KFC Edible Coffee Cup: Kentucky Fried Chicken Wants You To Drink Their Coffee … And Then Eat It!

It seems that every move the fried chicken chain makes across the world ends up ...

KFC Introducing Edible Cookie Coffee Cups to the UK

Organic Food: What’s The Difference?

Organic food sounds healthy, meaning it's free of pesticides and chemicals. What ...

Organic Food

Beneful Dog Food Kills and Makes Thousands of Dogs Sick! Nestle Purina Pet Care Company Disclaims Lawsuits!

Beneful Dog Food has been killing dogs and making thousands unwell from the past ...

Beneful Dog Food

Caramel Color Cancer: Soda Ingredient Is Carcinogen, New Study Shows

Coca-Cola Post Strong Earnings

As the obesity epidemic keeps worrying scholars around the world, researchers keep an eye on the foods and drinks that have been proven to be a direct or indirect cause for the disease – but, in the process, there have been new discoveries that link sugar-high drinks to other types of diseases, like the possibility of caramel color’s cancer properties.

Glow In The Dark Ice Cream, Because Sometimes You Need To Eat Ice Cream In The Dark

Glow in the Dark Ice Cream Makes it Easy to See Dribbled on Your Clothes

For those who can’t keep away from ice cream even when the lights are out (or are just too lazy to switch it on beforehand), the glow in the dark ice cream could be positively heaven-sent!

Peanut Allergy Study UK Shows Exposure To Peanuts Early In Life Could Cut Allergy

Hormel Foods To Purchase Skippy Peanut Butter From Unilever

The Food and Drug Administration (mostly known as FDA) categorizes peanut allergy as one of the major food allergens, along with milk, eggs, fish, Crustacean shellfish, tree nuts, wheat and soybeans, which makes it one of the most dangerous ones there is; but now, a new peanut allergy study UK proposes that there’s a way to decrease the already existent allergy from an early age.

UK Declining Food Production: UK Needs To Import Foods In Coming Years-REPORT

UK Declining Food Production

UK declining food production would mean that nearly half of Britain's foods need to be imported by 2040. The National Farmers Union announced the news on Tuesday citing that farmers are not able to meet the demand on food due to the growing population.

Girl Scout Cookies 2015 Cash Box Stolen, Factory Workers Fear Losing Their Jobs, GRIM Girl Scout Cookies 2015?

Girl Scouts Sell Cookies From Street Trucks In New York City

A few months back, Food World News reported the new Girl Scout Cookies 2015 flavors, including Rah-Rah Raisins and Toffee-Tastic, kicking off the new season of the famous cookies to Katy Perry’s delight – however, news regarding the large cookie industry sold by adorable little girls seems to point out that things aren’t as innocent as they seem.

Are Fish And Chips Origins In Venice, Not United Kingdom?

Coatbridge Fish And Chip Shop Named The UK's Best

For years on end, the fish and chips origins have been assumed as being in the United Kingdom of Great Britain, as it’s one of the country’s most popular meals and has been for the longest time – however, there have been new suggestions that it actually originated from Italy.

Beefsteak Patties Recall: 21,427 Pounds Beefsteak Patties May Be Contaminated By Listeria!

Beefsteak Patties Recall

Beefsteak patties recall of approximately around 21,427 pounds is being recalled by a Columbus Ohio manufacturer, Kenosha Beef International.

McDonald’s Shamrock Shake Back For St. Patrick’s Day, Until Mid-March!

McDonald's McCafe Shamrock Shake - Mint Flavor Topped with Whipped Cream & Cherry!

Besides the colors of spring and fall, one of the best things about seeing the year and its seasons go by stands in the different food franchises across the country, as the passage of months also signifies different times for seasonal drinks ... like the McDonald's Shamrock Shake!

Anti-Aging Chocolate ‘Esthechoc’ Proved To Make 60 Year-Old Skin Look 20!

Chocolatier Prepares For Valentine's Day

In the latest scientific wonder, Cambridge University researchers are about to launch a new brand of anti-aging chocolate called “Esthechoc,” which comes after a decade of research, and its use has shown some serious improvements in skin health and rejuvenation, making subjects’ skin look up to forty years younger!

Food Biz
Shake Shack Raises Prices For Upcoming IPO

Shake Shack Instagram 100 Times More Crowded Than McDonald’s, As Wall Street NYC Fast Casual Franchise

Last January, the fast-growing New York City-based fast casual franchise went public and made more money from the starting point that had been calculated, and they made news once again after it was found that some of the top managers were gathering part of the IPO revenue; now, a new study has found that Shake Shack’s Instagram page is way more popular than that of its competitors.

Jimmy Fallon Surprises Fans at Ben & Jerry's

Viral Video Jimmy Fallon Ben & Jerry’s: Customers Get Served ‘The Tonight Dough’ … By Jimmy Fallon!

Earlier this week, Food World News reported that they’d be releasing an ice cream to honor the first anniversary of Jimmy Fallon’s hosting job in “The Tonight Show,” with a delicious flavor called “The Tonight Dough” – and now, the host himself shows his commitment to ice cream by serving it up to customers himself!

Food Label Claims That You Need To Watch For

Food Label Claims That You Need To Watch For

Are you food label addict? Wait until you read this. Not all you see in the food label means true. If a food you picked is labeled fat-free or all-natural, check the ingredients before you put that into your cart.

Food Tech
Burgeoning Craft Beer Industry Creates Niche Market For Limited Release Beers

Next Glass App: The App That Chooses Wine And Beer You’ll Love!

For those who love to have a nice glass of wine or beer during the weekends - which is just about everyone or almost -, there's a new way to keep the guessing out of the way you choose what to drink: the Next Glass app chooses drinks according to what you love!

A national survey done by the North Carolina State University and the University of Minnesota representatives suggests that most U.S. consumers are ready to accept genetically modified and nanotech products if it is enhanced with nutrition and are safe.

U.S. Consumers, Ready To Accept Genetically Modified, Nanotech Products If It Is Healthy And Safe, New Survey Reveals

A national survey done by the North Carolina State University and the University of Minnesota representatives suggests that most U.S. consumers are ready to accept genetically modified and nanotech products if it is enhanced with nutrition and are safe.

Starbucks Introduces Wireless Chargers In 200 Stores

Starbucks Introduces Wireless Chargers In 200 Stores

Starbucks Wireless Chargers – Starbucks announced that from Tuesday, there would be 200 stores in the San Francisco Bay Area which count with wireless charging spots.

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