Medicinal Chocolate: Scientist Invented a Healthy Chocolate That Can Be Taken As Medication

A chocolate prototype was invented which can actually be used as medication. ...

Chocolate Easter Bunny Production At Confiserie Felicitas

New York Coffee Festival: The NASCAR of Coffee Competition

The Coffee Masters Competition during the New York Coffee Festival was a massive ...

Wholesale Coffee Bean Prices On The Rise

'Food Royalty': Black Rice Proven to Have Very High Nutritional Value

It was once served to only royalty in China and is revered for having very high ...

Black Rice
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Prevent Breast Cancer With These Foods, Wine Is Included

Getty Images

Breast Cancer is affecting a lot of people on a yearly basis and most of its victims are women. It is said that there is no cure to the deadly disease, but there are ways that the spread of cancer can be stopped and there are even more ways to prevent it.

Cheap Painkillers Are Just As Effective As Branded Labels


Some branded paracetamol tablets cost 9p each while supermarket and chemist own-labels with the same active ingredients work out at less than 2p.

New Study Promises Development Of Exercise Pill

Diet and Exercise

A new study conducted by researchers from Australia may lead to the creation of the first ever exercise pill.

Taking A 10 Minute Walk Could Reduce Health Risks From Sitting Too Long [VIDEO]


Several studies have been conducted on the dangers of sitting for too long. According to experts, too much sedentary time increases risks for obesity, cardiovascular diseases, cancer and even premature death.

Sleeping Late At Night Results To Weight Gain In Teens, Study Says

Poor sleep can increase risk to weight gain and diabetes based on study

Teenagers and young adults who go to sleep late are more likely to experience weight gain according to a new study.

Starbucks Changes Redemption Time For Birthday Reward


Starbucks made a major change to its birthday rewards, shrinking redemption time to 4 days.

Food Biz
Harry Potter Dinner in the Great Hall

There Will Be A Christmas Feast At Hogwarts And Harry Potter Fans Are Going

Harry Potter fans can actually have Christmas dinner at Hogwarts just like the famous wizard did!

Supporters Flock To Restaurants On Chick-Fil-A Appreciation Day

Chick-Fil-A New York Opening This Weekend After Dan Cathy Controversy – First 100 Customers Get Free Fried Chicken!

Over three years ago, Georgia-based fast food chain Chick-Fil-A became the subject of national controversy after the company's CEO, Dan Cathy, publicly opposed same-sex marriage, which then led to further scandal after it came out the chain funded organizations considered anti-gay - now, the fried chicken restaurants reach the Big Apple, will Chick-Fil-A New York succeed?

Food Tech
Mealworms Can Be the Solution to the World's Styrofoam Problem

Mealworms Can Be the Solution to the World's Styrofoam Problem

Apparently, mealworms love to eat Styrofoam.


Instagram's Effects on Restaurants

For the chef, stressed to get his restaurant off the ground in a congested market, such instant popularity is manna from heaven.

Lego Enthusiasts Gather For Brick 2014

Lego Arts and Craft: A Guy Makes Drink and Candy Dispensers Made Out of Legos and More

More often than not, creativity starts as early as childhood years. This is the time when you create things out of your toys or anything you can grab your hands on, and create your own world using your child's imagination. A child's imagination is limitless. As proven by ElectryDragonite when they piece together memories from their childhood to create functioning drink and candy dispensers out of Legos.

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