Apr 24, 2014 Last Updated: 06:28 AM EDT

Yum! Brands 1Q Earnings Rise 18% On Increased Sales in China

Yum Brands posted a higher-than-expected profit on Tuesday for its first quarter earnings on the back of higher sales in China.

Salmonella Cases Decline, But Food Poisonings Remain High

Foodborne illnesses continue to be a major problem in the United States, despite a decrease in the number of Salmonella cases in recent years.


First Colorado 'Bud & Breakfast' to Sell Range of Marijuana-Laced Treats

Colorado opens its first "Bud and Breakfast" to sell marijuana-laced treats.

Editor's Picks

KFC Double Down Returns to Menu


Welcome back, Double Down. Welcome back.

Domino's Pizza Unveils 'Specialty Chicken'

Domino's Pizza

Domino's Pizza has decided to try something new.

Even Casual Marijuana Use May Change Your Brain: Pot Smokers at Risk


It turns out that even casual marijuana use may change your brain. Scientists have found that the size and shape of two brain regions involved in emotion and motivation may actually differ in young adults who smoke the substance at least once per week.

Food Texture Affects Perception of Calorie Content in Snacks

fried chicken

Have you ever questioned what role texture plays in our daily eating habits?

Post Holdings Buys Michael Foods in $2.45 Billion Deal


The cereal maker, Post Holdings Inc., is buying its fellow packaged food maker, Michael Foods Inc., for $2.45 billion.

KFC Debuts its ‘Chicken Corsage’ For Prom Season (VIDEO)


With prom around the corner, KFC is leading a helping hand in recreating the traditional corsage,

First-Ever Marijuana Vending Machine Unveiled

marijuana vending machine

The future of marijuana now comes in the shape of a vending machine.

Eat Up! Jamaica Combats Lionfish Invasion by Developing a Taste for Them


It looks as if Jamaica is fighting invasive lionfish--by eating them.

Food Biz

Zoe's Kitchen Leaps 73 Percent in Market Debut

Shares of Zoe's Kitchen Inc , a casual dining chain, rose as much as 73 percent in their market debut on Friday, underscoring strong investor appetite for U.S. restaurant-related stocks.

Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut Opens in Iraq

As an effort to expand its brand, Pizza Hut has opened its first location in Iraq.


McDonald's Closes Restaurants in Crimea as Conflict Heats Up

McDonald's is pulling out of Crimea. It turns out that the fast food chain has "temporarily" suspended operations at its restaurants as conflict heats up.

Food Tech

Ice Cream Flavor Treat Made With Viagra and Tastes of Champagne

Forget about talking the bill pill, a British ice cream maker has created a flavor that includes 25 mg of Viagra per scoop.


The Aromafork: New Gadget Enhances Meal With Built-in Scents

Need a way to improve your dining experience? Try the AROMAFORK.


Tip Your Starbucks Barista From Your iPhone

Starbucks announced that it will improve its mobile application that will allow customers visiting its stores to tip their baristas from their iPhone.