Pao Uychiat
Korean Soul Food

Experience Soul Food in Seoul Through Your Computer

Taking photos of your food is passe in South Korea. The latest craze is to login and watch people eat, and you can do this from anywhere in the world.

Woman Smelling Spoiled Food

Can Your Computer Smell Food Spoilage?

New technology paves the way for computers to smell if your food is spoiled.

Comfort Food in Airlines

How Comfort Food Plan Started In the Airline Industry

When people get on planes, they usually don't expect a lot from in-flight food. They are also not interested in eating healthy food options. Aoifie Ryan said that people who get on these flights want comfort food like crisps, sweets and snacks.

Healthy Food Choices

Better Eating Choices can Save Lives, According to Recent Studies

Better food choices and choosing to live a healthy lifestyle are two of the choices that most people in this generation are beginning to realize more and more.

Regular exercise

Regular Exercise Makes the Body Function Properly

Some exercise to have more energy, build muscles, lose weight, look more attractive or to decrease the risk of health problems later in life. Overall, people choose to work out to make their bodies look good and function properly.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Combat Post Traumatic Stress Disorder with Exercise

PTSD is a term we usually hear when someone experienced something traumatic, stressful and sometimes life changing situations. These people are then directed to a therapist and some other drugs. According to Brisbane Times, there is a study that says that exercise can be a treatment for PTSD.

Happy Emplyees

Research Shows Exercising During Work Hours Makes Employees Happy, Inspired and Energized

Study shows that exercising at work make employees more productive, happier and suffer less stress.

Get Enough Sleep to Avoid Diseases

Study Shows that Too Little Sleep Can Give a Higher Risk of Diabetes and Chronic Renal Disease

Study Shows that Too Little Sleep Can Give a Higher Risk of Diabetes and Chronic Renal Disease

Old People Exercising

Exercise: Study Shows It's Never Too Late to Start Now

A Canadian woman who didn't start exercising until she was 77 became an athletics champion at 93 and has 30 world records under her name. When her brain was examined, they found out that her brain was different from other 90 year olds.

Best-before dates, food waste piles up

Best-Before Dates: Just a Supermarket Marketing Strategy?

The sell-by date was first introduced by M&S in the 70's. This was designed as a way to control stocks that would enable the retailers to ensure the proper turnover of products.

New Supermaket means new food selections

Study Shows New Supermarkets Have an Impact on People's Diet

Every time a new supermarket opens, people change their diet as well. They tend to have a feeling that they want to try anything and everything the new store can offer and this doesn't necessarily mean healthier choices.

Junk Food

Study Shows That Even A Little Junk Food Can Be Too Much

Once in a while, people usually give in to a little indulgence in junk food. A cookie after dinner or a donut to go with coffee wouldn't hurt. However in an article in Daily Mail, even a little junk food is too much as per experts

Wine and Vegan Food

Which Vegan Food is Best Paired with Certain Types of Wine?

Looking for vegan food to match wine is a broad question that may have a lot of answer and opinions as well.

Big portions of food to satisfy your hunger? Not necessarily, according to a new study.

Research Says Size Isn't Everything When It Comes to Food

There is a new study from the University of British Columbia that bigger portions of food isn't necessary when it comes to how much food a person needs in order to satisfy his hunger.


Safe Food Preparation for Diabetics

National Diabetes Month is observed every November. This month can help many health and government agencies spread awareness and better understanding of the disease.

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