Yogurt For Diabetes: Yay Or Nay? New Study Reveals Whether Yogurt Helps Prevent Type 2 Diabetes

Many things have been said about the consumption of this dairy derivative, but a ...

Cat Cora Named 2013 Resident Mom

Celebrity Diet Update: Mel Skyes Reveals Her Secret To Super Bod

Mel Sykes has recently revealed what her secret is in maintaining her great ...

Mel Sykes

Thanksgiving Diet: 5 Common Mistakes

Thanksgiving is definitely the time for mouth-watering foods and sometimes we ...

Thanksgiving diet
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Pregnancy Diet Update: High-Fat Diet Of Mothers Could Have Effects On Baby's Brain

Pregnancy Diet

Pregnant moms have to follow so many rules nowadays and the latest is actually about the food intake of moms as scientists pressed that a high-fat diet actually has an effect on the brain of their offspring.

Saturated Fat Diet Update: Doubling Saturated Fat Will Not Increase Such Fat In Blood

Jeff Volek

A diet that requires users to consume saturated fat is now being told that doubling the amount of the said fat does not increase such substance in one's blood, according to a recent study regarding controlled diet.

Caffeine Powder: Things You Need To Know, Is There Really Caffeine Powder Overdose?

Caffeine powder overdose can lead to dangerously erratic heartbeat, seizures and even death.

Caffeine powder is one of the supplements that are known to enhance mental alertness. It is also a substance that is added to energy drinks. Caffeine is used in many ways from treating migraine, used as painkillers to being a stimulant for athletes.

Gluten-Free Diet Update: There Are Hidden Risks

Gluten-free products

A survey has been released talking about the gluten-free diet and it has revealed that there are a lot of health risks of the said diet and they are basically hidden that is why despite the weight loss, dieters using this method do not see that.

Healthiest Food Chains In The United States Ranked: Know Healthiest Foods To Eat Outside Your Home

Au Bon Pain and Rubio’s tied at a score of 57, the highest grellin score based on the healthiest food chains in America.

Healthiest food chains in the United States are being ranked and chosen by Grellin, a website that assesses restaurant chains based on the criteria of healthiness of their foods.

Vegetable Diet Update: Will Beat Diabetes, Experts Say

Doctor Neal Barnard

People with diabetes are being advised to go vegetarian as experts have claimed that there is a high percentage of the disease being reversed.

Food Biz
The Coca Cola milk reaction shows exactly how strong the acid is in the cola that it can curdle the proteins found in milk.

Coca Cola Milk Reaction: Concerned About Health? Can Coke Really Cause Osteoporosis?

Are you shocked with the reaction of Coke and Mentos? Wait until you see the Coca Cola milk reaction.

Apple cider vinegar is a natural astringent that can readily heal dark spots caused by pimples.

Astonishing Reasons To Use Apple Cider Vinegar

The bottle of Apple cider vinegar in your kitchen does wonder that probably you didn't know. It is more than a salad dressing staple, an addition to marinades and pickles.

Calories are listed next to menu items in a McDonald's restaurant July 18, 2008 in New York City.

FDA Rule Calorie Count On Menu: Most Potent Solution To Combat Epidemic Obesity

FDA rule calorie count on menu- Now keeping track of your calorie count won't be a daunting task. FDA rule calorie count on menu obliged each establishment in the U.S. to indicate calorie count of each food whether it is in restaurants, cinemas, supermarkets and convenience stores.

Food Tech
Starbucks Introduces Wireless Chargers In 200 Stores

Starbucks Introduces Wireless Chargers In 200 Stores

Starbucks Wireless Chargers – Starbucks announced that from Tuesday, there would be 200 stores in the San Francisco Bay Area which count with wireless charging spots.

Lee Memorial Health System

Food Means Medicine, Lee Memorial Health System Improves Cafeteria

The Lee Memorial Health System has announced that they believe food is very important in the recovery of patients in their hospital so they are really working on making their cafeteria be different and defy the generalization of people that hospital food is not really appetizing.


Grape Growers Might Use Drones For Planting

Grape growers might be using drones in order to explore any potential that technology might bring in order to do agricultural chores such as crop spraying, irrigation and monitoring.

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