5 Foods You Should Eat every day According to Experts.

5 Foods You Should Eat Every Day for a Longer Life Span

Have these foods you should eat every day ready to promote better health

Check Your Freezers, if you Have this Meat get rid of it

If You Have this Meat in Your Freezer, Get Rid of it Right Away

FSIS issues a recall on various meat products

Buyer Beware: Chicken From China Carries Fake USDA Stamp

Buyer Beware: Chicken From China Carries Fake USDA Stamp

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) alerts people regarding a Chinese imported chicken with a fake USDA stamp.

WARNING! Health Alerts Issued by USDA on Beef Stock, Samosas, and Tamales

WARNING! Health Alerts Issued by USDA on Beef Stock, Samosas, and Tamales

Find out which products are included in FSIS' alert advisory.

Food Stamp Recertification Reinstates by USDA, Food Experts Worry

Food Stamp Recertification to be Reinstated by USDA, Food Experts Worry

Food stamp recertification wants to be reinstated by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, which will require already approved applicants for food stamps to prove that their income is low enough to maintain the benefits.

USDA Urges to Extend Food Program Waivers

Sen. Debbi Stabenow Urges USDA to Extend Food Program Waivers

U.S senator Debbi Stabenow of Michigan warned on Tuesday that the USDA will not continue providing food program waivers unless Congress acts.

Americans Attend Christmas Party At U.S. Embassy In Baghdad

Which is Safer: Rare or Medium Rare?

We thought tipping was the most questioned issue in restaurants, until we found medium-rare meat. Based on the USDA and culinary professionals, here's a guideline to cooking your steak!

Congress Prepares To Vote On Bush's Plan For Head Start Program

USDA Offers $6.8 Million Grant to Celebrate 50 Years of School Breakfast Program

To celebrate USDA's 50 years of their School Breakfast Program they are offering a Team Nutrition grant worth $6.8 million for the healthy school meal program especially dedicated to school breakfast

Isreali Poultry Industry Threatened By Bird Flu Scare

USDA Cracks Down on Meat Processing Plants

USDA cracks down on meat processing plants, citing animal abuse and improper santiary practices.

Daily Life on Greece's Lesbos Island As Migrants Make The Journey From Turkey

USDA Enforce Food Retailers to Stock More Food

The agricultural department of Washington has come up with a new rule for the stocking of food by retailers who come under the Supplemental National Assistance Program (SNAP).


Know Your Beef: Here's What USDA Beef Grades Actually Mean

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) approves all beef and ranks them according to tenderness, juiciness and flavour. Do you know what each grade means though?


USDA Adds New Foods to Program for Moms and Children: Fresh Fruits and Veggies

Women and children who rely on the government's WIC program may be getting a few more menu choices. The U.S. Department of Agriculture finalized changes to the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children.


Americans Trash 133 Billion Pounds of Food: A Waste of Vegetables and Meat

How much food do you throw away after a meal? It may be far more than you'd ever suspect. Researchers have estimated that food loss at the retail and consumer levels in the U.S. was at a staggering 133 billion pounds in 2010.


Beef Feeding Corp Recall in California

Millions of pounds of diseased meat recalled by the FSIS


News Watchdogs Question Secretiveness of Food Stamp Purchases

A group of journalists and health experts are pressing the USDA to expose secretive information about food stamps

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