Stonehenge Discovery Summary: Prehistory Has Changed Forever!

Dec 22, 2014 05:20 PM EST | By Victoria Guerra


As further excavations occur in the mythic site, the new Stonehenge discovery summary shows some of the most life-changing findings ever in the site, perhaps changing the way the world sees pre-history and the first settlements of druidic monuments.

After the recent finding of the fact that Stonehenge was actually part of a much larger complex of ceremonial sites and didn't stand alone thousands of years ago, further investigations have seen that the Stonehenge discovery summary is much more complex than previously noted, and there may even be an expensive tourist project at risk due to the new findings.

According to, the Stonehenge discovery summary is that apparently the site used to be a meeting point for hunters and gatherers in pre-historical times, as new remains have been found around the World Heritage Site, possibly the most famous prehistoric structure in the world.

It seems that archeologists from University of Buckingham and others in the country have found an encampment dating back to around 6,000 years, where they found traces of other possible structures, as well as bones remaining from large cattle that indicate feasting thousands of years ago around the land.

As The Huffington Post reveals, the actual Stonehenge discovery summary was made back in October, when the first reports of "The Stonehenge Hidden Landscapes Project," which entailed the creation of digital maps around the area of the monument, looking for more geographical evidence regarding the site.

Now, the latest findings in the site have led to some concerns, due to the fact that last month there was an announcement regarding a tunnel below the monument for tourists, a project that would cost around around a billion pounds, according to The Daily Mail.

Of course, scientists have warned about the damage this project would make on the newly found remains, but it's still unclear whether the Stonehenge discovery summary will have an impact on the already-planned construction of this tunnel, already officially announced by the government.

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