Coffee Can Help Prevent Dementia, Experts Says

Drinking coffee can help protect against mild cognitive impairment (MCI) a ...

Drink Coffee to avoid the risk of cognitive impairment (MCI) a precursor to dementia and Alzheimer, experts says

Carbs That Can Help You Lose Weight

The real deal is that, most of the vitamins and other micronutrients a person ...

Carbs That Can Help A Person Lose Weight

This Is What A Can Of Coca-Cola Does To Your Body In 60 Minutes

It is a given fact that a can of Coca-Cola contains 100% of your recommended ...

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GMO Giant Monstanto Gives a Look Behind the Curtain via Journalism 'Boot Camp'

The Greenhouses of Monsanto

esterday, Eater published an extensive piece which provides an inside look at Monstanto, one of the biggest players in the global food industry.

A KFC Manager Just Held a Reddit AMA, Here Are Some Interesting Facts


Yesterday a former manager at Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) held an Ask Me Anything (AMA) session on popular online discussion site Reddit. Though the discussion was mostly informal and featured plenty of joking around, there was still a lot of interesting information to be learned about the company and the fast food industry in general.

Red Grapes Benefits: Resveratrol Chemical May Prevent Colon Cancer, But Moderation Is Key

February 11, 2004. Madrid, Spain. Bottle of wine with cup of red wine and grapes.

While there are many studies constantly being released about the benefits of red wine, in fact many the great things about this wine come directly from where they stem, and red grapes benefits are not something to frown to - particularly as the latest research has uncovered that this fruit may help prevent bowel cancer.

3-Ingredient Cheesecake: Cooking Mama-Like Chef Goes Viral On National Cheesecake Day – Teaches 3-Ingredient Cheesecake Recipe! [VIDEO]

Brooklyn's Famous Junior's Restaurant To Be Sold To Developer

It was National Cheesecake Day earlier this year, and of course that's as good an excuse as any other to gobble down on some of this delicious dessert - but those who aren't all that great in the kitchen or can't afford to go out to buy one, can follow Ochikeron's 3-ingredient cheesecake recipe!

FDA Proposes Added Sugar Guide On Food Labels, Sugar Industry Reacts


The FDA has reacted in its proposal to include a percentage daily value (DV) of added sugars on the Nutrition Facts Panel and the sugar industry is not happy about it.

'Diet Sodas' Linked to Depression and Long Term Health Risks

Bloomberg Moves To Ban Sugary Drinks In NYC Restaurants And Movie Theaters

The battle against Diet Soda is also being taken into consideration as it causes major permanent complications on an individual's well-being as well.

Eating While Commuting: How People In Social Media Think


People on social media are taking on commuters who don't mind taking a grub on buses and trains. Well, who wouldn't make a nasty smirk sitting next to an annoying smell of rotten burrito with thoughts of getting your white shirt ironed for an office presentation stained by dripping salsa?

'Tiger Woods' New Restaurant Opens In August; Restauranteur Next Phase Of Golfer’s Career?

Tiger Woods waits to hit his second shot on the fifth hole during the first round of the Quicken Loans National at the Robert Trent Jones Golf Club on July 30, 2015 in Gainesville, Virginia.

Tiger Woods’ new restaurant, the Woods Jupiter, has been slated to open mid-August at Harbourside Place in Jupiter, Florida.

Chocolate Cravings: Study Finds Out Effective Way To Fight It


According to a new study, people can fight their chocolate cravings by just imagining eating lots of it. In a country where people eat 11kg of chocolate a year, research findings suggest an effective way to resist the sugary fix.

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There's A Wine Pool In Japan and Other Cool Tourist Attractions

Japan has a lot of interesting spots to offer travelers, from their beautiful traditional culture, modern technology, fashion trends, fun parks, and wine pools.

Tesco Will No Longer Sell Sugary Drinks

Tesco To Ban Sugary Drinks From Its Shelves

Tesco will no longer sell sugary drinks in their store to help battle obesity

Greek Crisis

Restaurant in Berlin Launches Greek Financial Crisis Themed Menu

It seems that the Greek financial crisis is still making headlines. This time however, it isn't in the economics section but rather the dining one. A Greek restaurant owner in Berlin is bringing the current political struggles of his homeland to light in a limited edition 'Financial Crisis' themed menu.

Food Tech
Cocoa Beans

Chocolate Beer: Mast Brothers Chocolate Makers Craft Cocoa Brew

Aside from serving New Yorkers hot chocolate in the morning, Rick and Michael Mast of the Mast Brothers Chocolate Makers have found out a cooler way to serve cocoa drinks: draft beer.


Foodini: This Device Changes The Future of Cooking

3D printed food isn’t what you'd expect it to be.

Vending Machines in UK will be offering fresh hot meals soon

Vending Machines Will Soon Serve Salads and Hot Burgers In UK!

Vending Machines in UK will be serving fresh hot meals soon according to food futurologist

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