Yet most people only have a vague idea on what cholesterol actually is. Probably, a number out there are still unaware that there are two sides to cholesterol: the bad (LDL) and the good (HDL). Learn how to increase your good cholesterol while lowering your bad cholesterol at the same time.

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Food Biz
10 Facts about Fast Food Consumption Among College Students

10 Facts about Fast Food Consumption Among College Students

Many college students are obese because of fast food consumption. This is a serious problem, which isn't as difficult as problems with learning. However, it's very difficult to refuse the consumption of fast food. A group of academic experts from a company CustomWritings (which offers professional essay writing services) offer 10 interesting facts related to this problem, which are very interesting.

5 Foods To Eat To Get A Perfect Nights Sleep

5 Foods To Eat To Get A Perfect Nights Sleep

Everyone wants to sleep well at night, but it seems that so few of us actually understand the correlation between what we eat and how we sleep. While we understand that getting a great night of sleep on a regular basis is essential for good health, it is another thing entirely to understand how we can actually get to that point.

How what you eat affects your teeth

How What you Eat Affects your Teeth

We constantly hear how diet influences our health, after all, we know that eating too much of the wrong type of food can make you overweight and lead to you developing dangerous diseases like diabetes and heart disease.

Food Tech
How to Choose the Best Food for Perfect Living

How to Choose the Best Food for Perfect Living

Selecting the right food is a great job which should be carefully done on one behalf of the health status.

Elizabeth Reid In New York City: Eat Like A Local

How to Eat Well When on Vacation

Finding new restaurants to eat at while on vacation doesn't need to be a stressful experience. With a little research, making the most of your surroundings, and some help from the locals, you can have a culinary experience that enhances the whole trip.

What to Consider When Camping through Wine Countries?

What to Consider When Camping through Wine Countries?

It's absolutely and insanely expensive, so never mind. You would probably think like this when somebody invited you to spend a weekend in a wine region. Perhaps you presume that wines are expensive, so as its origin, right? That makes sense. But you, my friend, should know that there is a way to enjoy and explore the valley on a dime.

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