Study Finds Eating Half an Egg a Day Heightens Risk of Death by 7%

Study Finds Eating Half an Egg a Day Heightens Risk of Death by 7%

Even a half egg is related to an increased risk of death, according to a study.

Poultry and Hog Farms Face Possible Dioxin Contamination

Egg Substitutes For Vegans

Vegetarians are people who don't eat meat, fish or poultry. And it takes commitment, will power and dedication to live up to the veganism. Those who turn vegan need to give up a lot of types of food including eggs. And it's no easy task. To help new vegans adjust, here's a list of egg substitutes for the vegetarians:

Fried Egg

Are Eggs Back to Being Healthy Again? It Depends Who You Ask

Probably no other food item had such a traumatic experience as the egg. And it’s not about the “which came first egg or chicken” trick question either. For the past decades, the egg was either hailed as the healthiest of foods available due to its nutrients or as being a demon coming from the deepest part of nutritional hell due to its cholesterol content.

Price Of Eggs Set To Rise As Avian Flu In Midwest Affects National Supply Chain

Gut-busting Food Myths BUSTED

The truth behind some of your pantry staples.

Poultry and Hog Farms Face Possible Dioxin Contamination

Egg Recipes: Eat Eggs For A Whole Month

We challenge you to do the 30-day egg challenge! Don't worry, the recipes are on us!

Paleo is yummy too!

Paleo is NOT Boring! New Recipes To Try!

Many people are intimidated by the Paleo Diet. For some, even the technical name of the diet is enough reason for them not to try it. However, the diet is actually simple.

Poultry and Hog Farms Face Possible Dioxin Contamination

Superb Egg Hacks to Help Your Morning Preparations

Manage eggs in the efficient way! You will see wonders happening on a runaway morning.


Awesome Egg Dishes To Make For Dinner

With regards to making a fast and nutritious breakfast, eggs are the undeniable option. They're easy but difficult to make, inexpensive and will make you full until it's the ideal time for lunch. Here are several egg dishes to make for dinner.

Patron pours sugar into a cup of Cafe Au Lait

Food Changes That Will Help Boost Your Metabolism

More than just eating the right food and working out at the gym, improving metabolism is also one of the primary concerns of weight watchers everywhere. And while your body is always burning fat, sometimes it needs a little boost.


Facts You Probably Didn't Know About One of America's Most-Loved Food – Eggs!

Americans love their eggs. Dubbed as the "perfect whole food", eggs are a great source of protein, fats, and vitamins. But as much as you love your eggs for all they're worth, there is a number of surprising things you are yet to find out about this staple breakfast food.


Farmers Fight California Egg Law: Legal Scramble for Chicken Cages

Chickens in California must be in larger cages for their eggs to be sold, but farmers are fighting back.

A 32-Year-Old Freelance Sound Mixer Earns up to $75,000 a Month

Hampton Creek Foods Announces 23 Million in Funding

Wealthy investors are throwing money at the upstart food technology company.

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PepsiCo. Shakes Up Cocktail Time with Four New Mixers

It seems to be saying that people, whether they have colorful, bright personalities, or black and white persona, can certainly enjoy these new cocktail mixers from PepsiCo.

Beyond Food: Why Fast-Food Chains Are Now Selling Non-edible Creations

Why Fast-Food Chains Are Now Selling Non-Edible Creations

Why are fast-food chains offering merchs now?

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Nestlé Toll House Makes Baking Sparkly With New Disco Glitter Chocolate Chip Morsels

Nestlé Toll House releases new disco glitter chocolate chip morsels, which can make any of your chocolate creations cuter, prettier, and sparklier!

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