Blackcurrant Juice Health Benefits

A daily glass of blackcurrant juice could make you happier, more mentally agile ...

Black currant Juice

Pancreas Cancer Test: New Blood Test Could Boost Pancreas Cancer Survival Chances Through Early Detection

A new prototype pancreas cancer test could greatly improve the life expectancy ...

Britons Test New Ebola Vaccine

Krispy Kreme Doughnut: British Woman Eating Donut Bites Latex GLOVE! [PHOTO]

Over the years, Krispy Kreme doughnuts have turned into a go-to breakfast item ...

Krispy Kreme Doughnuts Inc. Faces Shareholder Lawsuits

Food Samples From Day Care Center Positive Of Staphylococcus Aureus Toxin: 86 Children Became Ill

86 children became ill and thirty were hospitalized, they were served food that ...

Food Samples From Day Care Center Positive Of Staphylococcus Aureus Toxin
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Good Fats That Comes From Fish and Vegetables - A Heart-Healthy Diet

Good Fats That Comes From Fish and Plants - Is A Heart-Healthy Diet

A Swedish study suggests, that older people who eat plenty of fish and vegetables may live longer than people who don't. The two fatty acids found in fish - EPA and DHA were associated with roughly 20 percent lower odds of death for both men and women.

Bohemian Lager: Queen Announces The Release of Their Own Beer [PHOTOS]

Bohemian Lager

Legendary rock band Queen to toast 40th anniversary of 1975 hit single Bohemian Rhapsody with their own lager that will hit the shelves in Europe this summer.

New Baconator Fries From Wendy's Is Here!

Baconator Fries

Wendy's now shows its skill with this culinary strategy by taking toppings from its Baconator burger, moving them to a side dish and creating Baconator Fries.

Ever Wondered What A Year Without Processed Food Feels Like? This New Book Has the Answers

Processed Food Label

In 2012 author Megan Kimble, who was then 26 years old, decided to make good on her New Year's Resolution and go an entire year without eating any processed food. The story of those 12 months of clean eating is documented in her new book 'Unprocessed: My City Dwelling Year of Reclaiming Real Food'.

Cobalamin Supplement Changes Skin’s Bacterial Composition, Leads To Acne Breakouts

Vitamin Sales Go Up As Consumers Struggle With Cost Of Health Care

A recent study has provided the first evidence that a vitamin common in different kinds of meat as well as dairy products may be linked to skin problems, as it changes the microbiota in the healthy face skin, linking vitamin B12 with acne for the first time.

North Carolina Salmonella: Lexington Restaurant Infects Nearly 100 Patrons With Salmonella

The FDA Focuses On Florida And Mexico In Tomato Salmonella Investigation

In a deeply worrying issue, a new North Carolina salmonella outbreak sees almost 100 people in the area suffering from a stomach condition that has been diagnosed as salmonella, and all of them seem to share the same trait: having eaten at a particular restaurant in Lexington.

Whole Foods Chain Faces NYC Probe After Investigators Found ‘Worst Case Of Overcharges’

Whole Foods

In New York City, Whole Foods grocery chain has been caught with overcharging products to customers. The grocery chain is reportedly the subject of a probe by the city after investigators say they caught the store routinely overcharging customers for packaged groceries during a slew of inspections dating back to at least 2010, as the New York Daily News reports.

Sushi Lovers: Be Wary of 'White Tuna'

Fishermen Process Whale Caught In Approved Coastal Whaling

Best not to order white tuna from restaurants.

Food Biz
Vanity Fair And Cadillac Toast The Artists Of Wynwood Walls

Starbucks Sued For Forging Maya Hayuk's Art

Global coffee company Starbucks has received a copyright complaint from international artist Maya Hayuk regarding the presence of her artwork in the ‘Mini Frappuccino’ campaign.


General Mills to Remove Artificial Flavors, Colors from All Cereals

General Mills will strip artificial flavors and colors from its cereals that still contain them to help boost sales in its largest business, which have been lagging.

The Quintissential Grilled Cheese

Most Expensive Grilled Cheese Crusted In 24-carat Gold Priced at $214 [PHOTOS]

Meet the world’s most expensive (and extravagant) grilled cheese sandwich.

Food Tech

Chipotle Working on Four Ingredient 'Artisanal' Tortillas for Use in Stores

Detailed in an extensive piece published in The New York Times, The Company is in the midst of overhauling its tortilla recipe, saying it wants to start producing "artisanal tortillas on an industrial scale."

Samurai Chicken Burger

Burger King Unveils Red Cheeseburger

The restaurant's latest tinted treat, the all-red hamburger will go on sale at Japanese outlets July 3.


Google Wants to Count Calories in Instagram Food Shots

Google unveiled the artifical intelligence (AI) project at the Rework Deep Learning Summit in Boston last week called the Im2Calories, which aims to count the number of calories a food snap has on Instagram.

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