Chipotle Becomes First Non-GMO US Restaurant Chain

Chipotle Restaurant Shuts Down Because of Norovirus

Mexican grill restaurant, Chipotle, shuts down today due to an employee testing positive for norovirus. According to Buzzfeed, Chipotle shuts down for cleaning immediately after this incident occurred.

Drakes Bay Oyster Company Marks Closing After Feds Deny Use Of Federal Lands

Recall for Oregon Raw Oysters Linked to Norovirus

Oregon health officials ordered a recall for oysters harvested from Yaquina Bay, Oregon which was sold to retailers, restaurant and direct to consumers. This comes after 17 people who ate them were found to have contracted norovirus according to Food Safety News.

Bye Bye Oysters?

This Food Poisoning Expert Doesn't Eat These 6 Foods; Should You Too?

If the recent cases of food poisoning made you paranoid about the cleanliness of the food you are having and made you scared for your overall tummy health, try to consider the tips of a food poisoning expert-especially the food he will never ever eat for precaution.

Chipotle Closes Over 40 Restaurants In Portland Area Over E. Coli Outbreak

Free Burrito: Chipotle to Offer Food on the House in Hopes of Regaining New Customers

In hopes of regaining new customers, Chipotle is offering free burritos. Dates for the said giveaway are yet to be announced.

For Your Information

Lessons from the Chipotle Fiasco: How To Avoid Food Poisoning

Since news about the Chipotle food poisoning broke, a lot of people became more concerned about the food they eat. The public began to realize that even renowned brands and giant food chains can also be the breeding ground for the next food related fiasco in town.

Improper food handling

1 in 10 Gets Sick From Food Around the World Yearly, WHO says

The issue of foodborne diseases affecting health in Southeast Asia is one of the highest in the world based on the recent findings of the World Health Organization.

Vaccine Research At Bavarian Nordic A/S Pharmaceuticals

Vomiting Can Spread Contagious Viruses, Study Says

Researchers has proven that vomit can spread norovirus which is usually the cause of viral gastroenteritis that can affect humans regardless of their age. The contagious stomach ailment can cause diarrhea and stomach cramps.


Can Pizza Help Stop a Virus?

Oregano oil could stop the spread of norovirus.

The Mohonk Mountain House

Norovirus Outbreak Forced Historic New York State Resort to Shutdown

Cruise ships are not the only venues catching the norovirus.

Royal Caribbean Cruise Ship

New Strain of Norovirus Responsible for Royal Caribbean Cruise Nightmare

The fast moving stomach bug that affected more than 700 people aboard the Royal Caribbean Explorer has been identified as a new strain of norovirus.

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