Hall And Oates Cereal: Granola Maker Faces Lawsuit Over Hall And Oates Cereal

Hall And Oates Cereal- Have you already tried Haulin Oats? The Brooklyn-based ...

Hall and Oates Cereal

Momofuku Ando: Instant Ramen Creator Gets Google Doodle Honoring Japanese Cuisine!

The lazy meal by nature, over the past decades instant ramen has become the ...

Momofuku Ando

Mediterranean Diet Foods Prevent Heart Disease By Half, Study Shows

Much has been said about Mediterranean diet foods, as different studies have ...

What is the Mediterranean Diet Mediterranean Food Mediterranean Diet Pyramid

Coffee Arteries: Caffeine Drinkers Have Clearer Arteries, According To New Study

National Coffee Day Celebrates 100 Million US Coffee Drinkers

Millions of people all over the world can’t really feel awake in the morning before their first cup of coffee, and a lot has been said about the different upsides of caffeine consumption; now, it turns out that coffee’s arteries properties have also come to light.

National Pancake Day Free Pancakes: IHOP Offers Free Breakfast To Celebrate!


If you think the best way to start the day is with a big, delicious and sweet breakfast, the fact that today’s National Pancake Day with free pancakes courtesy of IHOP, formerly known as International House of Pancakes, as they celebrate the food item that has made the chain famous!

Food Choice Psychology: Strategies To Encourage Healthy Eating All Wrong, Study Shows

Barneys New York And The Parkinson's Project Host A Luncheon In Support Of The Parkinson's Project At The Kingfish Cafe

At the midst of the worldwide crisis regarding the obesity epidemic, all fields of science (even different social studies) join forces in the research to improve the health of those who suffer from this disease – and now, a new study deploys the theory that maybe food choice psychology has been leading scientists to entice healthy eating wrong.

Antibiotic Resistant Salad Listeria Monocytogenes Microbe Less Widespread Than Previously Thought

Scientists Hope To Grow Salad In Space

For quite some time, scientists have been warning about the antibiotic-resistant salad microbe, Listeria monocytogenes, due to the fact that it’s fairly difficult to fight it off the body once it’s entered; however, new findings have shown that it may not be as widespread as had been originally thought.

Hazelnut Market unmoved by the Newest Export Numbers


The hazelnut market of Turkey stays unchanged and unmoved at TRY 35.5 or USD14.45 for every kilo and that is equal to roughly USD15, 300 for every tone C&F Europe for raw 11-13mm levants. It was noted by a trader in UK recently.

Food Poisoning Bugs Contaminate Most Supermarket Chickens

Food Poisoning

Three quarters of fresh for sale chickens in butchers and supermarkets are contaminated by possibly dangerous food poisoning bugs called Campylobacter, based from the newest food safety test results conducted by FSA or Food Standards Agency.

23rd Food and Wine Festival in Melbourne: A Preview of the Most-Awaited Feast!

Food and wine festival

The Food and Wine Festival in Melbourne will be happening this year starting on the 27th of February until the 15th of March.

Taco Bell Doughnuts: Deep-Fried Cap’n Crunch Donuts Make Their Way Into Taco Bell Desserts

Food Beast

Because there weren’t enough deep-fried menu items in fast food restaurants, the new Taco Bell doughnuts give patrons yet another chance to mess with their blood circulation, teaming up with Cap’n Crunch to create the newest dessert from the popular Tex-Mex restaurant chain.

Feast And Famine Diet Could Extend Lifespan, Study Shows

Daily Life At A Secondary School

For the last few years, nutritionists have been saying more and more that it’s important to keep eating every couple of hours, avoiding the stomach from being hungry enough to ultimately eat even more – however, a new study has shown that the contrary, a feast and famine diet, could actually help reach a longer lifespan and prevent age-related diseases.

Food Biz

Drinking Coffee May Arrest Multiple Sclerosis, Studies Link Several Cups Can Halt Disease- New Study Reveals

Coffee...it's almost everyone's favorite. Coffee is like a booster that makes one get on with the day. It could be addictive that a cup of coffee is not enough. How do you enjoy your steaming hot Joe? What's more amazing with your favorite drink is that now you have more reasons to drink it.

Chicken Campylobacter

Chicken Campylobacter: More Supermarkets In UK Found To Be Contaminated With Toxic Chicken Campylobacter

Chicken Campylobacter has caused alarming concern as the numbers of contaminated chickens continue to rise in the UK. Chicken Campylobacter becomes the top cause of bacterial gastrointestinal disease in Britain.

Pat McNeely Wins the Beneful Wagworld Dream Dog Park Contest

Purina Beneful Scandal Sees Pet Food Sickening And Killing Thousands Of Dogs

Over the last few days, the world has become a stir after the Purina Beneful scandal came to light, as a recent lawsuit says that Purina, the second largest pet food company in the world, has a product that has been making pets sick and even ultimately killing them.

Food Tech

The Top 10 Secret Weapon Ingredients from the Star Chefs

Just today, February 25, 2015, Yahoo! Food posts the secret weapon ingredients used by Star Chefs to achieve the most palatable dishes at home or in a restaurant. The said website revealed the top 10 magical ingredients that can turn home-cooked meals into top class restaurant tastes.

Burgeoning Craft Beer Industry Creates Niche Market For Limited Release Beers

Next Glass App: The App That Chooses Wine And Beer You’ll Love!

For those who love to have a nice glass of wine or beer during the weekends - which is just about everyone or almost -, there's a new way to keep the guessing out of the way you choose what to drink: the Next Glass app chooses drinks according to what you love!

A national survey done by the North Carolina State University and the University of Minnesota representatives suggests that most U.S. consumers are ready to accept genetically modified and nanotech products if it is enhanced with nutrition and are safe.

U.S. Consumers, Ready To Accept Genetically Modified, Nanotech Products If It Is Healthy And Safe, New Survey Reveals

A national survey done by the North Carolina State University and the University of Minnesota representatives suggests that most U.S. consumers are ready to accept genetically modified and nanotech products if it is enhanced with nutrition and are safe.

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