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Washoe County Schools Forbid Unhealthy Snacks

Following the order of Washoe County School District (WCSD), snack restrictions will be strictly implemented in all Washoe County Schools. Nutritional standards have been set since 2006 by the Washoe County School Board for every food and drink offered during the school day but WCSD admits that it finds it difficult to totally implement eating healthy snacks to Washoe Country School kids.

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Are Supermarket Prepared Meals Really Healthier?

The supermarket prepared meal market has grown into a $29 billion annual industry fueled mainly by customers' growing concern for healthy eating and the convenience offered by these ready to eat meals. Consumer Reports investigated some of these prepared meals to check if they are really as healthy as perceived.


FDA to Revise Nutritional Facts on Food Labels

The FDA announced on Thursday that the nutrition labels on the back of your favorite snacks will soon become easier to read.

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