Children Food Stamps: Census Shows 20 Percent US Children Live On Food Stamps

In a terrifying new census taken throughout the entire country, it has been ...

Food Stamps Help Bridge Gap For 20 Percent Of Americans Who Struggle With Hunger

McDonald’s: Don Thompson OUT, Steve Easterbrook IN As McDonald’s CEO

McDonald's CEO of two and half years, Don Thompson steps down from his position ...


Wendy’s Drops Sodas on Kid’s Meal To Fight Child Obesity

Wendy's is the next fastfood chain to remove sodas from kid's meal after ...


McDonald’s Menu Items: McD Menu Becomes Even Smaller, Did Your Favorites Make The Cut?

McDonald's November Sales Down Lower Than Expected

Last December, the first announcement regarding McDonald's menu items came out to the public, as they axed eight different foods from their menu in the United States; now, as they move towards a more comprehensive new strategy to pick up their sales after dangerously low numbers, there will be even less items to choose from.

Healthy Foods: Foods You Think Are Healthy, But Are Not

Healthy Foods: Foods You Think Are Healthy, But Are Not

We know healthy foods right from our childhood. And as we grow older, we become curious by trying out new things we learn from other people and media- new diet, new food formulations, new recipes. We know healthy foods give us nutrients and energy, but are these foods really healthy?

Eight Foods Banned In U.S.

Foods banned in U.S.

Foods banned in U.S.- Not all that can be eaten is allowed. There are certain foods that are not permitted by either the federal or the state government. It could be to preserve the species, to restrict due to health reasons, or it's a choice due to brutal preparation.

Chipotle Free Bowls: Order Sofritas on Jan. 26 and Get Your Next Chipotle Bowls for Free

Chipotle Free Bowls

Redeem Chipotle free bowls from Jan. 27 to Feb. 28 when you buy Chipotle organic tofu, Sofritas on Monday, Jan. 26, 2015. Chipotle free bowls are offered in any U.S. or Canada branch when customers buy Sofritas that day.

China Bacon Pollution: Bacon To Blame For Chinese Air Pollution?

Cheltenham Festival - Ladies Day

When people think of issues with air pollution in different countries, the automatic reference is to China, as many of its cities are supposed to be among the most heavily polluted on the face of the Earth; now, the government has issued a statement saying that, in some cities, the China bacon pollution is to blame for the state of their breathing air.

Girl Scout Cookies 2015: Meet Rah-Rah Raisins And Toffee-tastic, New Girl Scout Cookies Flavors!

Girl Scouts Kicks Off National Girl Scout Cookie Weekend At Grand Central Terminal

People with a sweet tooth will be pleased to hear that the new year also brings a different set of upcoming Girl Scout cookies 2015, as the major fundraiser for the Girl Scouts of the USA has launched two new flavors for those addicted to the door-to-door deliciousness.

Fish Mercury: Nutrients In Fish Outweigh Mercury Risk For Fetuses, Study Finds

South Koreans Participate In Ice Fishing Competition

After years of doctors preventing issues with fish mercury by advising future mothers to take it easy with fish consumption during pregnancy, a new study shows that perhaps consumption of fish could actually prevent fetuses from having development issues later on as it had been previously suggested.

Coffee And Melanoma: Coffee Associated With 20% Less Melanoma Risk, Study Shows

U.S. Forces Prepare To Withdraw From Iraq After 8-Year Presence

For people with a genetic tendency towards skin issues like tumors and different types of cancer, it might be time to sip some extra brewed beans in the morning; it seems that coffee's melanoma properties include a fairly important decrease in the risk of ever having the disease.

Salmonella Serotypes: Researcher Discovers New Serotype, Salmonella Lubbock

Food Prices Continue To Rise At Alarming Rate

As investigators have dealt with the different salmonella serotypes for quite a while now, it's still a breakthrough when there's new information regarding the bacteria; in the latest news on the front of these investigations, it's now come out that a researcher discovered another serotype of the bacteria.

Food Biz
Do’s And Don’ts Of Eating Sushi

Do’s And Don’ts Of Eating Sushi

Do's and don'ts of eating sushi-Whether you're used to eating sushi everyday or just new and want to try it out, it's important that you know how to properly eat this food with extraordinary tradition and presentation. Knowing how to eat it could influence more its flavor and enjoy the experience.

KFC Philippines

KFC Double Down Dog: Yup, Hot Dog Wrapped In Fried Chicken

The Kentucky Fried Chicken invention of the Double Down, a burger with no buns, where they're switched for two pieces of fried chicken around a patty, has given the world a great many number of food travesties, including a version with a patty filled with beef and bacon; now, the KFC Double Down dog.

Chipotle Shares Double After IPO

Chipotle ‘Free’ Burrito At Price: Patrons Must Try Tofu Sofritas

Any lover of Mexican food and Tex-Mex will agree that the new promo that could give you a Chipotle free burrito or any other menu item without a cost is one of the greatest inventions in food; however, Chipotle Mexican Grill definitely has a hidden intention behind the new promotion.

Food Tech
Burgeoning Craft Beer Industry Creates Niche Market For Limited Release Beers

Next Glass App: The App That Chooses Wine And Beer You’ll Love!

For those who love to have a nice glass of wine or beer during the weekends - which is just about everyone or almost -, there's a new way to keep the guessing out of the way you choose what to drink: the Next Glass app chooses drinks according to what you love!

A national survey done by the North Carolina State University and the University of Minnesota representatives suggests that most U.S. consumers are ready to accept genetically modified and nanotech products if it is enhanced with nutrition and are safe.

U.S. Consumers, Ready To Accept Genetically Modified, Nanotech Products If It Is Healthy And Safe, New Survey Reveals

A national survey done by the North Carolina State University and the University of Minnesota representatives suggests that most U.S. consumers are ready to accept genetically modified and nanotech products if it is enhanced with nutrition and are safe.

Starbucks Introduces Wireless Chargers In 200 Stores

Starbucks Introduces Wireless Chargers In 200 Stores

Starbucks Wireless Chargers – Starbucks announced that from Tuesday, there would be 200 stores in the San Francisco Bay Area which count with wireless charging spots.

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