Prostate Cancer Treatment: Radioactive Implants In Prostate Gland Irradiate Tumor In New Prostate Cancer Treatment

Though not as often discussed as breast cancer as it can often be detected ...

Radiotherapy session A patient takes a radiotherapy session in a hospital of Madrid

Taco Bell Hot Sauce, Diablo, Set For Cinco De Mayo Release – Hottest Taco Bell Sauce EVER!

Cinco De Mayo is less than one week away, and of course, it’s no surprise that ...

Taco Bell

Breast Milk Ice Cream: UK’s Licktators Celebrates Royal Baby’s Birth Relaunching Breast Milk Ice Cream!

Currently, all eyes in the world are set on the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, ...


Ferguson Starbucks Opening: After ‘Race Together’ Fail, Starbucks CEO Announces Store In Michael Brown Town

Starbucks Reports Quarterly Earnings

Following the fatal encounter between 18 year-old boy Michael Brown by white former police officer Darren Wilson, the world turned its head towards the St. Louis suburb, as unrest was felt all over the city’s streets and ultimately those within the entire country of the United States – but now, it’s the new Ferguson Starbucks opening making news in the infamous city.

Breast Milk Ice Cream: Royal Baby Gaga Breast Milk Ice Cream Relaunches in UK!

Breast Milk Ice Cream

Breast Milk Ice Cream will be available again in UK after London-based ice cream makers the Licktators partnered with Victoria Hiley, a breast feeding advocate. Hiley said that breast milk ice cream is a perfect product to mark the upcoming birth of the Royal's second baby.

Cake Garden: World’s First Edible Cake Garden Opens In London

Cake Garden

Cake Garden- wow! This can't be real! But yes the newly opened cake garden can conquer your taste buds for their unique flowers, flowerpots cakes and freshly baked fruit loaves. UK's first cake garden opened yesterday, April 24 in Central London.

Jennifer Lawrence Peanuts: ‘Hunger Games’ Star Immortalized In Jennifer Lawrence Portrait … Made Out Of Peanuts!

Mateo Blanco

The young Oscar-winning star is usually at the top of headlines as news outlets around the world follow her life closely, though she has refused to speak to the media about her different relationships – but now, Mystique herself is being immortalized with a Jennifer Lawrence peanuts portrait!

Blue Bell Recall: Blue Bell Taking All Products Off Market After Severe Listeria Threat

Blue Bell Recall

Blue Bell Recall - Blue Bell Creameries announced on Monday night that they are recalling all of its products in the market after another incident linking to listeria were found. The Texas-based company Blue Bell recall comes after two samples of chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream tested positive for listeria.

Ben & Jerry's Beer Ice Cream TERRIBLE Example For Children, Critics Roar

Ben & Jerry's

A few days ago, the big ice cream chain announced they’d be launching a new flavor of their popular product, releasing the Ben & Jerry’s beer– and less than two weeks later, critics everywhere are already trying to put down the new product as it’s seen as a terrible example for children.

Green Tea Benefits: Apples And Green Tea Could Prevent Chronic Diseases, Study Finds

Plum Blossom Festival At Kitano Tenmangu

Every day, hundreds of scientists all over the world are working to see what kind of diet is best for people all over, as modern medicine can help further in major diseases but faces new challenges such as the obesity epidemic; now, the latest nutritional study shows a new variety of apples and green tea benefits.

Gwyneth Paltrow Stamp Challenge: Chris Martin’s Ex FAILS Food Stamp Challenge After 4 Days

2015 amfAR Hong Kong Gala - Inside

Earlier this week, the “Iron Man” actress made news through the Gwyneth Paltrow stamp challenge, as she tried to survive one week with $29 worth of food stamps (or SNAP, Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) for one week, trying to walk in the feet of those New Yorkers who can’t afford anything else.

Dr. Oz Columbia: Physicians Ask That Columbia University FIRES Mehmet Oz Over ‘Lack Of Integrity’

The Hasty Pudding Institute Of 1770 Order Of The Golden Sphinx Gala 2015

There's been a lot of controversy over the past months over the advice given by the syndicated talk show host, as it has been deemed inappropriate and even dangerous a great number of times, even forcing him to appear at the US Senate in 2014; now, it's Dr. Oz's Columbia spot on the spotline.

Ice Cream Burrito HAPPENING At Ben & Jerry’s: Which Flavors Does Ice Cream Burrito Come In?

Grub Street

Earlier this week, Ben & Jerry’s hosted its annual Free Cone Day, and it seems they’re on a roll as spring days continue to grow hotter and hotter this April, now releasing their newest product, which sounds straight out of the mind of someone with way too much Internet on them: the ice cream burrito.

Food Biz
Restaurant Chain Chipotle Warns Climate Change Could Force Guacamole Off The Menu

Chipotle Delivery Trial: 67 US Cities Getting Chipotle Menu At Their Door!

Chipotle Mexican Grill is one of the fastest-growing food chains in the world, practically inventing the popular new format of fast casual dining; now, as the ethically aware chain has turned into one of the biggest restaurant chains in the country, they’re also introducing a Chipotle delivery trial in a number of US cities.

Sugar-Sweetened Beverages

Drinking Sugar-Sweetened Beverages During Adolescence Weakens Memory, New Study Finds

Sugar-sweetened beverages were found to cause tooth decay and affects blood sugar.

Illegal Shark Fins

Illegal Shark Fins Sold In Royal China Club Restaurant Confiscated

Hoards of illegal Shark Fins had been impounded and destroyed by the Trading Standards in one of the most elite Chinese restaurant in London. Confiscation of the illegal shark fins comes after its restaurant manager admitted selling shark fins and other exotic dishes not indicated in its menu in January.

Food Tech

The Top 10 Secret Weapon Ingredients from the Star Chefs

Just today, February 25, 2015, Yahoo! Food posts the secret weapon ingredients used by Star Chefs to achieve the most palatable dishes at home or in a restaurant. The said website revealed the top 10 magical ingredients that can turn home-cooked meals into top class restaurant tastes.

Burgeoning Craft Beer Industry Creates Niche Market For Limited Release Beers

Next Glass App: The App That Chooses Wine And Beer You’ll Love!

For those who love to have a nice glass of wine or beer during the weekends - which is just about everyone or almost -, there's a new way to keep the guessing out of the way you choose what to drink: the Next Glass app chooses drinks according to what you love!

A national survey done by the North Carolina State University and the University of Minnesota representatives suggests that most U.S. consumers are ready to accept genetically modified and nanotech products if it is enhanced with nutrition and are safe.

U.S. Consumers, Ready To Accept Genetically Modified, Nanotech Products If It Is Healthy And Safe, New Survey Reveals

A national survey done by the North Carolina State University and the University of Minnesota representatives suggests that most U.S. consumers are ready to accept genetically modified and nanotech products if it is enhanced with nutrition and are safe.

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