Impress Him or Her With A Thoughtful Dinner

Valentine is the season of passion, the season of sharing and most of all it's ...

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Easy Breakfast In Bed Ideas

Breakfast in bed is one of those concepts continuously associated with romance, ...

breakfast in bed

5 Healthiest Red Foods For Valentine's Day

Red is the color of fire and blood. It symbolizes love, joy and strength. ...

Burger King Japan Introduces Angry Red Burger Samurai

10 Romantic Meals You Can Make At Home This Valentine's Day

Are you low on money? Do you want to spend valentine day in the privacy, with ...

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Valentines Day 2016: Great Dates Ideas to Reverse Gender Stereotypes

man cooking

Gender stereotypes are slowly dissolving in these modern times. A female C.E.O and a male chef are no longer things seen as abnormal, as a matter of fact, the fight in gender stereotypes is so advanced that we all try our best to beat it one way or the other in our daily lives. Change up the gender stereotypes this valentine's day.

5 Emotions That Boost Your Romantic Quotient

happy couple

Precious little moments of tender loving care can strengthen the beautiful bond of love. The best emotion that a person can possibly experience is love. Here are 5 passionate and heartwarming emotions that hold together the golden chord of romance. Research studies say that marriage is good for the heart, it makes people happier and promotes longevity.

Valentine’s Day: Snooki & JWoww to Make Fried Chicken & Waffles on Air

Valentine’s Day: Snooki & JWoww to Make Fried Chicken & Waffles on Air

Good news awaits all the foodies! This Valentine’s Day, Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi and Jenni “JWoww” Farley will be treating their hubbies with Harlem – style meal.

Delicious Chocolate Cake Recipe For Valentine's Day

Too Much Chocolate Cake

'The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched'. 'They must be felt with the heart'.-Helen Keller The above saying rings true even today. Prove your love for your family by baking this delicious chocolate cake.

Valentine Ideas The Kids Would Love!

kid eating a sandwitch

Valentine's Day is all about sharing love, however a lot of the time couples get so caught up in the ideas they neglect the children in this celebration. Kids are always eager to show some love regardless of the day of the year. Incorporate your kids, brother, sister, niece's nephews, etc into this valentines celebration by having them partake in these fun and easy valentine day snacks.

Ben and Jerry’s to Add Vegan Flavored Ice – Creams

Ben and Jerry’s to Add Vegan Flavored Ice – Creams

Good news awaits the vegan ice – cream lovers as Ben and Jerry’s have decided to launch non – dairy, vegan variety of their ice – creams at Bergen County Sweet shops this month.

Promising Diet: Sarah Wilson’s 8 Week ‘I Quit Sugar’ Program

Promising Diet: Sarah Wilson’s 8 Week ‘I Quit Sugar’ Program

A chance like never before to cut off sugar from the diet is being stressed by Sarah Wilsons’s 8 week “I Quit Sugar” program. However, this is not for the faint hearted.

The History of Bread-making


Tracing the history and evolution of bread-making.

Food Biz
Daily Mail withdraws The ‘Diet Exile’ Title Following Kim Kardashian’s Tweet

Daily Mail Withdraws The ‘Diet Exile’ Title Following Kim Kardashian’s Tweet

Kim Kardashian’s quick reactions to the annoying reference as “Diet Exile” by the Daily mail were retreated by them in response to her tweets.

Yelp’s Hunt for Top 100 US Restaurants 2016 Ends

Yelp’s Hunt for Top 100 US Restaurants 2016 Ends

Yelp’s extensive analyzing and laborious customer surveys for the top 100 U.S restaurants have finally given fruitful results.

Chipotle - shuts down

Chipotle Head Towards Gaining Trust Of Customers

Chipote's meeting on Febraury 8th briefs employees on safety standards. Chipotle is doing everything possible to win back the customers.

Food Tech
UberEats will be released March 2016

Uber News: UberEats is Coming to the US

The car service company is setting up to launch 'UberEATS', a stand alone app that will enable its users from Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, Austin, San Francisco, Washington D.C., Houston, Seattle and Dallas to utilize their food delivery service

Glass of Water

Charcoal Water: Its Health Benefits and What It Can Do For a Bloated Stomach

Now that juices and detox cleansing have become quite the norm, mixologists are itching to bring something new to the table. Enter: Activated charcoal.

Mobile Order and Pay

Starbucks Mobile App Hits 1M Mark, Mobile Order & Pay Sets New Milestone

Starbucks has reached another milestone after its newest technological innovation was launched. The coffee company giant has received and has processed 1 million orders from US customers through their mobile application.

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