Red Onions

Red Onions Are Rumored to Be the Cause of Salmonella Outbreak in Canada

Red onions from the U.S were reported to be the cause of the salmonella outbreak in Canada.

The Park Grand Opening In Las Vegas

OpenTable Releases List of Top 10 Restaurants in the United States

Reservation service OpenTable has announced its top 10 restaurants in the United States for 2016.

New Study Tests Health Benefits Of Chocolate's Cocoa Flavanols In Pill Form

Eating Legumes Helps Keep You From Getting Fat

Eating beans can speed weight loss and boost your health.

2011 Gruene Woche Agricultural Trade Fair

Ugly Vegetables Becoming a Hit in Canada

The "ugly vegetables" movement is really gaining ground, and Canada is showing love for these much-maligned veggies!

German Breaded cutlet

Canadian Food Trend: How Food Looks like in 2016

Technomic, a US research firm, released their predictions about what they think would be served for Canadian dinners next year.

Canadians Going Hungry?: Food Bank Visits Spike Up in Alberta and Across Canada

Canadians Going Hungry?: Food Bank Visits Spike Up in Alberta and Across Canada

The low utilization rate of oil patch drilling in Canada led to a staggering 67,443 hungry people seeking assistance from the Canadian food banks which is a 23.4 percent increase compared to March of 2014

Canada Addresses Issue with 'Added Sugars' Label

Canada Addresses Issue with 'Added Sugars' Label

Canada addresses issue with 'added sugars' label.


Genetically Modified Salmon Could Soon Be In Stores

AquAdvantage, the company behind genetically modified salmon, is getting closer to having its product on supermarket shelves, after applying to sell its fish in Canada.


Recall After Canadian Meat Misses Border Inspection

USDA recalls 8,895 pounds of Canadian meat from California stores.


From Users to Brewers: Canadian Alcoholics Taught to Brew Beer

New program to teach alcoholics how to brew beer as a safer alternative.

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