The Annual Wine Competition Tastings In Tel Aviv

"Wine Bathing" The Reason Why Japanese People Are Suddenly Bathing In Wine

Where are Japanese people incorporate wine with their beauty regimen?

Onigiri bear bento

Recipe in Movie: Onigiri in Kamome Diner

Kamome Diner is a tranquil and heart-warming movie. In Helsinki, Finland which is the country of the north-pole fairy, aurora, Santa Claus and reindeers, a new restaurant opens.

Sweet sushi

Sweet Sushi: Fruits Maki

Have you ever had sweet sushi before at the party? Now make one at home. Your creative imagination would be revived. It's also easy to make even to the beginners.


Japanese Popular Lunch Menu: Oyako Domburi

Oyako literally means parent and child in reference to the fact that this dish’s main ingredients are both chicken and eggs. This very traditional Japanese rice bowl dish (domburi) with toppings can be found in almost any noodle shop in Japan.


Sushi Recipes: Inari-zushi

Inari-zushi is suitable for picnic foods. It is made of deep-fried tofu that tastes sweet and nicely salty. The shape of Inari-zushi is similar to the pocket filled with seasoned rice. You can make these filling with finely chopped carrot, lotus root, cucumber, sesames, black seeds and so on.


Sushi Recipes: Temakizushi (Temaki-zushi)

Temaki-zushi is the one of the easiest sushi to make at home. “Te” means hands, “Maki” means “roll”.


Making Sushi At Home + Tips

The most important thing for making sushi is the temperature of sushi. It should be maintained 40F, so your hands need to be soaked in ice water frequently while cooking. When seasoning the rice, use vinegar made from rice. It is sourer then usual vinegers and the sourness lasts long, which makes the taste more flavorful and maintain freshness.

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