White Castle Veggie Burger? Vegetarians In Midwest Celebrate New Year’s Eve 2014 In Style!

Dec 31, 2014 12:27 PM EST | By Victoria Guerra

For the oldest fast food restaurant chain in America, it's not news to become the pioneers in making things happen with hamburgers; now, the White Castle veggie burger (or slider) will join the chain's menu for the first time as 2014 begins, marking a great start for 2015!

Considering burger joints are hardly the most welcoming place for those who don't love meat, vegetarians will often have a fairly boring time accompanying their meat-loving friends to get some burgers, often settling for just eating some fries and soda - but now, at least in White Castle, veggie burgers make things much more enjoyable for everyone!

According to The Huffington Post, the White Castle veggie burger was first announced last Tuesday, on December 30. It seems that the new menu item will be composed of a veggie patty from Dr. Praeger (which is a vegetarian burger type that can be found in many grocery stores' frozen food sections across the country, which has ingredients like carrots, peas, spinach, broccoli, zucchini among others).

According to The New York Post, the White Castle veggie burger comes with a choice of different sauces: ranch, honey mustard or sweet Thai sauce - a true treat for those who prefer to eat their meals animal cruelty-free!

The first to report the new White Castle slider was Grub Street, a news outlet that also informed the world that the national release of the new menu item isn't just a random occurrence to finish up the year 2014: the new veggie burger actually went through a test trial in the East Coast back in the summer, gathering a whole lot of love from the folks in places like New York City.

It is still unknown whether the White Castle veggie burger will be a random occurrence or if it could possibly start a trend in other fast food chains - it wouldn't be surprising, considering restaurants like McDonald's and Pizza Hut have been making an effort to add more diet-friendly menu items in the past few months.

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