Aurora Products Recall Raw Macadamia Nuts For Fear Of Salmonella Contamination

Aurora Products, Inc. has announced voluntary recall of their raw macadamia nuts ...

Aurora Products

Human Meat Restaurant HOAX Got Daily Mail Into Trouble – Will Hawksmoor Steak Restaurant Chain SUE?

This week saw an incredible report supposedly from Nigeria where a local ...

Hawksmoor London

Space Food Science Experiment: Astronaut Tim Peake Invites UK Children To Grow Seeds That Were In Space!

For over half a century, it has been made clear that cosmonauts and astronauts ...

Tim Peake

Biggest Strawberry 2015: Japan MUTANT Strawberry Breaks Guinness World Record

Heaviest strawberry - Guinness World Records

As concerns over genetically modified organisms grow all over the world and many companies are trying to steer away from them, those against this practice will find a further reason to do so, as the recent pictures and information about the biggest strawberry of 2015 grown in Japan makes for a terrifying story!

Chocolate And Wine, Along With Carbs, COULD Be Secret To Weight Loss!

World Instagram

In the fight between the worldwide obesity epidemic and the struggle of millions to keep in shape in these times, there's been a worldwide wave of fad diets, some of which have been proven unrealistic and even damaging to the body in the long term - but now, it seems like chocolate and wine could be the key to weight loss.

Multiple Myeloma Treatment: New Drug, AbbVie Elotuzumab, Extends Remission By Almost Two Years

Britons Test New Ebola Vaccine

Also known as Kahler's disease, myelomatosis or plasma cell myeloma, this type of blood cancer attacks the white blood cells responsible for the production of antibodies, and it also happens to be the third most common blood cancer in the world - which is why the world was in serious need of a new multiple myeloma treatment.

World’s Hello Kitty Dim Sum Restaurant Inaugurates In Hong Kong

World’s Hello Kitty Dim Sum Restaurant

World's Hello Kitty Dim Sum Restaurant is schedule to be launched in June. However, Hello Kitty fanatics can already experience how it feels like while being served with Hello-Kitty inspired foods. The first ever branch can be found in Yau Ma Tei in Kowloon peninsula and has started its soft-launch phase.

Dunkin Donuts Menu: Hearse Drivers Leave Vet Coffin In Parking Lot, Stop By Some Donuts

Hearse Driver, Fired After Stopping for Coffee on Way to Funeral for Veteran

While it's not a rare occurrence that the major breakfast chain makes headlines, it's not any new product slipping into the news this time around, more like two hearse drivers' complete lack of respect for the person they were carrying - regardless of how interesting the Dunkin Donuts menu might be.

Hackers Starbucks App: Starbucks Gift Card Owners In Serious Danger Of Bank Account Theft

Economic Warning Signs Increase

As we live in a time of major leaks on several different levels (from Snapchat and iCloud all the way up to government information), now the latest victim of insecure online procedures is the hackers Starbucks app scandal, as it seems there are a number of people draining bank accounts from the chain's app.

Support Jamie Oliver Food Education on Food Revolution Day! Sign Up Now!

Jamie Oliver Food Education

Sign up for Jamie Oliver Food Education, the wakeup call to every nation to realize the importance of food knowledge, and how even young people can make a difference in the 21st century.

World’s Most Expensive Food: Have A Glimpse Of £24,000 Beluga Caviar, £325 Cup Of Cat Poo Coffee, And £2,000 Plane Meal

world’s most expensive food

The world's most expensive food had been chosen, and you won't believe how much it costs! £24,000 Beluga Caviar, £325 Cup Of Cat Poo Coffee, £2,000 Plane Meal, these are the world's most expensive food that the richest people in the world could taste in their lifetime.

Domino’s Pizza Emoji Laziest Delivery Ever: Tweet Pizza Emoji And Domino’s Sends Real One!

Domino's Reports Almost 20 Percent Increase In Quarterly Profits

It seems like food delivery is getting more and more sophisticated as time goes by, and the latest Domino's Pizza emoji policy might be the top of the game as companies fight over which one gets more action in the food delivery industry.

Junk Foods Do Something More Than Increasing Your Weight! Watch Out!

Junk Food

Junk Foods are cause of obesity. But do you know that junk foods do more than increasing your weight? A new British research says that junk foods can wipe out your gut bacterial flora by more than a third leading to increased risk to cancer, obesity and heart disease.

Food Biz
Starbucks Employees And Activists Protest Cuts In Health Care Benefits

Spotify And Starbucks Team Up For ‘Ecosystem’ Making DJs Out Of Baristas!

The Seattle-based company has prided itself on being "hip" over its decades of business and massive worldwide expansion, and that has long included its ambiance through music - now, only a couple of months after making the announcement they'd be leaving CDs behind in their stores, Spotify and Starbucks are now teaming up!

Jude's Ice Cream

Gin And Tonic Ice Cream Is HERE: Sipsmith Distillery And Jude’s Ice Cream Make Summery Cocktail Dessert!

While the United States is going through a health crisis due to the listeria outbreak in the past few weeks (which has mostly kept longtime ice cream makers Blue Bell in the country’s headlines), the United Kingdom sets itself up for the summer … with gin and tonic ice cream!

Body odor and bad breath

Why These Foods Can Make You Smell Horrible?

Do you wonder why some people stink? What you eat can directly affect on how you smell. Watch out for these foods that can make you smell bad.

Food Tech
How the MelCap System Works

Electronic Diet Pill In UK Tells Stomach It’s Full … Through Magnets

The fight against the obesity epidemic is real, and there are a few countries in particular (notably the United States, the United Kingdom and Mexico) where statistics of people suffering this disease have turned it into a major public health concern - which is precisely the logic behind the new electronic diet pill.


Recyclable Wine Cork Is World’s First Carbon-Free Cork … Made From Sugar Cane!

As concern over the damage humankind is doing to the environment grows, more and more companies and individuals try to find new ways to make their habits more in tune with the planet for a sustainable way to live - and now, that includes the new recyclable wine cork.


The Top 10 Secret Weapon Ingredients from the Star Chefs

Just today, February 25, 2015, Yahoo! Food posts the secret weapon ingredients used by Star Chefs to achieve the most palatable dishes at home or in a restaurant. The said website revealed the top 10 magical ingredients that can turn home-cooked meals into top class restaurant tastes.

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