Washing Fruits

3 Food Risks to Avoid This Pandemic, According to the CDC

CDC wants the public to be mindful about the particular types of materials that can be disinfected only.

Centers for Disease Control

Salmonella Infection Reaches CDC Lab

The CDC enhances its safety program in many ways including a prevention infographic that advises all of their workers to 'Leave the experiment inside the lab' in order to stay healthy outside the lab. However, the latest incident that occurs inside the center's laboratory may require CDC to consider its safety program once again

Smokeless Tobacco

Think It's All About the Smoke? Experts Say Smokeless Tobacco is Just as Harmful

Studies reveal that smokeless tobacco may do more harm than good to its users.

birth control pills

CDC: More Women are Still in Doubt of the Most Effective Contraceptive

American women are still ignoring the most effective methods of birth control in favor of the pill and sterilization.

Burger King

'CDC' Reveals Just How Much Fast Food American Kids Eat Each Day

One-third of U.S. kids eat fast food on any given day.

Donald Rumsfeld Press Briefing

Anthrax Virus: Pentagon FedExed Bioweapons To US Army Labs, 22 Maybe Exposed In South Korea

In a fairly massive and worrying mistake, the United States government has inadvertently sent the anthrax virus from Pentagon to a series of research labs within the country and even a military base located in South Korea, causing panic.


CDC Sodium Guidelines Too Low for Good Health: Eat More Salt

Do you eat too much salt? You may be eating just the right amount, surprisingly. A new study has found that the average daily sodium intake of most Americans is associated with better health than the levels currently recommended by the CDC.


Cheese Related Death and Illness Lead to Recall

CDC recalls cheese that caused outbreak of listeria.

Royal Caribbean Cruise Ship

Cruise Ship Outbreak Update: CDC Health Officials Remain Aboard to Monitor Patients and Collect Samples

Health officials will reside aboard the Royal Caribbean cruise until it hits port in New Jersey after a "fast-moving gut bug," sickened nearly 650 people.


Food Poisonings Related to Dairy And Poultry Bacteria Are Up According to CDC

According to a new study conducted by the CDC, poisonings from dairy and poultry related bacteria are up

Berries against high blood pressure

Foods Against High Blood Pressure

Here are several tips to help lower your blood pressure numbers while you eat delicious food.

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