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Make Your Own Tropical Mocktails Using Kombucha

Whether you're making them for yourself, your family, or your guests, mocktails make for the best refreshments this season. And with GT's Living Foods authentic Kombucha, these fun tropical mocktail recipes we have for you are all healthy, refreshing, and organic.


Thanksgiving Celebration: How to Make Your Cocktails Healthier

With the help of dietitians, healthy cocktails were identified to be enjoyed this Christmas season.

Healthy Fruity Cocktails.

Healthy Fruity Cocktails.

A lot of people lately has less time for themselves and more on their career and whatever business they have. And when they do have time for themselves, it would surely be with a glass of liquor or cocktails before going back to the real busy and selfless world. There are cocktails that would surely make a person feel good and satisfied with their decision of having a drink even just for a short time. These kind of drinks are the kind of drink that a person will enjoy because of its healthy fruity flavor and not so strong alcohol in it.

the Daiquiri Factory

Washington Bar Serves 'Date Grape Koolaid,' Sparking Outrage From Rape Victims

A Washington bar is causing a big stir with one of its new menu items, a drink called "Date Grape Koolaid."

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