Food Companies, Restaurants Add Protein To Beef Up Profits

Though diet studies disagree about what's worse for you, carbohydrates or fat, most say nice things about eating protein, including its potential for better weight control.


Starbucks testing stout beer-flavored 'dark barrel latte'

Dark beer lovers take note. Starbucks Corp is testing a "dark barrel latte" in a handful of its cafes in Ohio and Florida.


CEO of Peanut Corporation Found Guilty of Conspiracy In Georgia

The CEO of the peanut corporation involved with a salmonella outbreak that went on in 2008 and 2009 was found guilty last week of conspiracy; the outbreak made 714 people sick and was linked at the time with

Hormel Foods To Purchase Skippy Peanut Butter From Unilever

Chocolate is Halloween’s Top Selling Treat and America’s Favorite Candy


America's favorite treat is once again the most preferred Halloween treat for the tenth year running. Chocolate is the most preferred Halloween treat for Americans, a new survey states.

French Chefs Seek To Put Banned Songbird Back On Menu


Four French chefs are requesting a waiver to serve a long-banned delicacy - a small songbird called the ortolan that fans including late President Francois Mitterrand used to devour, bones and all, while wearing a napkin over their heads.

4 Fall Foods You Can’t Miss … Take Full Advantage of One of The Most Productive Seasons!

Exotic Produce Is Displayed At The World Fruit And Vegetable Show

In the Northern hemisphere, today, September 23, marks the fall equinox – and with it, a wide range of fall foods, both fruits and vegetables, that are in season right when the streets change color and the tree leafs begin to fall!

McDonald’s Outlets Closed in Russia Over Sanitary Concerns


McDonalds recently closed seven more restaurants in Russia temporarily, following mass unscheduled inspections of the fast food chain's restaurants by Russian authorities. The fast food maker stated that the closures were only temporary, despite rumor mills predicting a long term closure.

5 Amazing Sriracha Facts Every Hot Sauce Fan Should Know

Community Takes Legal Action Against Sriracha Hot Sauce Factory Over Chile Scent In Air

The Thai hot sauce has been on the rise in the last few years without even a shred of advertising or even a marketing strategy other than letting word-by-mouth do its magic – so, as everyone puts their teeth to the delicious hot sauce, here are some 5 Sriracha facts you will absolutely love!

Food Companies' U.S. Calorie-Cutting Pledge Could Stall -Researchers


A campaign by 16 of the world's largest food and beverage companies to dramatically cut the number of calories sold in the United States may have stalled after initial success, researchers reported on Wednesday.

Chef Bans Ketchup To Customers Over 10 Years of Age – “No Ketchup For You!” Says Restaurant

Southampton v Everton - Premier League

In Fort Myers, Florida’s Mad Fresh Bistro, the chef banned ketchup for any patron over the age of 10, telling the clientele to trust his seasoning and spicing instead of adding flavor-killing ingredient ketchup to the mix.

Dunkin’ Donuts SUV [VIDEO] Police Crashes Into Store – No Injury, Front Destroyed

Dunkin’ Donuts SUV [VIDEO] Police Crashes Into Store – No Injured, Front Destroyed

Dunkin’ Donuts SUV: It’s not every day that a car, a truck, or any sort of vehicle crashes into a store. It’s something seen in movies, series and fiction but it doesn’t happen so often in reality. Due to that fact, it was a shock to see that a Police SUV crashed into a Dunkin’ Donuts store yesterday, Sept.19th.

How You’ve Been Washing Your Vegetables Wrong


Washing vegetables and fruits seems like an easy task to do. Just open the taps and place the fruits under cold running water and they are good to peel, right? Wrong. Foods are different. Both fruits and vegetables have different skins, they all can't be washed in the same way. That's right,

Salt And Smoking May Interact To Raise Rheumatoid Arthritis Risk


Eating a diet high in salt may increase the risk of rheumatoid arthritis among smokers, according to a large study from Sweden.

McDonalds Offers Free Coffee Promotion

a McCafe sign

The McDonalds free coffee offer started on Tuesday the 19th of September and will run all the way to the 29th of September. McDonalds is revisiting the offer in a bid to revive dwindling sales.

Food Biz
Rosh Hashanah Food [+VIDEO] 3 Apple-Honey-Delicious Incredible Sites With Recipes

Rosh Hashanah Food, 3 Apple-Honey-Delicious Incredible Sites With Recipes

Rosh Hashanah Food – The Jewish New Year celebration is coming very soon, on Sept. 24th at Sunset and Sept. 26th at Nightfall, to be exact. And what better way to celebrate it than with some good recipes made of Apple and Honey, which are t

People drinking

Shocking Alcohol Calorie Facts you did not Know

A lot of information on the sugar and calories contained in alcohol is hidden behind fancy advertising, eye catching labels and deceptive tag lines such as 'lite' or 'diet.' Alcohol offers plenty of fun and plenty more calories. Here area few facts I bet you did not know.

Over 150 Years Hollow Walnut Tree In Sichuan

Peanut Allergy Sufferers Beware: A Series of Mishaps In Walnut Crops Around the World

There is a high alert mode for people suffering from allergies to peanuts, as some of the biggest and most important walnut crops around the world have been damaged, which could cause providers to “cheat” their way through and send out peanuts instead of walnuts – which could lead to many tragic mishaps across the planet.

Food Tech

U.S. Lawmakers Want To Curb Antibiotic Use On Farms

Two U.S. lawmakers are calling for action to rein in antibiotic use in livestock in response to a Reuters investigation showing how top U.S. poultry firms have been administering drugs to their flocks.

avocado fruit


The benefits of food go beyond just physical well being into a deeper dimension of emotional well being. Certain foods have actually been found to reduce stress and anxiety in human beings. Eating has been shown to bring a sense of calm onto a person.


Coke, J&J Join Big Companies Behind New Employee Wellness Push

Leaders of some of the biggest U.S. corporations, from Coca-Cola Co (KO.N) to Johnson & Johnson (JNJ.N), unveiled a campaign on Tuesday to reduce the nation's healthcare costs, urging their peers to embrace wellness programs to improve employee health.

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