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A sign for The Cheesecake Factory restaurant is pictured in Glendale, California April 19, 2011.

Cheesecake Factory is serving up unhealthy meal options: CSPI

The Cheesecake Factory is serving up the unhealthiest food in America, according to the Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI).

McDonald's Happy Meal

Scandal-ridden food manufacturer suspends factory operations

Following a food scandal in China involving expired meat used to produce fast-food products, the American company that owns the plant where the actions were documented said Monday that it was suspending the factory's operations.


Fruit sold at Costco, Trader Joe's in California recalled over listeria concerns

A produce packing company in Cutler, Calif., has issued a voluntary recall of a variety of summer produce which may be contaminated with harmful listeria bacteria.

pizza hut

Pizza Hut to debut new ‘pizza cookie’

Pizza Hut today will roll out nationally an almost-pizza-sized chocolate-chip cookie - eight inches in diameter and cut into eight slices.


FDA clarifies statement on aging cheese on wooden boards

U.S. Food and Drug Administration rattled cheese makers following the revelation over the weekend that an FDA official made a statement in January which suggested it would go after manufacturers who age or cure cheeses on wooden boards.


Could camel become the next major superfood on store shelves?

Superfoods are all the buzz lately, from spinach to blueberries, and now camel milk may be the next hot item all health-conscious individuals may be sampling.

Packs of ground beef

Beef recall affects 2 million pounds of meat: Name of products affected

If you are preparing to pop some ground beef burgers on the grill over Memorial Day weekend, be sure to check if it's one of the brands listed below as there is currently a recall of nearly 2 million pounds which is potentially tainted with the dangerous E. coli bacteria.

Yum! Brands 1Q Earnings Rise 18% On Increased Sales in China

Yum Brands posted a higher-than-expected profit on Tuesday for its first quarter earnings on the back of higher sales in China.


KFC Double Down Returns to Menu

Welcome back, Double Down. Welcome back.


Post Holdings Buys Michael Foods in New $2.45 Billion Deal

The cereal maker, Post Holdings Inc., is buying its fellow packaged food maker, Michael Foods Inc., for $2.45 billion.

Grocery Store

Food Prices Rise in Grocery Stores Amid Drought and Higher Wholesale Costs

Start tightening your belt; it turns out that food prices are rising. Two months of sharp increases in food prices have now shown that grocers are starting to pass along their higher wholesale costs to consumers.

Cocoa beans

Cocoa Farms in West Africa Threatened by New Gold Rush

A gold rush may threaten cocoa farms in Africa.


Beef Prices Soar to Highest Levels in Three Decades

Do you like burgers and steak? Then you may be out of luck. Beef prices have reached their highest in almost three decades, which is causing sticker shock for both consumers and restaurant owners.


Zoe's Kitchen Leaps 73 Percent in Market Debut

Shares of Zoe's Kitchen Inc , a casual dining chain, rose as much as 73 percent in their market debut on Friday, underscoring strong investor appetite for U.S. restaurant-related stocks.


PETA Wants Serial Killer Jeffrey Dahmer's Former House

Serial killer and cannibal Jeffrey Dahmer's childhood home in Ohio is up for sale.

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Food Biz

HPV vaccination rates are still low: Health officials say

More teen girls are getting the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine, which protects against cervical, anal and other cancers, but the numbers are still "unacceptably low", according to U.S. health officials.

Time to lose weight

Stress can lead to increased weight gain: Study

Feeling stressed could lead to increased weight again, according to a new study.


'Spoonful's of medicine can lead to dosage errors

A new study says that suggesting a "spoonful" of medicine can lead to potentially dangerous doses and it can be a big medical error. Instead, parents are encouraged to use droppers and syringes which measure in milliliters or ounces when giving liquid medicines , according to the American Association of Poison Control Centers.

Food Tech
ground beef

Nearly 2 million pounds of potentially E.Coli infected beef shipped nationwide, 11 people sick

Eleven people have been hospitalized following an E. coli outbreak which has been linked to burgers consumed in restaurants in four states, according to reports.


Ice Cream Flavor Treat Made With Viagra and Tastes of Champagne

Forget about talking the bill pill, a British ice cream maker has created a flavor that includes 25 mg of Viagra per scoop.


Tip Your Starbucks Barista From Your iPhone

Starbucks announced that it will improve its mobile application that will allow customers visiting its stores to tip their baristas from their iPhone.

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