Little Caesars

Little Caesars Tops Healthy Fast Food List

Results showed that Little Caesars only have an aResults showed that Little Caesars only have an average calorie count of 304kcal. The same study also suggests McDonald's is healthier than Subway.verage calorie count of 304kcal.

Sandwich Giant Subway Faces a shortage for some of its Ingredients due to the Brexit Transition Ending

Subway Faces Shortage of Ingredients Due to Brexit Transition Ending

Brexit transition ending causes Subway to have a shortage on some of its ingredients


Subway Faces Lawsuit Over 'Fake' Tuna Sandwiches and Wraps

Subway is facing a new lawsuit claiming that their tuna sandwiches and wraps are fake for actually not containing any tuna at all.

10% of Subway Store Closes Struggling Last Year Due to COVID-19

10% of Subway Store Closes Struggling Last Year Due to COVID-19

Pandemic affects the fast-food chain Subway as some of its stores close

'Food Treats': Subway Unveils New Menu; Cheesecake Factory Offers 2 Free Slices

'Food Treats': Subway Unveils New Menu; Cheesecake Factory Offers 2 Free Slices

Brace yourself for The Cheesecake Factory's free two slices and Subways new menu this 2021.

A man outside a Subway restaurant in Miami, Florida.

Subway Rolls Out New Menu Boards with Calorie Count in All US Outlets

The delay in implementing the federal rule necessitating that all food chains declare the calorie count of the foods served by them on their menu boards notwithstanding, the popular sandwich chain has announced that all its 27,000 outlets across the United States will have new calorie boards with calorie counts from April 11.

Subway Settles Not-Really Foot Long Sandwich Litigation

Subway's Footlongs are Finally an Actual Foot Long!

When it comes to advertising, you want to be able to get what you pay for, so when you pay for a foot long, you should get 12-inches of sandwich, darn it! Subway finally caves to customer pressure, and makes its Footlong subs actually a foot long.

Healthier, more Delicious Subs: Subway Introduces New Menu Items

Subway Introduces New Menu Items: Get Ready for Healthier, More Delicious Subs

Subway going crowds have a lot to celebrate these days. The Connecticut-based sandwich chain recently announced several new premium items available in their menu.

Blake Shelton: On set With Pizza Hut To Launch New BBQ Pizzas

Saltiest Fast Foods In America: Did Your Fave Restaurant Make The List?

Fast foods, as the name suggests, come with a pretty bad reputation for the health enthusiasts.

Pizza Hut: This popular pizza chain is in America's top 8 food franchises.

8 Top Food Franchises in the US

Food chain franchise is often much more for people than a simple food business venture. For some it is a real estate purchase since the presence of food businesses, especially of the big chain type, tend to contribute to real estate value change. McDonald's Fast Food Franchises founder Ray Kroc, for example, once said: "We're not in the hamburger business. We're in show business." In the US, compiled this list of best franchises based on expansion plans, financial stability, and franchise opening cost and summarised in Franchise 500 scores.

Salt Shaker

McDonald's, KFC, Subway Serve Food With High Salt Levels, Research Says

A study made by the World Action on Salt and Health (WASH) revealed that famous fast food chains in the world including KFC, McDonald's and Subway are selling foods for children that contains high amounts of salt enough to make authorities and parents worry.

McDonalds To Offer Its Breakfast Menu All Day Long

McDonald’s Breakfast FAVORITE For 'Breakfastarian' Perpetually Craving Breakfast Food – Egg McMuffin Still A Hit!

It's been a rough few months for the biggest fast food chain in the world, as the Golden Arches restaurants are going through their worst period sales-wise in more than a decade, launching a series of different campaigns to bring their numbers back up, to little results - but it seems like they've finally gotten it right with the new McDonald's breakfast strategy!


Quiznos Files For Bankruptcy

First Sbarro Pizza file for bankruptcy, and now Quiznos.


Yoga Mat Compound Not Subway Exclusive

The Subway bread dilemma is not just isolated to sandwiches, but is in over 500 common foods.


Chemical in Yoga Mats and Shoes Discovered in Nearly 500 Foods

When you bite into a piece of bread, you expect it to be made out of grains, yeast, eggs and other natural ingredients. What you're probably not expecting is to also be biting into a chemical that can be found in shoes and yoga mats.

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