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American Heart Association Recommends Eating Seafood Twice A Week

If Fish Is Brain Food, Can Fish Oil Pills Boost Our Brains, Too?

It was then reported that sea food consumption of more than 8 ounces can aid in reducing the risk of death and other cardiovascular diseases. Additional studies have linked that regular consumption of fish could lower the risk of cognitive decline as we age.

Equal Sues Splenda For False Advertising

The Next Artificial Sweetener Is Made From-- Sand!

A new artificial sweetener was created which is twice as sweet than the regular sugar and can reduce your sugar consumption.

San Francisco Board Of Supervisors Proposes Putting Soda Tax On Nov. Ballot

Top 5 The Unhealthiest Sodas

Though the sugary drinks are unhealthy in general, Daily Meal was able to come up with the list of the unhealthiest sugary drink.

Jonathan Cheban Hosts Fan Meet & Greet At IT'SUGAR Coney Island

A Sneak Peek on Gummy Bear's History

Gummy Bear lovers are in for a treat as their favorite confection's history is revealed.

Price Of Chocolate To Rise, As Demand Increases From Emerging Markets

Trader Joe's Recalls Dark Chocolate Graham Crackers After Label Mishap

Trader Joe's website made an announcement that they're recalling dark chocolate-covered honey grahams with sea salt.

Plentiful National Pork Supply Sends Price Of Bacon Down 25 Percent Since Last Year

Kraft Recall 2015: Oscar Mayer Turkey Bacon MAJOR Food Safety Risk, Over 2 MILLION Pounds Maybe Spoiled Before Date

In another major Kraft recall 2015 after there were thousands of cheese singles called in due to choking hazard, now it's the Oscar Mayer turkey bacon that's under pressure, as there have been millions of pounds of products recalled from the company over major food safety concerns.

Food Startups Taking Market Shares of Big Business

Food Startups Taking Market Shares of Big Business

Food startups encroachment of big food market shares is going strong.

Lightning McQueen, Mater and Finn McMissile of 'Cars 2' Roll Into Bob's Big Boy

Man Turns Pixar Characters Into Amazing Pancakes

A professional food artist created a buzz a he turned everybody's favorite characters into pancakes.

The Great British Seaside - Weston-Super-Mare

Would you eat ice cream from 300 years ago?

Is the ice cream from the Georgian era better than the modern ice cream?

Food Giants Kraft And Heinz To Merge

Heinz Ketchup Recipe Doesn’t Contain Enough Tomatoes To Use ‘Ketchup’ Name, According To Israel Authorities

After its original introduction to the market more than 100 years ago, way back in 1876, the Heinz ketchup recipe has been a classic in kitchens everywhere, from the United States to just about every other country in the world - but one far off land in the Middle East doesn't think it's good enough for them.

Uber of Home Cooking Hits California

Uber of Home Cooking Hits California

Josephine is the Uber of home cooking in California.

KFC To Stop Using Trans Fats

KFC Hygiene: Chain Fined Over Live Beetles And Flies In UK, Over $5,000 To Pay For Food Safety Mishap

Months after that so-called Kentucky Fried Chicken fried rat became viral and then ended up being a hoax, there's a new KFC hygiene concern, this time in the United Kingdom, where one of the chain's venues was found to have beetles, posing a serious food safety risk.

Rising Energy And Food Prices Cause Wholesale Prices To Spike Upwards

Local Food Movement Based On Values, Educational Levels And Relationships – Study Shows People Like Knowing Who Grows Their Food

There's been a growing local food movement not only in the United States but worldwide in the past few years, as more and more people lean toward locally grown products when it's time to shop food for their homes, visiting more and more food markets and fairs - and the reason is more complex than these products just tasting better or being healthier.

McDonald's Reports Poor Quarterly Earnings

McDonald’s Brazil Faces Same Salary Issues As U.S., Brasilia Senate Reviews Golden Arches Chain’s Poor Work Conditions In Latin America

In yet another major flop for the biggest fast food chain in the world, currently facing its worst moment financially in more than a decade, now McDonald's Brazil workers have stepped up to demand the same things their United States counterparts are, as they complain about the chain's low wages and poor work conditions.

Supporters Flock To Restaurants On Chick-Fil-A Appreciation Day

Chick-Fil-A Controversy: Airports Frowning On Fast Food Chain’s Religious Ties, From Gay Marriage To Sunday Closing

Since Chick-Fil-A's inception almost 70 years back in the southern city of Atlanta, Georgia, the fried chicken fast food chain has remained shut during Sundays to honor Truett Cathy's "faith in God," which didn't allow him to work during the holy day of Christendom - but it's now packing up as another Chick-Fil-A controversy in one major airport in the country.

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Ronnie Fieg

FDA Tells Startup That Their Vegan Mayo Can't Be Labelled Mayonnaise

Hampton Creek Foods Inc., a San Francisco based food startup, has been slapped with a warning letter from the US Food and Drug Administration which says the company cannot call their vegan 'eggless' mayonnaise, "Just Mayo."

The Fat Jew

'The Fat Jew' Catches Heat from New York Based Food Blogger

It seems like the Internet scorn for Josh 'The Fat Jew' Ostrovsky is still coming on strong.

Food Tech
Daily Life At A Secondary School

Irradiated Food is Actually Safe to Eat

Hitting food with radiation is actually a good thing!


Airport Food Packed with 'Happy Hormones'

Airports generally trigger mixed emotions. Worry no more; one airport in London has paved the way to keep tired travellers happy. They have decided to inject some “happy hormones” on their menus according to CNN.

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