Say Goodbye to Tooth Decay by Drinking Beet Juice

A study done by students from University of Applied Sciences in Upper Austria ...

Blueberry Beet Almond Smoothies

Why Do You Like That Pizza? Could Be That Wonderful Smell.

Study reveals what and why you like the food you eat. ...


Healthy Benefits From a Papaya

Papayas grow in tropical climates and are otherwise called papaws or pawpaws. ...

Healthy Benefits From a Papaya
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Craft Beer Gets a Modern Upgrade with Nitro Gas Fizz

2011 Maui Film Festival At Wailea - Day 5

Craft beer breweries are experimenting on the use of nitrogen in beer.

Having Ice Cream in Your Diet May Be a Healthier Choice

Ice cream

Including ice cream in your diet may make you feel better as compared to eating low-sugar food.

The Impact of Nuts and Seeds on your Diabetes Self-Management

Nuts and seeds are foods for brain power.

Healthy snacking is an important part of any healthy eating plan, and in some ways especially important for managing body weight and blood glucose when you have diabetes. But, when people think of snacks, they often think of the high-calorie, high-carbohydrate, and high-fat kind like chips, cookies, or candy bars on racks in your local convenience market. Healthy snacks can help reduce between-meal hunger, give a boost of energy, and even reduce mealtime calorie intake, all without piling on extra calories, unhealthy fats, or excess carbohydrates. Portion control is always important and so are added ingredients like salt, but all in all nuts and seeds fit the bill for diabetes snacking pretty well.

Diabetes-Friendly Foods to Keep on Hand

Fruits still life: Oranges, bananas, kiwi, pears, apples, strawberries, pineapple and melon

One trick to eating healthier is keeping diabetic-friendly choices available at all times. You can fight the urge to hit the fast-food drive-through and instead whip up a convenient and healthy breakfast, lunch, dinner, or snack if you keep the right foods handy.

Some Necessary Safety Measures In Using Eyedrops

Extreme close up of woman inserting eye drops in eye

Over the counter eye drops if applied incorrectly or overused may cause unnecessary risks.

10 Diseases that Could End Your Life in ONE day


While chronic diseaseas like cancer, HIV, heart disease or even pneumonia can be fatal, these can't kill you right away in one day. There are some teriffying diseases though that can totally end someone's life in just ONE day.

The One Thing Bullies and the Bullied Have in Common

Binge Eating

Somehow, bullies and their victims have one thing they can relate to.

The Other Side of Being A Food Blogger

Food Blogger taking a photo of food

The job seems like a lot of fun. However, there is a different side to being a food blogger and no amount of food can make up for it. Here are some of reasons why.

Food Biz
McDonald's To Alter Dollar Menu With Higher Priced Items

McDonald’s Drive Thru Revolutionized: Golden Chains Prioritizes Getting Your Order Right Before Getting It Faster

After more than a year of tanking numbers, the biggest fast food chain in the world, McDonald's, recently saw its best quarter in quite some time, but they're not letting things stay there as they aim to top things once more while they're on top, introducing a new McDonald's drive thru strategy.

Close-up of hand holding Avocado Toast

Once Bashed Recipe Nigella’s Avocado-on-Toast Increased Sales Up To 30%, Waitrose Confirmed

Nigella's avocado-on-toast has been teased all over the social media, but for Waitrose the creamy fruit spike sales by 30%.

Organic Food

Organic Food: Why They're Popular and Why You Should Get Into the "Bandwagon" As Well

Switching to organic for food makes sense if all-organic shopping isn't possible especially for those food that are most affected by chemicals, and sticking with standard versions of the least affected.

Food Tech
Those Empty Shelves Could Mean a Food Recall

Honey Mustard Pretzel Mix and Honey Mustard Mix Products, Recalled by Ashdon Farms Due to Possible Allergy Threats

Ashdon Farms, from Waukesha, WI 53188 has just cautioned the public after they released their statements regarding their Honey Mustard Pretzel Mix that is sold under the brand of the Girl Scouts of the USA and Honey Mustard Mix sold under the Ashdon Farms.

Chef and Waiter in a Restaurant

Food Servers: Are They the Carriers of Several Illnesses?

Several forms of human contact with contaminated things can generate the passing of germs especially for food servers. This can unknowingly be passed on to customers by means of not-so-clean hands.

Small Business Display of Breads and Pies

Food Businesses New Menu Compliance May Bring Higher Costs

The registration and inspection of food businesses will change from March. This situation will happen in the Tasman District. Small businesses in the area fear the future of their establishment when the new Food Act becomes effective in March.

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