Burger King’s Black Burger: Fast Food’s Most Shocking Hamburger To Date!

Burger King’s black burgers contain black buns, cheese and sauce, and they will be officially released in the chain’s Japan restaurants on Friday, September 19, in a limited-time offer

Burger King Introducing All Black Burger

Coke, J&J Join Big Companies Behind New Employee Wellness Push

Leaders of some of the biggest U.S. corporations, from Coca-Cola Co (KO.N) to Johnson & Johnson (JNJ.N), unveiled a campaign on Tuesday to reduce the nation's healthcare costs, urging their peers


U.S. Lawmakers Want To Curb Antibiotic Use On Farms

Two U.S. lawmakers are calling for action to rein in antibiotic use in livestock in response to a Reuters investigation showing how top U.S. poultry firms have been administering drugs to their flocks.


Salt And Smoking May Interact To Raise Rheumatoid Arthritis Risk


Eating a diet high in salt may increase the risk of rheumatoid arthritis among smokers, according to a large study from Sweden.

McDonalds Offers Free Coffee Promotion

a McCafe sign

The McDonalds free coffee offer started on Tuesday the 19th of September and will run all the way to the 29th of September. McDonalds is revisiting the offer in a bid to revive dwindling sales.

Coca Cola Reintroduces Sarge

Boxes of Coca-Cola

Good news for the nostalgic nineties crowd, Coca cola is reintroducing Sarge into the market. After 12 years off the shelves, Coca cola has reintroduced one of its popular nineties soft drinks Sarge after widespread appeal from Sarge fans.

Top Three Foods That are Causing Your Break Outs

A young lady with anti-acne cream

Fighting break outs may be a draining process. From day SPF creams to night creams to gallons and gallons of water, the process can be all too overwhelming and the results all too delayed. So what are you not doing correctly to fight the break outs and better still, how can you ensure you never have to deal with break outs ever?

Coke’s 90’s Drink Surge Revives After A Long Campaign For The Coca-Cola Company

Coca-Cola re-releases SURGE Soda!

Coke’s 90’s drink ‘Surge’, the brand’s competitor to Pepsi’s ‘Mountain Dew’, comes back to the market after 12 years after a in a brand focused on nostalgic millennials.

Japanese Franchise Introduces KFC USB Sticks And Other Tech Hardware

KFC Giving Away Fried Chicken Computer Accessories in Japan

Celebrating 30 years of the American chain in the country, the world’s most famous fried chicken chain introduces a chicken-themed KFC USB stick, keyboard and mouse.

McDonald’s Sees Its Worst Month In A Decade


McDonald’s, the world’s leading food chain and franchise, reported last Tuesday that it has reached its lowest numbers since 2003 after a rocky month featuring a scandal with a Chinese provider.


avocado fruit

The benefits of food go beyond just physical well being into a deeper dimension of emotional well being. Certain foods have actually been found to reduce stress and anxiety in human beings. Eating has been shown to bring a sense of calm onto a person

How To Get Rid Of Gnats Or How To Use Spices, Fruit And Food Not Be Bothered By Bugs Again

How To Get Rid Of Gnats Or How To Use Spices, Fruit And Food Never To Be Bothered By Bugs Again

How To Get Rid Of Gnats? This is a question that most people ask themselves. Gnats are the little bugs that don’t cause any harm but are disturbing to watch and they tend to appear in homes and lurk through the fruit, flowers, and food that is left out.

5 Organic Food Delivery Places That Will Let You Have Everything Fresh, Healthy And Tasty

5 Organic Food Delivery Places That Will Let You Have Everything Fresh, Healthy And Tasty

Organic Food Delivery is getting more attention as time goes by. People are interested in leading a healthy life with natural products and to be honest, we all dream of having our own harvest in the backyard and produce our own organic food.

Food Biz
People drinking

Shocking Alcohol Calorie Facts you did not Know

A lot of information on the sugar and calories contained in alcohol is hidden behind fancy advertising, eye catching labels and deceptive tag lines such as 'lite' or 'diet.' Alcohol offers plenty of fun and plenty more calories. Here area few facts I bet you did not know.



Watermelons are a national summer treasure. These luscious fruits are as eye catching with their rich red color as they are as tasty. Watermelon enthusiasts around the globe have discovered multiple benefits this fruity piece of heaven has to offer. Aside from being tasty, watermelons offer plenty of other health benefits you are probably not aware of. Here are six reasons you should indulge in a watermelon fetish.

A fried egg

The Truth About Egg Yolk

Egg yolks have come under a barrage of attacks from fitness experts and weight watchers recently. The sweet yellow center of an egg has been criticized for its cholesterol and fat content. Though the egg yolk may not sit well in the bowels of weight watchers, the sweet ball of yellow has many benefits that go understated. Here are common myths about the egg yolk busted:

Food Tech
Organic Fruits And Vegetables

Cry Fest in Maine After Thief Steals Onions Grown by Fifth Graders For Homeless Shelter

Albert S. Hall School in Waterville, Maine had its fifth grade project attacked when the children’s growing onions were robbed right at the time of harvesting.

Woman in work out gear

Types of Milk And Their Fat Content

In today's world, milk comes in many different shapes and packages. From fat free milk to whole milk to 1%-2% fat milk to skimmed milk, we have it all. So how do fitness enthusiasts get the best deal out of their milk? How do you ensure you get all the nutrition from a glass of milk without all the unnecessary fat to bulge out your waistline despite endless painstaking crunches? Here is a list of the major milk types being produced in today's market.

The Paleo Diet Explained

Low-Carb Diets Like Atkinson vs Low-Fat Diets: Study Shows They’re Both The Same

Low-carb diets and low-fat diets have the same effects on patients who go through them, recent study released in The Journal for the American Medical Association suggests.

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