Tastemaker Screening Of IFC Films' 'Sleeping With Other People'

Imperial Spherificator: Machine That Turns Food into Tiny Pearl of Awesomeness

Technology has made some of the things we thought were impossible seem possible ...

World’s Most Expensive Food
Campbell Soup Co. Posts Higher Earnings After Highest Soup Sales In 5 Years
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KFC China: Sales Of Yum Brands Dropped 18 Percent In Asian Country, Why Doesn’t China Like Fried Chicken?

Well Cooked Poultry Safe Despite Bird Flu Fears

Late last year, a series of fast food chains including KFC and McDonald's had severe problems with their providers after scandal broke out when it came to food safety in the region, and KFC China has had a tough time recuperating from these hard times - more and more every quarter.

Beauty and Health Benefits of Coconut Oil

a boy and his coconut

Author and Chef Meredith Baird exaplined the benefits of using coconut oil.

Waffle House Customer Shot At Thief During Attempted Robbery In Charleston, South Carolina

Navistar LPGA Classic - Round Three

No one else was injured during the incident, aside from the suspect.

Carrots Helps Body Fight Against Eye Problems, Study Shows


Carrots can really help your eyes. Pigment that gives vegetable its color can slow age-related vision loss.

Plan Ahead For Thanksgiving To Avoid Wasting Food

Getty Images

Thanksgiving Day is just right around the corner and everybody is excited as to what to put on their dinner table to celebrate with their family.

'Orgasm-Causing-Mushrooms' Recently Discovered in Hawaii

Mushrooms Thrive In Wet German Summer

Who would have thought that an innocent mushroom can cause a mind blowing orgasm?

Ways to Raise Children Who Will Be Healthy for Life

Healthy Foods

It’s hard enough persuading your kids to eat anything that isn’t shaped like a dinosaur, let alone find a way to keep them healthy.

Why Some Healthy Foods Are Not 'Sustainable'

Phone App Makes it Easy to Donate Food

Sustainability advocates claimed it is critical that more research be done into what foods are the most and least damaging to the environment.

Food Biz

Drinks International Names the 50 Best Bars in the World for 2015

The next time you're looking for a well-made cocktail, try and give these places a shot.

Halloween Burger

Trick or Treat: Burger King's Halloween Whopper Makes Your Poop Turn Green

Speculations about Burger King's Halloween Special black bunned Whopper circulated the web. However, this is not the only treat Burger King has in store for its consumers. Those who have consumed the Halloween Whopper is reported to poop not just green, but bright comical green.

Food Tech
 Robots deliver dishes to customers at a Robot Restaurant in Harbin

Robot Invasion: Spread, A Japanese Company Creates First Farmer-Free Farm

Japan is slowly making sci-fi future a reality; from underwear vending machines to cuddle safes. From the most absurd inventions to the most high-tech ones, Japan never fails to fascinate the rest of the world. However this recent invention will not only bring fascination but also admiration from the whole world. Japan has now created a farm operated by robots. Yes, it's a farmer-free farm.

Medical Marijuana Chain Store Opens Up Outlet In Nation's Capital

Vertical Farming' in Urban High-Rises to be Both Greener And Cheaper

Vertical farming is an innovative method that is both eco-friendly and convenient.


'ACCC' Publishes ‘Free-range’ Egg Guide

The Australian Consumer and Competition Commission (ACCC) has released a guide, following the initiation of labelling consultation.

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