Energy and Productivity Boosting Food For Any Time of Day

Lisa R. Young, a nutrition guru, adjunct professor at NYU and author of The ...

Energy Boosting Foods For Any Time of Day

Chocolate Beer: Mast Brothers Chocolate Makers Craft Cocoa Brew

Aside from serving New Yorkers hot chocolate in the morning, Rick and Michael ...

Cocoa Beans

Is Fat the Sixth Taste?

Researchers propose expanding our taste palate to include fat along with sweet, ...

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Two Cheap Generic Drugs Reduce Breast Cancer Deaths

Two new generic drugs can help fight breast cancer

A new breakthrough for the medical community as they discover new treatment to battle breast cancer

Harmful Drinking More Common In Middle Class – Particularly On Successful Over 50 Population

Polka Rythmns Ring Out At Wisconsin State Polka Festival

Harmful drinking is generally considered to be how a person can regularly overindulge in consuming alcoholic drinks over a long period of time, often leading to alcoholism; now, a recent study has shed some light on the phenomenon and its relations to socioeconomic status, finding some interesting facts about who has a bigger tendency to follow this conduct.

Kim Kardashian Drink: Kanye West’s Wife On Hype Energy Drink Campaign, Yay Or Nay?

Hype Energy Drinks U.S. Launch

In the wait of baby number two with superstar husband Kanye West, the most famous reality star in the entire world has taken in a new ad campaign, lending her face and incredibly popular image for Kim Kardashian's drink, Hype Energy and the pregnant daughter of Kris Jenner looks ravishing!

Best New Proteins for Weight Loss

Best New Proteins for Weight Loss

There are more choices in losing weight, which are far more effective and less expensive. In a recent study, it points out that if a person wants to lose weight, more of the protein intake should come not from meat and dairy, but from vegetables.

Ed Sheeran Ice Cream: ‘Give Me Love’ For HB’s Ginger-Ed Ice Cream Sandwich Featuring Taylor Swift’s BFF! [PHOTO]

Ed Sheeran Performs On ABC's 'Good Morning America'

While he's not busy turning heads, earning awards for his awesome songs or hanging out with gal pal Taylor Swift and her new beau Calvin Harris, the "Thinking Out Loud" singer is enjoying some delicious treats, like the new Ed Sheeran ice cream named after him!

Packaging of Mentos Gum Brand Deceives Customers, Lawsuit Says


The maker of a popular breath mint and gum brand is being sued in federal court over allegations that the company uses a packaging that is too large for the amount of product contained inside.

Eater Names the 21 Best New Restaurants in America

Dominique Ansel

Popular food website Eater has just released their annual list of the best new restaurants in North America.

AFC Sushi Recalled, Caused Two Deaths

AFC Sushi Recalled, Caused Two Deaths

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New Eye Drops That Can Cure Cataracts Discovered


Ophthalmologists are now working on a new eye drop that displayed promising outcomes in improving the vision of persons suffering from cataracts.

Food Biz
New Study:  Fathers Gain as Much as 4.4 Lbs per Child

New Study: Fathers Gain as Much as 4.4 Lbs per Child

Dr Craig F. Garfield concluded a 20-year study, and results show fatherhood contributes to weight gain.

McDonald’s Secret Menu:  McGangbang and More

McDonald’s Secret Menu: McGangbang and More

A man claiming to be a manager of McDonald's claims there is a secret menu, and McGangbang is one of the best-sellers.

McDonalds Q2 Profit Drops 4.5 Percent On Stronger Dollar, Tougher Competition

Mcdonald's Is Considering The Option Of Serving Breakfast All Throughout The Day

Customers have been keeping their hopes up that McDonald's would serve breakfast menus all throughout the day, and it seems their high hopes are coming to fruition.

Food Tech
Vending Machines in UK will be offering fresh hot meals soon

Vending Machines Will Soon Serve Salads and Hot Burgers In UK!

Vending Machines in UK will be serving fresh hot meals soon according to food futurologist

Piglets in a farm

'Double-Muscled Pigs' Could Produce Leaner Pork, More Meat

A group of researchers has just created large pigs with super muscles that are guaranteed to yield more meat and leaner pork.

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