Hershey's Chocolate

Why Hershey's Chocolate "Tastes Like Vomit"

For foreigners who have heir own versions of chocolate, Hershey's chocolate actually tastes gross.

Hershey's Chocolate World Grand Opening At New York-New York Hotel & Casino

Hershey's To Release Carrot Cake Kisses for Easter

The American company has announced the seasonal product in time for Easter.

Treat Companies go an Extra Mile to get Customers Back

Oreo & Chocolate Companies Go an Extra Mile to Get Customers Back

Companies, such as those famous for creating treats like Oreo and chocolates, are now bent on creating healthy snacks with chia seeds and protein bars to bring back their customers.


Hershey Wants To Reach $10 Billion Mark By 2017

Michele Buck, SVP and Chief Growth Officer at The Hershey Co., is setting the chocolate companies goals extremely high. According to Forbes, she wants the company to reach the $10 billion mark by 2017, a 50% increase over the $6.6 billion in revenues it posted last year.

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