edible insects
Dried mealworms seasoned with an African rub of cinnamon, coriander, pepper and other spices bought at a store selling insects for human consumption lie presented on a slice of bread on May 7, 2014 in Berlin, Germany.

French Insect Pasta Seller Struggling To Cope With Demand

A small artisanal pasta shop in France's Thiefosse, named Atelier a Pates, is witnessing booming business after they introduced a new high-protein pasta created from flour with seven percent pulverized crickets or grasshoppers some four years back.

Candy Expo Opens In Chicago

Bizarre Snacks for the Adventurous Palette

Looking for something crazy to spice up your next movie night? Hankering for something salty or sweet that's going to widen your food horizon? Check out these snack offerings.

Bugs: Are They Healthy Food Choice?

Granola Bars with Edible Insects and Cricket Flour: Bugs Makiing Their Way Into Our Food, Healthy Food Choice for Everyone?

In the present times, common bugs like mealworms, crickets, caterpillars and ants are being treated as hottest trends in the food industry. However, not all like to have these for breakfast or dinner.

Mealworms Can Be the Solution to the World's Styrofoam Problem

Edible Insects: Solving the Global Food Problem

Edible insects could be the next trend in the food industry that just might solve global food source problems

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