Dark chocolate Shown To Boost Heart-Protecting Antioxidants in the blood.

New Yorkers Might Need More Chocolate Consumptions, Research Suggests

For decades, psychologist Merrill Elias had been examining cognitive abilities of the people in New York. The finding was said to be quite representative of the New York population.

Chocolate counter at Jacques Torres Chocolate Shop

7 Gourmet Chocolatiers in the USA

With the versatlity and deliciousness of chocolate, it's no wonder that there are people who are pushing the limits to what chocolate can become. Meet seven great chocolatiers who craft beautiful chocolate items for your pleasure and palette.

Hershey's Chocolate World Grand Opening At New York-New York Hotel & Casino

Hershey's To Release Carrot Cake Kisses for Easter

The American company has announced the seasonal product in time for Easter.

Valentine’s Day: Best Gifts For Food Lovers

Valentine’s Day: Best Gifts For Food Lovers

For average American, Valentine’s Day means celebrating to some extent with a candle lit dinner, or having food outside. However, as with all the food addicts, booking mediocre restaurants with inflated prices might make it tough enough to enjoy the flavor of the food, and for them, Valentine’s Day’s gifts can be a perfect choice.

Treat Companies go an Extra Mile to get Customers Back

Oreo & Chocolate Companies Go an Extra Mile to Get Customers Back

Companies, such as those famous for creating treats like Oreo and chocolates, are now bent on creating healthy snacks with chia seeds and protein bars to bring back their customers.

Wine and Chocolate

The Sirt Diet: Boosting Health and Aiding Weight loss through Red Wine and Chocolates

Feels like it's Valentine's Day Everyday! The Sirtfood Diet is for sure to be loved by many this 2016. The name of newest fad came about because of the so-called sirt rich foods. Imagine indulging in red wine and chocolate, yet being healthy as well? That maybe some people's idea of heaven.

Cocoa beans

A New Era of Chocolates are on the Rise

The Belgian researchers bred robust hybrid yeasts to produce new flavors in fermented cocoa.

Pros and Cons of Eating Chocolate

Chocolates: The Godd and The Bad

Chocolate may taste heavenly but there are also reasons why people shouldn’t eat too much of it.


Chocolate Cravings: Study Finds Out Effective Way To Fight It

According to a new study, people can fight their chocolate cravings by just imagining eating lots of it. In a country where people eat 11kg of chocolate a year, research findings suggest an effective way to resist the sugary fix.

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