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Eating Meditation: A New Trend to Lose Weight

A new trend in West Hollywood is giving us a new alternative way of losing those pounds. On the brink of making a New Year's resolution, some take to meditative eating as a means to enjoy food more and to worry less about dieting.

Indonesia Commemorates Buddha's Birthday

'Power of Meditation' One of San Francisco's Toughest Schools Transformed by the Power of Meditation

Meditation can work wonders both in the physical and mental aspects of the individual.

Shaolin Monks Rehearse Ahead Of Their New Show

'Mindful Meditation' An Effective Way in Reducing Depression and Anxiety

Meditation is an active way to treat depression.

Vesak Day Marks Buddha's Birthday In Indonesia

Different Types of Meditation and It's Effects on the Brain

Each mediation technique is different from the other.

Indonesia Commemorates Buddha's Birthday

"Your Mind Changes Your Brain" How Meditation Changes the Brain's Pathways

Not only does it calm the mind, but meditation also changes the brain.


Meditation Over Morphine: Which is More Effective to as Pain Reliever?

Morphine is constantly being administered as an analgesic and narcotic medicine to relieve and reduce pain.


Meditation and Pain: Studies show that meditation can reduce pain by 44%

An in depth study proving how meditation can help cut pain level by 44%.

A woman doing meditation outdoors.

Health Benefits We Can Get from Meditation

There are a lot of health benefits people can get from meditation.

Mindfulness meditation helps in gaining strength to manage uncontrollable thoughts and attitude.

Mindfulness: An Effective Way to Stay Calm and Productive

Study reveals that mindfulness- a condition of the mind that exemplifies a person's consciousness on the present events while staying calm even feelings and thoughts are running in her mind is a method that strengthens a person's ability to be productive by changing the condition of the brain.


Mindful Meditation Helps People Quit Smoking And Other Bad Habits

According to a new study, mindful meditation can help people break their bad habits such as smoking, overeating, and other vices.

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