Relieve Joint Pain With These Foods

Relieve Joint Pain With These Foods

Living with chronic joint pain? Relieve your pain with these foods that target joint pain and inflammation.

Woman with Back Pain

Daily Steps to Follow In Order to Ease Arthritis Pain

These simple steps help realize the long-term goal of treating arthritis. He then detailed some ways to ease the pain cause by arthritis.


Left-handedness: A Few Facts Worth Knowing

Some aspects of being left-handed have been found to have an effect on an individual's health and personality. A few facts about left-handedness are listed here.

Organic Fruits And Vegetables

Gout And Tomatoes ARE Related As Popular Belief Claims, New Study Finds

Historically known as the "rich man's disease," gout has seen a rise in the past few decades as more harmful elements have entered the Western world's diet, besides the rising life expectancies of the population - and, for centuries, sufferers of this condition have claimed that tomatoes are gout-inducing in one way or another, something that's now being backed by science.

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